Transcript (tbh a DERP, but trans sounds cooler) on why

Fairy is def an Eevee from the dimensions of Pluto de Vierno.

12-19-13: Upon checking Fairy's vms, i found some mysterious evidence leading to (insert bigfoot) Eevee Activity

 When i questioned her about this questionable behavior, she simply responded with vague shit.

 Further Investigations will be done.

12-20-13: Upon Questioning Fairy about once being called an EEVEElover in private chat,

 she responded with declining any relations to the name. Then promptly banned me for an hour.

 Further Investigations will be done.

UPDATE: Upon showing this transcript to the xat of TEG (Team Enchanted Garden), she responded with denying any

 of it, and called me a liar in front of the xat.(rather badly l0l) This further proves my theory,

    as Eevee are horrible liars.

12-21-13: Upon persistently questioning “FairyWitch” today, I have found out that that Fairy in particular was infact Myrrh, a slave of Fairy’s. Myrrh explained that he/she was to throw me off track, due to Fairy being “Annoyed”. This throwing off tracks proves that she has something to hide, and perhaps maybe that “Myrrh” wasn’t even Myrrh at all, but a clone made by Fairy. After all, Eevee learn Double Team.

12-22-13: Upon snooping around xat under the persona of “ScruffyFumpkin” I have found her giving orders to the xat mods to report all of my snooping to her. There is no one i can trust anymore, and as such i must be extremely careful if i wish to pursue this matter further. She has something to hide, and I think i am getting closer to her secret.

12-23-13: Finally, Fairy has given in and faced the facts. she admits to ONCE being an Eevee from Pluto, but is now a Sylveon from Venus. Thanks for following, this was Crys, now taking a trip to Uranus. :)