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  1. Watch “What is Moodle”  and visit “Using Moodle”
  1. Guest access is enabled
  2. Overview of available resources and activities to continue your learning.  

  1. Leave “Using Moodle” and go to the CESA 10 Moodle
  1. Login to the CESA 10 Moodle
  2. Look on the left side of the home page for the My Courses block.
  3. Click on the course/site title that is your last name.
  4. This is the way a brand new course/site looks.

  1. Update your profile.
  1. Look in the upper right corner for your name.  Click on it, then Administration/Edit profile
  2. Is your email address correct?
  3. Email digest type? Change to Complete (daily email with full posts)
  4. Description    Students enrolled in your Moodle classes can view your profile.
  5. Current picture   Use a Graphic, icon, or picture. Drag & drop or +Add.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Update profile to save.

  1. General  front page organization:
  1. Rename your course/site, full name and short name. Administration/Edit settings
  2. Explore course formats. Administration/Edit settings/Course format
  3. Explore themes. Administration/Edit settings/Appearance/Force
  4. Turn Editing on - Dock blocks, remove blocks, add blocks, move blocks, hide blocks
  5. Add, move, remove, hide, and/or reveal topics. Change/remove “Topic” heading.

  1. Add links(URL’s) to other websites
  1. Add a URL
  1. Turn editing on
  2. Click on Add a resource menu to see resource choices
  3. Choose URL
  4. Name the URL and then paste the URL into the box called External URL
  5. Drop down the Appearance menu and in the Display menu choose In pop-up
  6. Scroll down and choose to Save and return to course
  7. Repeat the steps above for each URL you want to add.
  1. Add several links (URL’s) on a  Label or Page
  1. Click on Turn editing on
  2. Click on Add a resource menu to see resource choices
  3. Choose Label or Page
  1. Add text or graphic from which you will link to the website.
  2. Select the text or graphic
  3. Click on the chain link in the toolbar
  4. Under General properties -Type or paste the link url
  5. By Target choose Open in a new window
  6. Click on Insert
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each link you want to add.
  8. When done, click on Save and return to course

  1. Add files or folders
  1. With Editing on, “Drag and Drop” works directly to drop files and/or “zipped” folders into topics on your course homepage or in other areas where file uploads are allowed. (May not work in older browsers)

  1. Drag and drop graphics
  1. Turn editing on
  2. Drag the graphic from its location on your computer to the target area in Moodle

  1. For more creative expression in your headings.
  1. Go to the website
  1. Select logo design, enter text, and modify the look as desired.
  2. Scroll down and choose “Create Logo.”
  3. Right click on the resulting graphic and choose “Save image as …”
  4. Give it a descriptive name and save it to your desktop or some other easy to remember location.
  5. Drag and drop into position in your Moodle course.

  1. Add an assignment 
  1. Complete this assignment
  2. Create an assignment in your course.
  1. Assignment types & feedback types
  2. Enhance the text and add a graphic, to the written directions or record the directions via Poodll.

  1.  Add a reflective journal activity via Online Text Assignment.
  1. Complete this reflection
  2. Enlarge & bold the text and add a graphic to the directions.
  3. Rubrics for Journal entries -  Samples

  1. Forums for Online Discussion
  1. Participate in the Moodle on a Mobile forum.
  2. Add a Forum to your course/site.
  1. Enhance the text and add a graphic to the directions..
  1. Rubrics for Forum posts – samples

  1. Choice as a single question survey/questionnaire/poll.
  1. Complete this poll Where are you at?
  2. Add a Choice to your course/site.
  1. Enhance the text and add a graphic to the directions.

  1. Enrolling Users into your Moodle course

  1. Guest access?
  2. Students self-enroll or the teacher manually enrolls them.
  3. Manual enrollment - Administration /Users/Enrolled users 
  1. Add a fake student (Cliff Hanger, Ruby Wonderdog. Paige Turner)
  2.  Log in as them. People Block/participants/name/settings/login as
  1. Self-enrollment enabled? Administration /Users/Enrollment Methods 

  1. Quiz: 
  1. Experience a Moodle quiz via the "Introduction to Moodle” quiz.
  2. Question Bank – Create Categories and Questions (Good Question Guidelines)
  3. Assemble a small quiz

  1. Video in Moodle
  1. Link to …
  2. Embed …
  3. Ensemble Repository

  1. Password Reset - teachers can reset students’ passwords if/when they forget

  1. Workshop Evaluation Form 
  1. Please complete before leaving this workshop.

 Neil Johnson CESA 10 ETS/CSD  6/01/2015

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