#112 - The Angry Chicken: “Title”

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BlizzCon Approaching

BlizzCon is just around the corner. The online sale has started and the official schedule and floorplan is up over at BlizzCon.com.

BlizzCon Schedule is out



Hearthstone Goodies Available on Blizz Store for Blizzcon ticket holders

New items have been added to the Blizzard Gear Store en masse, in advent of Blizzcon. Currently, the new items are only available to ticket holders for Blizzcon, both real and virtual. Included are many brand new Hearthstone items, including a Hearthstone hat, a talking bottle opener that looks like the Innkeeper, a Hearthstone hoodie, a Hearthstone pendant, Hearthstone "targeting" tee, Hearthstone Innkeeper poster, Hearthstone silicone iPad case, and not related to Hearthstone but too cool not to mention, A DIABLO BUTCHER-THEMED BBQ APRON I MUST HAVE IT.

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Stream Hearthstone from your Phone on Youtube

YouTube previewed their first big Youtube Gaming update. This update will allow users to stream gameplay from mobile devices. The announcement on TechCrunch said that this feature is for Android users with access to the Mobile Capture app. You’ll even be able to use the front-facing “selfie” camera to capture your own face and place in a corner of the game screen.

This also comes with the announcement of Youtube’s Twitch-like partnership program which costs $3.99 and allows you to support your favorite streamers, get a sponsor badge and more.


HearthStats and Reddit

TLDR: HearthStats posted on Reddit saying that costs were too high and without financial support the site would have to shut down. When $6k/month started getting thrown around intelligent redditors started discussing how that was too high and how coding the site differently could drastically cut down costs. This lead to unintelligent redditors grabbing pitchforks, calling it a scam, and bullying HearthStats into shutting down their Patreon.


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Hello Fury-filled Feathery Fowl!

I was playing a match in the Randomonium Tavern Brawl and we were both playing Paladin. The craziness started when I cleared his board with a Consecration, and in the process killed his Majordomo Executus, summoning Ragnaros as his new hero. He now had 8 health, and I had 19. On his turn, he played a Consecration of his own, clearing my board. He then dropped a Mysterious Challenger, which pulled out a single secret, and an Argent Watchman. He then hero powered my face, dropping me down to 11 health.

In my hand, I had a single card, The Black Knight, which I had been holding since the beginning of the game, yet my opponent hadn't played a single taunt minion. I knew I needed to draw something, otherwise things were not looking good for me. When my turn started, my heart fell as I drew Eye for an Eye, but then I get really excited when I remembered his hero power deals eight damage! Exactly the amount of health he had! I realize, however, that if he hits my face first with the Mysterious Challenger, his face would only get hit for 6 damage, so I couldn't leave my board empty. I play The Black Knight and I hero power before dropping the Eye for an Eye hoping the two minions would represent enough damage that he would have to clear first before hero powering.

To my joy, he attacked my Silver Hand Recruit first with his Mysterious Challenger. I then hold my breath as he hero powers and the RNG goes to work. I actually jump up and cheer and laugh at the same time as the 8 damage hits my face, triggering Eye for an Eye, winning me the game.

After this, I have come to realization that Eye for an Eye is most definitely the best card in the game.

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Hey Roosters and Hen!


Due to my type A logical and logical personality I would LOVE to be able to organize the CARDS IN MY HAND! Put them in the order I want to play them, or change them as the board changes over time.

Am I crazy or would you guys actually use this too?

I know this is so small, but shouldn't it be something easy to fix?



Hey Garrett, Dills and Jocelyn,

One question I had for you was about other game modes.  I really enjoy the Adventures more than constructed or arena play.  Do you guys think that a type of game mode could be something like "Puzzle" mode?  This would be a mode where you are presented with a fixed game state that is already in progress and are required to, say, "Win within 3 rounds" or "Clear the board using what's in your hand".  Do you think that has enough playability to stand on its own, or is that too similar to Adventure mode or Tavern Brawl?

Finally thanks as always for doing your podcast.  Whenever I start to feel burnt out playing Hearthstone the

conversations you guys have always gets me back into it.

Evryn (ev-rin)

Good morning trolltry (pronounced troll-tree, as in TrollingPoultry)!

I started working today at 3am (my usual) to find out there was a 24 hour "race to legend" tournament that had been rolling since Saturday afternoon, so I started watching one of my favorite streamers MaSsan. He conceded a game to Savjz right after being queued, and when Twitch chat blew up about win trading and cheating, he said it's not a big deal, it's just one game and he's friends with all of them (Savjz and Forsenlol and Reynad). If he came up against them that he would gladly give them 1 win and he didn't want to reveal his "new secret tournament deck" so he chose to concede the game.

Now, hours later (this happened 5+ hours before the end), Savjz and Forsenlol end the tournament tied at 115 Legend.

MaSsan is going to wake up later today/tomorrow to a lot of drama and possibly some big consequences to something that he considered not a big deal.

So my question is, what is a win trade, what is a cheat, where is the line drawn?


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