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Exploring Computer Science Class 

Students in Lynne Michaud’s Exploring Computer Science class write Python code to create and call functions that interact with the Finch robot.  The Finch is a tangible representation of their code, and students were required to make  their Finch robot sing, dance, and put on a light show.  The Finch is a robot designed by Carnegie Mellon's CREATE lab for computer science education. Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 5.32.30 PM.png

“It’s a fun way to learn the logic and syntax of coding that might otherwise be intimidating to some students,” states Lynne Michaud, “and it supports over a dozen programming languages.”  

Picture Above:  Students Neill Beaton and Thomas Beecher Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 5.31.52 PM.png

explain their code as their Finch puts on a show.

Picture to the left:  Matthew Lampinen and Joshua Mackaman

Digital Citizenship Lesson Embedded into York High School’s Business Law  Class 

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Students in Lynne Michaud’s Business Law II class boarded the bus on May 24 to go on a field trip--but not too far.  They went to the York District Court for a mock trial to try a case in which the defendant was charged with driving to endanger, reckless conduct, distracted driving, operating without a license/condition, and aggravated assault.    

Participants began to realize the significance of careless acts while driving and the damage it could cause.  Though both the prosecution and defense teams worked diligently on preparing their cases, the defense team realized just how difficult it is to defend someone who participates in texting while driving and just how dangerous it is.

                                                        Picture:  Senior Jonah Mitchell role plays as judge as Spencer Cribby, defense attorney, questions Matt Ford.  Other participants included Justin O’Donnell and Alana Lauersen, prosecuting attorneys; Ben Anderson as defendant; Tucker Shepherd, victim; Corey Ash, police officer; Tyler Ellison, friend of the defendant; and Brayton Chayer and Jack McDonald as defense attorneys.  Volunteer student jurors included Neill Beaton, Thomas Beecher, Jack Welch, Thomas Donnelly, and Jackson McCarty.

York High School’s School Resource Officer, Nick Piskopanis, helped to organize the activity and also role-played as the accident reconstructionist.  Local attorneys Linda Donovan, Pat Gordon, and Matt Thistle shared their expertise with these students as they prepared their opening and closing statements and questioning strategies.   Matt  Buttrick also provided insight into the case as a cell phone forensics expert.