Fairy tales upsidedown         A gender equality lesson

Preperation of the lesson


Awareness of the imbedded roles of men and women in the community, worked out in a fairy tale.


Which job does your father or mother have?

What is a women’s or men’s job according to you? If it’s a women’s job, you hold high a pink piece of paper, if it’s a men’s job, hold high a blue piece of paper.


Read the story about Handsome and the witch. Use the pptx to help explain the English words. Then tell the children they have to write their own upside down fairy tale. The roles of men and women and also other roles can be upside down. (for instance; little red riding hood going bad or the wolf being nice)

The children have to make a small play of their story and can act it out in English.


The children show the play of the upsidedown fairy tales to their parents and will be filmed.

After the shows, the children talk about the fairy tales they made and tell each other what the original play is and what they changed. After that they can talk about the consequences of the changes.

A good suggestion is to read the book Revolting Rhymes written by Roald Dahl. In this book you can find fairy tales with a twist. Just to get an impression of how you can change roles and the end of a story.