Research Tools List



OWL at Purdue

Cite your sources with this free bibliography generator

Guidelines and examples for writing citations in each citation format, including MLA

Copyright Free Images

Unsplash High-Resolution Photos


New Old Stock Vintage Photos


The photos on these websites fall under the creative commons public domain, which means they can be copied, modified, and distributed without permission from the creator or owner. These images may be useful for research papers and projects

Free Audiobook Sites

Learn Out Loud

Loyal Books


Most but not all books on this site are free. Focus is on education, with some inspirational and Christian titles

All books on this site are free and in the public domain, including a wide variety of classic novels

Kid-friendly site with a variety of children's books on many different subjects



Make your own infographics (visual data representations)

Reliable Web Sites


Country maps, facts, and statistics from around the world


International news source based in the UK

Bible Gateway

Online Bible


Animated cross-curricular content for grades 4-12 covering a variety of topics (also see BrainPOP Jr.)


“Open access” (free to the public) collection of peer-reviewed and scholarly journal articles

Flickr: The Commons

Public photography archives from museums and universities around the world

Google Scholar

Search for scholarly articles across many different disciplines and sources

Encyclopedia, almanac and atlas, which includes full-color physical and political maps

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Reliable reference source for words and definitions

National Science Digital Library

Online collaborative collection of educational resources provided by organizations across many disciplines.


A safe, copyright-free image library for educational use

Visual Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Multilingual picture dictionary designed for ESL learners


Search engine for students that searches only credible web sites

Resources by Subject


Classic reference, literature and poetry books online

Digital Librarian

A librarian’s choice of the best web sites on a variety of subjects

Encyclopedia of Earth

Free, expert-reviewed resource about the Earth, environment, and its interaction with society

Encyclopedia Mythica

Encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legends


Designed to help you pronounce foreign words correctly, this is a collection of audio clips created by users worldwide

Google Art Project

Google has partnered with museums worldwide to bring users high-resolution images of some of the world’s most well-known works of art

World Data Bank

Visual analysis and display of data and statistics on a range of topics

Science Direct

Database offering free full-text journal articles and book chapters

Wolfram Alpha   

An answer engine that computes answers to math problems and other factual queries

Especially for Kids

BrainPOP Jr.

Educational videos, games, and activities for grades K-3

Games and activities designed to strengthen kids’ math skills

Discovery Kids

Entertaining and informative, this site helps kids discover our world through puzzles, games, and activities

Fact Monster

Kid-friendly collection of general knowledge, current events, geography, and reference sources

Inkless Tales

This safe, easy to use website has games and activities to encourage reading and writing, plus tons of ideas to get kids started on their own creative projects