DNA - Genetic Genealogy, What is it?

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1 - Introduction to DNA for Family History

     Learn the basics of what DNA is, and how it works. Privacy Issues

2 - Autosomal & Mitochondrial DNA Explained for Family History

     The 2 types of DNA and what they can and can not do for family history. Privacy Issues. 30 minutes

3  - Y & X DNA for Family History

     How Y and X DNA differ from Autosomal and Mitochondrial. Expert Advice on what to do before taking a DNA Test. Privacy Issues. 30 minutes

4 - DNA: Ethics, How Used, and Costs

       Companies offering DNA tests, prices, rankings and more. Many videos explaining all this in simple terms.. Recommendations for more learning. 40 minutes

5 - Q & A, Match Successes & Surprises, GEDmatch, Painting,  Browsers

Finding relative matches is the real gem in the testing. See how DNA tests can find new relatives and break down brick walls. GEDmatch.com. BYU FH Library webinar. 40 minutes

6 - Ethnicity Estimates, and Genetic Communities     

Ethnicity estimates - can you trust them? Why DNA testing companies differ so much from each other on ethnicity. Ethnicity versus Race. 40 minutes

7 - Haplogroups, SNPs, STRS, The Genetic Genealogist and Technical Stuff

Blaine Bettinger’s Presentations, Triangulation, Pedigree Collapse, Endogamy, Haplogroups, IBD, SNPs, STRs, Alleles, CentiMorgans, Genome, Genotypes, Reference Database, Algorithm,  Markers, and more!

 Ancestry White Paper; Haplogroups, Haplotypes, SNPs, Markers, Uses of DNA in Crime Scenes, Paternity and Adoption Cases; DNA Tests and Accuracy;  Blaine Bettinger’s ideas; DNA jargon. 40 min

8 - AncestryDNA Data &  YouTube DNA Videos

    The Ancestry Insider on Ancestry Genetic Groups; ISOGG Comparison of 23andMe, Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA, and National Geographic companies; The Legal Genealogist notes; Genetics Glossory Jargon; Kitty Cooper’s Blog; Journal of Genetic Genealogy; Kent Jaffa’s MatCompare pt 1; Expert opinions and recommendations at Yammer; and various YouTube videos many of which were converted to Mp4 versions for part 1. Browse at your leisure.