Duet Electronic Controller

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6 Ancillaries

6.1 Duex4 Expansion Board

The expansion board concept has been always been part of the Duet design, taking advantage of the ATSAM3X8E’s processing power as a relatively cheap way of adding up to 4 additional extruder motor/heater/thermistor channels. As such, it formed part of the original Duet announcement. More recently, developments in the DC42 firmware have allowed remapping of tools so that the Duex4 channels can be used as XYZ axis channels as well, with the heaters and thermistors being reallocated to Duet XYZ channels remapped as extruder channels. This is particularly useful when using high-power stepper motors and drivers, as the stepper signals can easily be routed past the Duex4 to large separate stepper drivers instead. An example of this is shown in the wiring diagram below (using the 4-channel Duet V0.6).


Duet V0.6 and Duex4 (hidden) with external stepper drivers

The Duex4 is fully supported in recent releases of the DC42 firmware and configuration is covered in the RepRap wiki pages listed in Section 3.8 above.

6.2 PanelDue colour touch-screen LCD controller

This controller, designed by David Crocker (DC42) of Escher3D, allows a Duet-powered 3D printer to be operated independently of the web interface.  Further details of the PanelDue are available on on David Crocker’s blog at https://miscsolutions.wordpress.com/paneldue/. Recent firmware extensions provide a virtual keyboard allowing access to most of the web interface functionality.

6.3 Duet Shield

For details of the RepRapPro Duet shield used in their 3-colour printers see https://reprappro.com/documentation/multi-materials/electronics/

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