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Student Council Minutes 2014

8 December

















Mr Herring

Meeting started at

Canned Fun Day


Can Collectors

 - Ollie, Luke, Matthew (Will ring KidsCan), Niamh, Eilish, Daniel

Ticket Organisers

  • Ella, Charlotte, Kate


  • Newsletter and a poster (Grace, Liam)
  • News in the classrooms. (Clarke, Hannah, Ella, Ben)

MCs for the start

  • Grace, Ben

To Dos

Last Day Activity


  • Picnic at Kerrs bush
  • Dress up book character day
  • Toy Day
  • Cricket / Miniball
  • Water Day
  • Duck Shooting pretend ones

To Dos

31 August




Ben s












Meeting started 12.01pm

Ideas for Lunchtimes

  • Talent show
  • Hockey
  • Dodgeball
  • Sports Quiz
  • Coolest Onesie
  • Big Wheels Day
  • PJ Day
  • Maths Whizz Club
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Water Balloon Day


 - talent show could be in the activity centre on a stage (Mathew)

 - Best not to do them on days that students have meetings and practices (Liam)

 - Water activities in the winter aren’t such a great idea (Mr Herring)


Ideas to consider and take to Staff Meeting

 - Talent show

 - Maths Whizz Club

 - Organised sports in Activity Centre

Other Ideas

Flying Fox at school? (Grace)

 - Mr H suggested she research other schools that might have them and contact them about safety

BMX track at school? (Ben S)

 - Mr Herring suggested contacting Otautau School about how they did theirs?

Class pets in each class? (Eilish)

 - Mr H suggested that each class talk with their teachers about that.

Book Club at school? (Hannah)

 - Hannah will talk with Mrs FM about maybe setting this up.

Box Club - taking cardboard boxes to school and making things with them (Luke)

15 May


Play Club

Meeting Starts 1.25pm

Play Club Ideas

  • netball / soccer
  • chess
  • lego
  • woodwork
  • rugby
  • laughing - hehehaha
  • nrl
  • obstacle
  • craft
  • running
  • art
  • man
  • girl
  • creative cardboard
  • sports
  • fitness
  • minecraft
  • games
  • board games
  • scooter
  • clash of clans
  • hayday club

Tuesday (Non- active)

1. Lego

   - Ollie, Luke, Kate

2. Minecraft (Mr Murray)

  - Daniel, Clarke

3. Board Game Club

  - Liam, Hannah

Thursday (Active)

1. Jumpjam (Mrs Davis)

  - Ella, Eilish

2. Sports Club (?)

  - Ben, Matthew,

3. Scooter (?)

 - Amelia, Grace, Niamh

Meeting Closed 1.41pm

10 April


Disco organisation


DJ - Mr Murray, Daniel

Sales - Popcorn,  Ella, Eilish, Charlotte, Liam

Gold Coin Collectors - Kate / Luke

Decorations - Everyone else.

Prizes for best costumes - Mr Herring

Disco Games - Mrs Carr, Ms Burton

Posters up around school on Wednesday - Ella, Ben, Daniel, Eilish

Fundraising - Ronald McDonald House

20 March 2014 Agenda


1. Welcome Ollie and Ella as chair persons

2. Last Day Ideas

3. Badges

Notice for classes:

Next Meeting:

 - Thursday Week 9

Meeting closed by Ollie at 12.02pm

1. Everyone clapped

2. These were councillors ideas

Pyjama Day x 2 =

Dress up day = 1

Toy Day = 3

Bad Hair Day =

Shared Lunch = 4

Water Day = 8 = 0 total

Vegetable Day =

Dress Up Day =

Bike Day =

Wheels Day =

Disco = 7 = 10 total

Rugby Day =

Card Board Box Day = 7 = 3 total

We will be having a disco on Friday, week 11. Info

Question: what can we fundraise for?

Student Councilor responsibilities

Nominations for Chair and Deputy

        - Ollie - Chairman

        - Ella - Deputy Chairwoman

Questions to survey our classes

 1. What could we do to improve our school?

2. What could we do for Friday Fun Day?



Student Council Minutes 2013

Day - Wednesday 23 October

Fundraising Ideas

Present: Carter, Nick, Brock, Izak, Hannah, Ella, Lilly

Wacky Hair Day

 - wear wacky hair

 - Collect money around the classes

 - Hairdressing at Interval in Activity Centre

 - Prizes for best hair - Junior, Senior

 - Ella, Carter.

Student Council Minutes Term 3 W 5

Present: Hamish, Rani, Lilly, Adam, Mitchell, Izak, Harriet, Nick, Carter,

Agenda - Lunchtime Activities

What can we organise at lunchtimes? Especially during wet days?

Relays - on the field,

Inside games in the Activity Centre,

Movie Club - DVDs Our own made movies, movie making club

Junior Jibboo

Inside sports -activity centre

Minecraft Club

Angry birds club

Student Council Minutes Term 2 W 3

Present: Izak, Daniel, Hamish, Rani, Cassie, Lily, Lucy, Carter, Harry, Corban, Delta, Mitchel, Millie.

Agenda - House Challenge

Ideas for the First House Challenge

 - sandcastle competition.

 - tug of war competition

 - Cross Country challenge - Mr H to talk with the Staff. Report back at the next meeting.

 - baking competition

 - Captains Coming

 - obstacle course

 - bike races

 - eating competition - marshmallows etc

 - soccer game

Other School Ideas

 - wheels day. (Mr Herring to talk with the Staff about a day for the rest of the term.)

Milk in Schools

 - council thinks it will be awesome!

To do

 - get some more books for councilors.

 - present badges to the councillors.


Student Council Meeting Term 1 W5

End of Term Event

- Water fight. Balloons and water guns

- Athletics comp. house Olympics

- Lamb riding competition

- Rodeo. Fundraising. Competitions

- Dodgeballl competition

Competition for houses at lunchtime.

 - Have a house with the shield and challengers

New initiatives.

- having a group to welcome visitors. A welcome in assembly for new students

- Rules or guidleines for the tyre swing? It's a bit unsafe. Maybe a day for each class? Junior and a senior swing?

Student Council Minutes 2012

Date:  17 May 2012



Ben W named Chairman of the Council, year 5 reps as deputy.

1.  Roll Call

2.  Term 2 Fun Day

3.  House Team Names

4.  Other ideas

2.  Day of free play, Wheels day, Disco / PJs (even teachers!), toys day, pj day, wipe out day, pet day, swimming day, horse jumping day, water day, paintball, bring and sell day, movies, camp at school, lollie scramble, beach trip with a treasure hunt, eating competition, sports day, water bombs at the teacher day, computer games day, lego day

Vote - wheels - 2

         - disco / pj day - 8

         - Toy day - 1


Term 2 Fun Day

  - Morning tea and Lunch - disco with PJ dressups.

  - senior and junior (3s can choose)

  - gold coin donation to fundraise for Ronald McDonald House


3.  House team names

     - Bush, Suzzanne Prentice, Myross Bush school, Cowen, Shanks, Kerr,

4.  Other ideas; these will be presented to the staff at their next meeting.

    - Friday second ride your horse to school,  

    - chess tournament,

    - rugby league tackle tournament at lunchtimes,

    - wheels days on Fridays,

    - more dump trucks for the sandpit,

    - garden club tools, more buckets, more sand,

    - have a tent at school,

    - swimming pool at school,

    - vending machines for lollies and students can earn tokens to get them.

   - bigger field, maybe going to the paddock at lunchtimes

   - having a trampoline

   - making a statue

   - milo in the clasrooms when it’s cold.

   - coffee and fizzy day.