Chapter 3:

Dawn of Tachyon

        The Light shined on this new world of molten rock, and exploding volcanoes that were destroying the landscape around them. Seemingly nothing could survive on a destructive planet like this, but one was surviving the intensity of this fiery realm. It was a small species of bacteria that was able to adapt  with the continuous changes of the planet’s surface, and it even fed off of the super heated energy the world was constantly producing. These bacteria were able to change the surrounding they inhabited by hardening the smoke and ash around them to create paths through the destroyed wasteland. This was the beginning of the ultimate race.

 Time past on the self destructive world and the bacteria have evolved in tiny fish like creatures that  were able to swim through the lava lake that popped out of the ground. These fish were able to fly from one pool to the other by launching them selves out with the power of their hardened ash then make it into a slide to get the rest of the way. They would consume the lava lakes as they developed to keep their energy high, and to be able to sense the shift of the planet’s tectonics so they knew where to and not to be. Their development was that of total mystery on how they were able to survive the detrimental world, and the fact that they were thriving off of it was quite odd indeed.

The world seemed to never change into the development of stabilization, but the species kept evolving to suit the need necessary to survive the raging climate. They started to develop legs that allowed them to travel the landscape once again to get to the lava pool’s. They were also heading to the lethal volcanoes where they would be able to predict the next rise so they can stay out of that area. They figured it out by draining the volcanoes just enough to feel the sharp rocks that would indicate the direction of the next few volcanoes to pop up.  As they did these travels they would use their powers to harden stairways to get to the top or bottom of the volcanoes, but never both for the previous one would be destroyed before they can go back down. They were also traveling by packs of ten to twenty of them to find these volcanoes, and be able to create the predictions.

Now They have developed arms to create shelter with the molten rock on the still disastrous planet. They would mold the boulders together with the ashes hardening around them so that there were no holes in their homes. They have figured out how to predict the next disaster area without the need of going into the volcanoes anymore, but they still travel with them to be able to drink the most lava from the plentiful ponds that sprout out from the ground. They were becoming a powerful species that seem to survive anything that would hurt them, but they will not be prepared for the next planetary disaster.

The species kept developing making the world seem useless in its efforts to destroy the powerful race. Then a million years passed from the planet's formation and the beginning of this ultimate race when all things went completely wrong. The planet began a process of complete self destruction, with a simple shake as they usually come to the now growing race. They have become the size of about ten feet, and are still developing their bodies like growing in a tail and wings. The shakes got worse worrying the species while they were leaving the area of the quakes. The problems were becoming horrid as the volcanoes came even more frequent  than the beings could ever predict killing many of the tribes, but it wasn’t over yet. The planet was now splitting open with many of the being to fall into the bottomless pit of fire.  So many life fell into the red abyss as the planet is imploding with the pressure of the gravity the planet can’t comprehend.

The planet finished its self destruction and has finally started the formation process with a clear slate of no life. That is if there were no survivor of the planets death, but there was one survivor. The one poor survivor of the annihilation of the entire race that was only a young child. That child though was the only one of their kind for they were the final evolution of the ultimate race. The boy seemingly enough had no name and was, and will be know as the first of their kind. The child was about three meters tall with a grown one meter tail, and a spike at the end, also had a pair of wing with an impressive wingspan of over four meters  wide. With scales that were designed to take in and change with the climate of the surroundings. The color of the creature was recorded as a shade of green, but others from the time would say they glowed of a bright red for a time. They were all alone now with no one to be with, nobody to share the world with. No family nor friends to ever see again… they were all alone.

The isolation for this powerful being only made him depressed by the chance of this destructive outcome. The crust was finally hardening, something that his race always wanted, but he was the only one to enjoy it. Then He thought what if he was the only one left to repopulate the planet. This then made him wander on how he would be able to do that. He then remembered that they were able to just multiply by laying eggs. Not the best strategy,but it was for the repopulation of the species and the planet. So he started developing the egg which was quite the hard task for his to do as it took many days to make the egg and even more years for it to hatch, but with their determination it should be able to work and save his race.

He went to the nearest lava lake finding that his wings were quite powerful to get him there in such a short time frame. He then started to drink the gigantic pool of heated liquid fueling himself and  the organs that would soon be developing the egg. The more he drank the more energized he began to felt as the organs started the process of egg production. It only took a small amount of the lake to fuel the organs and now it was just a matter of time before the egg came out.

The egg was about half a meter wide and a meter tall, with a pale like color, and some purple spots on it. It would also glow a tint of green while it was creating the child within it.  The young one watched over the egg day and night with him realizing that he was only the age of fifty having an offspring at this time. Fifty is quite young for his race for they could live for up to a few thousand years. It was quite odd how things just ended up the way they did with him being the only survivor, you would think there would be others, but he was all that was left of his great race until the hatchling comes about. “ This is just the beginning my new friend, we shall soon be together able to change the course of not just this world, but hopefully help all of those in the entire universe.”

It took the length of three years for the egg to hatch and during that time the first one went and moved his home more near the lava lake to be able to provide them with the proper nutrients of the sulfuric molten rocks. The lake proved to be that of iron and carbon bases with a small part of it as sulfur and other not as intensive elements. For  his race to properly develop they need quite a lot of iron from the lava lakes to absorb it through their skin into their bodies to produce the cell that were able to bend the surroundings of the environment. The first one realizing that what need would there be for such a power to create the area differently. Then he realized that it is just a useful tool to have so that you can make shelter or even whole villages if needed. So he collected a bunch of the lava and brought it close to the egg so that when it hatches it has something to eat.

When the egg hatched the ground shook and the house cracked a bit, but the egg was fine during the process. The process always ends with a bang as the eggs explodes open revealing the hatchling to the world. It hatchling was about the average size for his race and the health looked perfect as it crawled to drink the lava left for it. The time for a name for the little one came to mind as the first one watched him. This is my child, my son, the one to continue the evolution of life on this world of Destructoryous, and the one to give me company as I  watch over the well being of the universe that  we know. The child smiled at the first one, making him happy even when they were the only ones there, this is how he realized that all life is precious when this little child smiled. Their name will be Darcornious

He raised the child for many years until they were twenty-five years of age where they were able to live on their own. Of course Darcornious wouldn’t leave the area because that would separate the two not making it good for the development of the race. While the time he was growing up he talked to his father about the future and what was to come of their endangered race. His father explained that they had to have many offspring using the large pools of lava to develop egg after egg in order to preserve their species, and the life of Destructoryous. This worried the young Darcornious, but he was still determined to please his father and bring back their breed of ultimate beings. The only problem that Darcornious had was the fact that they were essentially reshuffling the genetic of their being making little to no change to them. This would be the same as taking evolution, the nature of their being away from them. They would have long discussions over the matter and the only outcome was that they will have to wait before they started to blend the genes of the beings.

Is this where they all start, in the prime of their life, when they turn to Darkness and their power? When they are lost to the pain of what they don’t have causing them to drift away to the far end of what is right to what is wrong? How could the best of us  lose so easily to the unnecessary, unknown ,  greed that is in all of us waiting to be released from them.


It was now the thirtieth birthday of Darcornious and the land was that of a dark grey with spike mountains surrounding the site of the village that the first one prepared, with the clouds minimal and gray indicating rain to come soon to the dry wasteland. This was a good sign because it rarely ever rained on the planet and it help stabilize the crust by just allowing the rain to pour down.  This rare occurrence is what brought Electruthez over to the planet so that they would investigate the world, and its only species. It was quite odd how there were only the two of them on the planet that were living organism.

This is what Electruthez have been looking for, a race where the test would be the most difficult to solve in order to become the friends that Electruthez looked, so hard to find. This was the perfect time to see if they were ready for the responsibility of the universe, and their species. Electruthez in turn prepared themself to descend down to the planet known as Destructoryous to give the burden of the test to his new friends.

It was an average day for the family for Darcornious was preparing the batches of lava that they would need to produce an egg for the next day, but today they would celebrate the thirty years of Darcornious’ life. They flew throughout the plains, mountains, and valleys of this world to see that things were still hardening after the melting point of the planet, but it was all recovering quite well. “You have worked hard to shape the landscape over the time I’ve had taught you to use your power, and I’ve must say you have learned well and created many things. Sadly all good things come to an end to rise the next generatio like the egg or even eggs that you will hatch over the next few months.” These were the wise words that came for the first one to help guide Darcornious through the hard process of becoming a parent. “Thank you my father for always helping me become the good person I have become with your guidance, and your experience that has helped so well in the development of my life, but now it is time to see if I’m worthy to be the guide of the next generation.”

Darcornious was ready for the right of his races adulthood and to take on the responsibility of the species, world, and universe. Then the storm started, but with no rain, just the strike of light blasting the ground. This is where Electruthez would walk over to the two inhabitants of this world, but ran into the first one before seeing Darcornious, and in return the first one started to run in fear of the new being made purely of light. The first one kept running and running trying to escape the being, but they were too fast to get away from with them always right in front of them, but that didn’t stop him just made him go faster.

Electruthez was impressed by the speed of this being for it was only becoming harder to follow which was odd for the fact that nothing was faster than them, so this being keeps building in speed worried them. At the end Electruthez went right in front of them to try to stop them, but instead got a cool breeze from the being. Wow they sure are fast, this they must have a name for this speed. “ Stop sir, all I want to know is the name of your species,” called out the tired Electruthez. “We don’t have a name for our race yet, but now mentioning it what are you, if you answer me that I will be glad to help you as long as no hostility isn’t caused by you,” respond the first one. “I am Electruthez the being of light, and may I name your species for I am the creator of the universe.” “Oh so you must be able to change the universe however you like, then why don’t you go back to save my people,” he said angrily. “I can't just undo what has been done, but I can save the future of your species try to fix the pain that I might be causing you.” The first one thought about it and decided that maybe this “godly being” is right at the fact that the past can’t simply be changed, no matter how much you would desire it. “ If you really are an enlightened being you say you are prove yourself.” Electruthez realized that they had never need to prove themself before, quite the odd occurrence that this is the only race that has challenges their power. This should be fun, They thought. Electruthez started to create a storm that was bringing all the clouds to one point. Then it started to rain green blocks of chucky jello over them. This amazed the first one, with such an interesting character like they are maybe they could be the enlightened one.

“What did you want to name my race O’ mighty Electruthez,” asked the curious fellow. “I think that because you are faster than light themself, I will declare your race as the Tachyean, for they will move forward into the future of the universe faster than light.” “What a creative name for us, I think I like it,” declared the newly named First Tachyean. “Well why did you come here anyways Electruthez, to punish us or to help us?” “I came here to give you a test that will show whether or not your race is worthy of becoming my friends and to help bring order to the developing universe. This test will not be easy for I ask of something that may be to great to give up,” said the now sadden Electruthez. “What could be so bad that it would be that hard to do. Do you want us to survive the end of the world, or something because I gone through it and lived to tell you now, so I doubt it could be much worse.” I hope that cheers them up, they seem really depressed about this, why  is all I want to know? “This is what will change the course of the universe forever if you allow this to happen, but if you don’t then you will forget that this happened and I will be gone not to be seen again,”warning the brave Tachyean. “Are you sure that this power that I will give be enough to save your race.” “Yes, I believe that this is how the future of Tachyeans will be saved, by your generosity,” answered the first Tachyean.

 “Then the task to save your species and to unite the universe in eternal peace is to give up the life of your child, so that the rest of your children will thrive. Please forgive me after all of this young Tachyean.”


Electruthez went silent as did the first tachyean for the realization of the matter is why electruthez was depressed, for it was going to be another loss for the tachyeans, and they were not sure if the first Tachyean would be able to allow such a thing as to kill his own child. Haven’t I gone through enough pain or is this just how i’m suppose to feel in my life, thought the depressed Tachyean. How am I going to decide what is right to be done here, one way I can save my species and help the whole universe, but lose my only true child, Darcornious. The other hand we can help recreate our race over a large period of time, but never be able to get to the rest of the universe to help bring total peace. The test has begun with the dispirit Tachyean having no way to decide what is the right choice. With the future at stake, what will be the outcome of this meeting?

The first Tachyean slowly shuffled back to the village to see his son and hope that maybe the right choice will come to him. As he went back the world was seemingly brighter than usual, and felt more cheery than it had before. This must be Electruthez messing with the average flow of things making his coming a sign of good fortune, but to get you must sacrifice what is most important in this world, the life of a loved one.  He was now right in front of the village where he stopped for a moment to think about how the event today has changed his perspective on things like life, and death. On how everything is different now and won’t ever be the same again no matter the decision. He continued to stroll over to his home to have a fresh start in the morn to think about the decision when Darcornious came to him. “Father, haven’t you noticed how peaceful the planet has become today, this might be the sign we have been looking for that will give us the ability to repopulate.” The First one ran to his house sobbing the whole way there. Why do you have to love the universe so much, why couldn’t you just hate it so I can decide just not to do and we could be happy? Why is it that you want to have everyone else to have the chance to bring happiness to the galaxy, and be willing to give up so much? These were the thoughts that went through his head as he cried himself to sleep.

Why is Father so gloomy on such a beautiful day, should he be able not enjoy this wonderful weather that we are experiencing today, Thought Darcornious as he continued to prepare for the making of offspring. This was suppose to be a beautiful that we could have enjoyed together, I’ve gotta go check on him to make sure he isn’t hurt or something. Darcornious ran over to where his father’s charred house was to see if he needed help with anything. Then they saw that their great father on his knees crying with such horrible shriek of pain. “Father what’s wrong!” “My son I have been giving the gift of restoring our species and to be able to help the whole universe, but for a price that I can’t give to,” answered the bitter one. “ Really Father, we can save our race, whatever the price is I will pay for it so that we can live happily with the rest of our race.” “But that is the problem my son, the only way to save the rest of the species is to give them your life!” “Who is them Father?” Darcornious concerned that his father won’t be able to decided over him or the universe, and our race. “Father I will give whatever it takes to resort our species and to help the universe.” “My son you don’t need to do this all I want is for you to be happy.” “But Father, this is what is going to make my happy, that I have helped develop the universe and to bring peace to it, and to know that you will be happy of the coming forth of your race,” respond the young one.

“I hope this is what you want my child, but this is going to be the last time we are with each other, so let's get you the most warm lake of lava so that you will barely be able to feel it, and Electruthez told me that you will be watched over after your death so that you, and them will be the greatest friends.” While The first tries to distract the pain of death from Darcornious, he was think of how it would feel to become one with the universe. What is it to feel like a being without a body, and to never be able to get a body again. He though was ready to offer his life to create a better universe for all beings to enjoy.


        Darkness was thinking on how to stop this for they couldn’t allow Electruthez get an entire race of allies, and he tried so hard to stop it with the interporkian sacrifices, and Atkenious’ greed was suppose to give him more strength than just a small blast to disable the light. Now the only way to stop this is to take action into their own hands.  This is going to take much power, but I think that when I’m done with this Electruthez will be so traumatized that they will never try to create another universe again. They started to concentrate on the two tachyeans, ready to destroy them.

        The tachyeans were now prepared to go offer Darcornious to Electruthez to bring the beginning of total peace. When they got to them Electruthez started to charge their energy to start the sacrifice. Everything is going to change, thought the eager Tachyean ready to change the universe. Then everything froze in time except the young Darcornious.

        Darkness appear in front of the now unsettled Darcornious, surrounding him in their essence. “Why are you doing this? You must resist the temptation of Electruthez power for he will discard you in a second if you fail him.”  “ Who are you, and why should I trust you?” Responded Darcornious. “You can trust me because I’ve have seen what they have done to the other universes, and they are creating more and more not trying to protect them, nor watch over then so that they don’t go into utter chaos. It’s only a matter of time before your forgotten to. I by the way am Darkness, sibling of Electruthez.”  “What do you mean keeps making universes, and is they really going to forget me.” “ Yes, you will be forgotten for your sacrifice, and how it saved your race. Electruthez is a greedy being only wanting to play, but when the fun is over they will just make a new universe. The worse part is that this cycle will never end, and these universes without cosmic guidance will not be able to recover from the consequences of their actions.”  “ Is this really going to happen, will the universes suffer from this.” “Yes they will,  but there is one way to stop it. It is by destroying Electruthez, and to do that we need them to lose their power. I’ve been trying so hard to stop them, but the only way to do this is to destroy them emotionally. I’ve been watching them fail to get a “friend” from these universes, and they are on the verge to breaking down completely. If you can stop this sacrifice then that will end them, but the only way to do that is to kill your Father, so there isn’t a way for your species to continue for  if there is Electruthez  will get the sacrifice and get what they want. So this is your decision let Electruthez get away with their crimes against existence or give them their proper punishment.”  “You are right, the sake of existence is on the line of this decision, so to protect existence I will join you, and I will…..destroy my father.”

Darkness fueled Darcornious with the power to defeat his father fast enough, so that Electruthez doesn’t interfer. Then Darkness played time back to its proper speed. The ritual was complete and Electruthez ask, “ Are you confident about your decision Darcornious.” “Yes, I have made my decision.” Then Darcornious created a saber from the molten rocks and struck the first Tachyean. The first dodged the attack. “My son would never strike me down, for he believes in bringing peace to all of existence, including me. Who are you, and what have you done to my darcornious.” “Father, this is me, but it is also darkness leading me to defeat the true evil of existence, the one who stands in the way of peace, Electruthez!” shouted the furious Tachyean. They then attacked again, but instead of dodging he created a shield from the molten rock nearby to defend himself.

The battle has begun, thought the worried Electruthez. “ Stop this,  you are ripping then apart. I thought you knew there was nothing more important than family in this existence, but I shouldn’t be surprised that the one who kill they own parent would care about that.” “Your next Electruthez, but first I have to stop your chance of victory.”  The battle raged on with each hit doing more damage than the last causing shockwaves to surge through the ground, breaking it beneath them. Powerful shrieks came from each landing charge of Darcornious’s rapier on the shield of Tachyon. They fought on for hours with shattering results to the terrain around them, and that neither of them giving up their pace or else one would be able to overpower the other. I can’t defeat you my child for you are myself, but better in everyway, and the Darkness that has consumed you only makes your determination stronger thus your strength. I will have to do the only thing I can do to end this. The first one stopped evading the aggression and let it hit him. This one attack sent the Tachyean flying through the air to smash into the nearby mountain, breaking his body. “This took longer than I thought, but now you have seen your end my father.”  “Electruthez end this now!” roared the Tachyean. Electruthez got behind the blackened Tachyean and began the sacrifice. They tried to fight off the ritual by attacking Electruthez, but realized they spent the last of their strength on the blow that took down the first one. “It seems you have failed me and the universe my disappointment. I must be leaving now so i can fight another day with someone who will be useful to me.”   Darkness left Darcornious’s body leaving him to be vanquished by Electruthez. “Father are you going to allow them to do this to your only child, the only thing that brought joy to your life, or are you going to act on this and end this ritual!” bloomed Darcornious. “I tried to save you my son, but this was the only way to save you from that corrupt being.” “So I’m not worth saving to you then, I guess I would have to had killed you any ways, but now you are letting the entire plain of existence to suffer by this fool. I thought I was worth more than a stupid creature like this to you, but I guess you would rather your son destroyed instead of at your side!”

The ritual was coming to an end with the corrupted Tachyean disappearing little by little from the face of this realm never to see eachother again. The Tachyeans final words were, “ I’ll be back father and i’ll be able to show you the power of darkness, so we’ll be able to save the universe, this I swear!” Then he was gone and Electruthez fell to the ground, exhausted from the strenuous ritual. The first one then fell to his knees to weep for his fallen son.

Electruthez went to the depressed Tachyean to help him back on his feet. “Tachyean you have done it, your race will now be the leaders of peace, and you can repopulate for now you can lay the eggs at command, and you save your race from Darkness.” “Why didn’t you tell me that there was someone who could of caused trouble to us like this? This can’t be fixed, now can it?  I can’t believe that I’ve killed my child, the one good in my life, so this better have been the better choice or I will kill you, no matter how hard it would be.” The first one was now done crying, but still couldn’t move for his body was still broken. “Can you fix me up Electruthez?” “Oh sure my friend, but I hope you can forgive me for this mistake that I caused.” Electruthez healed the first one in an instant. “Thank you Electruthez, and don’t feel bad for now because today is the first day of a new era, so enjoy the recreation of Tachyeans.” “May this universe that I created be known as the realm of Tachyon for it will be moving forward to a better future faster than I would be able to.” The first day ends on this new era, waiting for the new course that this existence has to offer.

Now you have found your friends Electruthez. May they guide you to become better than you were before, so that when my poor Darkness comes again you will be ready for it. The only thing that I request of you my child is to protect Darkness for without you and them there would no way to create the path of existence like you have already done, my creative younging.