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TILT 10 Festival - Press Release
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Contact: Chris McIntyre


TILT Brass celebrates first decade in June 2013

6 concerts & 10 premieres, includ. 5 new commissions

at Roulette 6/27

Centerpiece Event:

June 27 at Roulette > TILT 10: An Anniversary Celebration

5 world prem. - Diaz de Leon, Fefferman, McIntyre, Hamilton (IR), Perocco (IT)

1 US prem. (Poppe) & works from TILT's repertoire (Coleman, Gibson)

Associated Events:

6.6 > Nate Wooley's 'Seven Storey Mountain' / ISSUE Project Room

6.16 > John King's 'Astral Epitaphs' w. Bklyn Youth Chorus / Bang on a Can Marathon

6.21 > R. Murray Schafer's 'Music for Wilderness Lake' / The Lake at Central Park

6.29 & 30 > Ecstatic Summer 2013 - River to River / Brookfield Place Plaza (WFC)

6.10-20 > Resident Artist / Baryshnikov Arts Center

> TILT 10 Composers (including sound samples)
> TILT 10

> TILT 10: An Anniversary Celebration - Composer Soundcloud Set
Complete Festival date, time, and venue information below

June 5, 2013, Brooklyn, NY - 2013 marks TILT Brass’ 10th anniversary! To celebrate, the Brooklyn-based new music group is presenting TILT 10 Festival, a set of 6 concert events in multiple venues during month of June 2013. The festival features a gloriously coincidental 10 premieres, including 5 world premiere commissions and a US premiere during the centerpiece event at Roulette on 6/27. TILT ensembles in June include TILT Brass Sextet, the 10-piece founding ensemble Creative Brass Band, a new group TILT Zug Septet, and  two special 12-piece projects (including an all-trombone band in Central Park).

TILT 10 Festival has TILT Brass traversing New York City both physically and stylistically. Venues and presenters include ISSUE Project Room (6.6), a return to The Lake at Central Park for Make Music New York (6.21), as part of Lower Manhattan’s annual River To River Festival during both the Bang on a Can Marathon (6.16) and Ecstatic Summer (6.29/30) events, and at Roulette (6.27) for its extraordinary anniversary program.

The range of repertoire heard during TILT 10 Festival mirrors the breadth of its locales. From acclaimed recent work by avant trumpeter Nate Wooley, Cunningham Co. composer John King, and “soundscape” composer and theorist R. Murray Schafer’s Music for Wilderness Lake,  to a batch of newly commissioned pieces by local and international composers including Mario Diaz de Leon, Dave Douglas, Lainie Fefferman, Andrew Hamilton, Reggie Pace, Filippo Perocco, Ryan Lott, Holly Herndon and TILT Director Chris McIntyre. A total of 9 world premieres in all and a US premiere from acclaimed German composer Enno Poppe.

TILT Brass is honored to have been selected as a Spring 2013 Resident Artist at the prestigious Baryshnikov Arts Center where the musicians will prepare this ambitious month of events.

Whether "expanding and exploding the brass band tradition" (tagline from 2003) or "creating new contexts and content for contemporary brass music" (current), TILT Brass has always challenged the typically staid status quo of brass ensemble repertoire. In January 2003, the idea for TILT emerged from the inclusive eclecticism of the 90's Downtown milieu, inviting brass musicians (many of whom also composed) with divergent aesthetic backgrounds to bridge narrowing stylistic gaps. Composers were steered toward a composed/improvised hybridity, to an eliding of hierarchy in ensemble dynamics. While fully notated works by composers outside the group, both local and international, are more common in its programs now, TILT retains the spirit present at its formation by participating in experimental and experiential projects (site-specific, with dance, multi-media) and by programming work from a wide array of musical languages.

TILT also joins a fascinatingly diverse list of local music organizations in celebrating 10 years together, including ISSUE Project Room, International Contemporary Ensemble, Ensemble Pamplemousse, GlobalFEST, and Ne(x)tworks (also co-founded by TILT Director Chris McIntyre). Assigning an overarching connective through-line is difficult given the diversity of these projects, but it does represent a spike in activity that has  grown exponentially since 2003.

The June 27 Roulette concert is the TILT 10 Festival’s centerpiece event. In addition to works from TILT's repertoire (including the profoundly beautiful Acute Coryza by Anthony Coleman from 2009), the Roulette program includes the world premiere of 5 commissioned works,  2 each by the Sextet and Creative Brass Band, 1 for TILT’s new Zug Septet. The latter is giving a US premiere.

Sextet (3 trumpet, 3 trombone)
Anthony Coleman - Acute Corzya (2009)
Lainie Fefferman - Big Breath (2013) (World Premiere)
Chris McIntyre - Dedifferentiation with brass (2013) (World Premiere) w. duo UllU

A set of all New York composer works.
Acute Coryza is the first in a series of works by Anthony Coleman dealing with names for illnesses and/or their cures (the title is the medical term for the common cold). As in many of his compositions (including Set Into Motion (2005) written for TILT), this piece involves a sort of Barthes-ian "riffing" on the tropes called to mind by the instruments and their histories.
listen to excerpt of TILT SIXtet premiere of Acute Coryza

Fefferman and McIntyre are charged with expanding the repertoire of what has become TILT’s signature ensemble via performances with Merce Cunningham Dance Co. (Park Ave. Armory Events) and Nate Wooley for Festival of New Trumpet in Sept. 2012. As the title implies, Fefferman’s Big Breath uses air capacity as a compositional element, each entrance by the musicians being played for only one full breath. The players enter the work’s gestural sound world in relation to a previous players exit, staying aware of each other despite being spatialized throughout the theater.

McIntyre’s Dedifferentiation No. 1 is part of a growing body of work by the composer known as Smithson Project. Featuring the new noisescape duo project UllU (the composer with percussionist Dave Shively), the sonic language of this piece is inspired by artist Robert Smithson’s description of the Hotel Palenque in Mexico during a lecture in 1973. Smithson shines a Conceptual light on the complexity found in a building with construction and demolition projects in various stages of completion (and left that way), and how this interacts with the decaying and looming jungle that surrounds it.

Creative Brass Band (3 trumpet, horn, 3 trombone, tuba, 2 percussion)

     Filippo Perocco (IT) - new work, World Premiere
Andrew Hamilton (IR) - Love and Goodness (2013), World Premiere

About his as yet untitled work, Filippo Perocco writes that "the piece is based on the extra-musical image of vertigo. The musical objects are very simple. Few harmonic territories frozen into their inner natural-original relations; a kind of false movement of surrounding, bending, tilting objects in space."

Andy Hamilton is best known to New York audiences from his 2009 MATA Festival commissioned piece Product No.1 for The Knights Chamber Orchestra. His new piece for TILT Brass takes its title from a painting by visual artist Agnes Martin. “Martin has been a hero of mine since the age of fifteen”, writes Hamilton, “when a painting of hers in the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin transfixed me. I couldn't believe such, on the surface, simple pencil drawn lines could create such joy.” In the work, he takes “the most ordinary material and [builds] up a type of ritualistic structure which keeps on getting a bit waylaid.”

Septet (2 trumpet, 2 horn, 2 trombone, tuba)

     Mario Diaz de Leon - Bellum (2013) (World Prem.)

     Enno Poppe (DE) - Zug (2008) (US Prem.), TILT Zug Septet

Bellum, the title of composer Mario Diaz de Leon's new work, is latin for "war." The piece represents an inner battle, depicted musically in 3 movements "whose character are inspired in part by aspects of ancient Roman religion and warfare." In order, their titles are devotio (vow to sacrifice one’s life to the gods), lituus (Roman horn of war), and do ut des (expression of exchange between human and deity). Bellum blends the disparate sonic worlds within which Diaz de Leon circulates, in particular those of modern composition and his underground metal project Oneirogen, which he describes as using "ethereal synths, brutal distortion, and noise influences."

German composer
Enno Poppe’s music is regularly heard at major European contemporary music festivals, but only recently has he been programed in the States (Miller Theater presented a Composer Portrait only 2 month ago on Feb. 23). This performance of Zug is a US premiere, but also only its 2nd performance ever (the first performance was at IRCAM under Pierre Boulez). The piece presents many challenges: extreme yet sonically subtle rhythmic complexity and a near-constant use of microtonality (one trumpet plays a “quarter-tone” instrument). In German, the word “zug” (pronounced “tsook”) has an incredible number of meanings, including (according to Poppe’s program note) “...lettering, bird migration, breath, raid, bungee cord, funeral procession, and character trait.”

TILT Brass Tutti
Jon Gibson - Multiples (1972)
All of the performers on the event gather together to perform legendary composer/performer Jon Gibson’s
Multiples. Premiered at The Kitchen’s original Mercer Arts Center location 40 years ago in January 1973, Multiples is a classic, Post-In C open form composition (Gibson performed on the premiere of In C in 1964). The composer uses a non-hierarchical, player-choice operation to elicit a constantly evolving rhythmic and textural environment. The available pitch class complex engenders a delightfully bittersweet harmonic profile.

> listen to TILT Brass playing an encore version at Dartmouth in May

Thu, June 27, 2013

TILT 10: An Anniversary Celebration
8:00pm, $15, Members/Students/Seniors: $10

Tickets -

509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Roulette event page


Lainie Fefferman Big Breath (2013)* – Sextet

Enno Poppe (DE) Zug (2008)** – Zug Septet

Filippo Perocco (IT) new work* – Creative Brass Band

Anthony Coleman Acute Corzya (2009) – Sextet


Chris McIntyre Dedifferentiation No. 1 (2013)* – Sextet & UllU

Mario Diaz de Leon Bellum (2013)* – Zug Septet

Andrew Hamilton (IR) Love and Goodness (2013)* – Creative Brass Band

Jon Gibson Multiples (1972) – TILT Brass tutti

* = world premiere

** = US premiere

Personnel (visit TILT 10 Musicians page for more details)

Ted Hearne - conductor

Gareth Flowers, Tim Leopold, Chris DiMeglio – trumpet

Jen Baker, Jacob Garchik, Chris McIntyre, Will Lang – trombone

David Byrd-Marrow, Jason Sugata – horn

Joe Exley, Dan Peck – tuba

Chris Nappi, David Shively – percussion

Special guest:
UllU duo – Chris McIntyre & David Shively

Thu, June 6, 2013
Nate Wooley's
Seven Storey Mountain

8:00pm, $10 / $8 members + students

ISSUE Project Room

22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn, NY
IPR Event Page

TILT Brass Sextet again joins forces with early TILT associate Nate Wooley at ISSUE Project Room for the first complete iteration of his leviathan Seven Storey Mountain project (also featuring drummers Chris Corsano and Ryan Sawyer, C. Spencer Yeh, Ben Vida, Matt Moran, others).

TILT Brass Sextet

Gareth Flowers, Tim Leopold, Chris DiMeglio – trumpet

Chris McIntyre, Jen Baker, Will Lang - trombone

Sun, June 16, 2013
John King's
Astral Epitaphs with Brooklyn Youth Chorus
approx.  4:00pm, FREE

Bang on a Can Marathon (River To River)
Michael Schimmel Center at Pace University
3 Spruce St, Manhattan, NY 10038

TILT Brass makes its Bang on a Can Marathon and River To River Festival DEBUT performing long-time TILT collaborator and former Merce Cunningham Dance. Co. music committee member  John King’s Astral Epitaphs (2011) with Brooklyn Youth Chorus and the composer on live-electronics.

TILT Brass Sextet

Gareth Flowers, Tim Leopold, Tom Bergeron – trumpet

Chris McIntyre, Jen Baker, Will Lang –  trombone

BoaC Marathon Page

River To River Event Page

Fri, June 21, 2013

R. Murray Schafer's Music for Wilderness Lake (Make Music New York)


Performance Schedule

7:30am – Dawn from Music for Wilderness Lake

8:30pm – Dusk from Music for Wilderness Lake

The Lake at Central Park [location map]

Returning to The Lake at Central Park (SWELTER, 2011), TILT Brass celebrates Canadian composer and sound theorist R. Murray Schafer’s 80th birthday with a special FREE performance of Music for Wilderness Lake (1979). A work for 12 trombones, …Wilderness Lake is in two parts: at sunset (Dusk) and at sunrise (Dawn).

TILT Brass Trombones:

Chris McIntyre (TILT Director), Jen Baker, Brian Drye, Jacob Garchik, Ben Gerstein, Will Lang, Mike Lormand, Johannes Pfannkuch, James Rogers

Organized by:

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

Make Music New York

Sat & Sun, June 29 & 30, 2013

Ecstatic Summer 2013 - River to River Festival

5:00pm, FREE

Brookfield Place Plaza (outdoors)

220 Vesey Street New York, NY

TILT Brass completes its month-long TILT 10 Festival as resident brass ensemble for New Amsterdam Presents’ Ecstatic Summer 2013, two evenings of all-premieres presented on the Hudson River at Brookfield Place Plaza (part of 2013 River To River Festival). The featured composers are Dave Douglas, Holly Herndon, Reggie Pace, and Ryan Lott (Son Lux)

TILT Personnel (visit TILT 10 Musicians page for more details)

Chris McIntyre – trombone, Director

Gareth Flowers, Tim Leopold, Tom Bergeron, Chris DiMeglio – trumpet

Jen Baker, Will Lang, James Rogers – trombone

David Byrd-Marrow, Jason Sugata – horn

Joe Exley, Jacob Garchik – tuba

Ecstatic Summer 2013 on R2R website

Jun 10-20

Baryshnikov Arts Center Residency


To prepare for its ambitious TILT 10 Festival programs, TILT Brass has the honor of being  Resident Artists for 2 weeks at the prestigious Baryshnikov Arts Center on Manhattan’s West Side.

BAC Residency Page


TILT 10 Artist Bios: Composers | Musicians

TILT Brass
Led by trombonist and composer Chris McIntyre, TILT Brass is a Brooklyn-based organization dedicated to creating new content and contexts for contemporary brass music by producing inventive concert programs, recording projects, and commissioning initiatives. It boldly positions itself as the vanguard presenter, educator, and advocate for new brass music in New York City. Founded 10 years ago in January 2003 by McIntyre and Greg Evans, TILT primarily presents the work of living composers, having premiered nearly 30 compositions thus far. Its ensembles include many of the brightest stars from the local brass community in configurations ranging from solo and chamber ensembles to experimental brass orchestra.

Chris McIntyre, TILT Brass Director
TILT Brass Director and Co-founder Chris McIntyre leads a multi-faceted career in the contemporary arts as a solo and ensemble performer, composer, and curator/producer. He performs on trombone and synthesizer in a variety of settings, from chamber music to open improvisation. Current projects include leading TILT and 7X7 Trombone Band, and collaborative efforts such as Ne(x)tworks and UllU (duo with percussionist Dave Shively). His work is heard on recordings released by the Tzadik, New World, Mode, and Non-Site labels. In his composing, McIntyre experiments with spatialization, improvisative strategies, serialized rhythmic cycles, and symmetrical pitch construction. He has contributed work to the repertoire of TILT, Ne(x)tworks, 7X7 Trombone Band (for choreographer Yoshiko Chuma), Flexible Orchestra, and B3+ brass trio. He is currently developing Smithson Project, a evening length music-theater work inspired by visual artist Robert Smithson premiering Spring 2014. Beyond performing and creating music, McIntyre is also active as a curator and concert producer, with independent projects at venues including The Kitchen, Guggenheim Museum, Issue Project Room, and The Stone (June 2007), and as Artistic Director of the MATA Festival (07-10). Visit for more info.