K-3 Coding Resources

compiled by Karen Lirenman




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Basic Vocabulary

Unplugged Coding Resources

Challenge/Problem Based Coding Apps

Creative Coding Apps

How To Tutorial Apps

Websites to Help Learn Coding

Codable Robots

Coding Support Material

Ideas for Linking Coding to Curriculum

Basic Vocabulary

Unplugged         - an activity that can be done without technology

Algorithm         - a list of  steps to finish a task  (eg recipe in a cookbook, directions to a location)

Program        - an algorithm that has been coded for a “computer” to follow

Bug         - an error in the program that it is preventing it to do what you want it to do

DeBugging        - identifying and fixing the error

Loop        - a set of instructions that are repeated over and over again until a specific condition is reached (eg 3 times, or …)

Binary        - an object that has only two opposite options - eg on or off,  or 0 or 1 , or up or down etc...

Unplugged Coding Resources 

Robot Turtle (game)

Littlecodr (game)

CodeMaster (game)

Code.org unplugged activities (website resources)

  • Unplugged activities such as My Robotic Friends; Move It, Move It; Getting Loopy; Graph Paper Programming

Code.org unplugged activities (support videos)

CSN Unplugged  (website with unplugged activities)

Challenge/Problem Based Coding Apps

Swift Playground



Light Bot Hour of Code 


The Foos

Bee-Bot ios app

Move the Turtle

Creative Coding Apps

Swift Playground




Move the Turtle

Daisy the Dinosaur

Scratch Jr

Osmo Coding (requires specific tools from Osmo)

How To Tutorial Apps

Learn HTML Fundamentals by Sololearn Inc

Learn Javascript by Sololearn Inc

Learn Java by Sololearn Inc

Learn Python by Sololearn Inc

Learn Swift by Sololearn Inc

There are others by Sololearn so be sure to check them out too if this is something of interest to you.

Websites to Help Learn Coding

bitsbox.com - learn to write simple codes and create games that can be played

code.org - great for tutorials, courses, and lesson plans.

codeacedemy.com - learn the basics of coding

scratch - creating with block coding

There are many others.

Codable Robots





Dash and Dot






There are many, many more.

Coding Support Material

Learn Scratch Jr Interface

Scratch Jr Challenges

Scratch Coding Challenge Cards

Sphero Education

Wonder Workshop (for Dash and Dot)

K-3 Coding with Dash and Dot (@Sharon_Drummond & @mrskorstanje)

Coding and Robotics (for Dash and Dot) Apple iBook (free)

Primary Coding Adventures (iTunes U Course)

Introducing Coding in Kindergarten (iBook)

Code.Org Instructor’s Manual

Ideas for Linking Coding to Curriculum

Integrating Coding into the Curriculum by Leka DeGroot

Many Curriculum and Coding Ideas by Jake Lee

Using Scratch Jr for Coding How to Make Bread