Mission 4 - Bubbles

Science Buddies help gather necessary materials, help to read instructions, and help make sure that the junior scientist is conducting the experiments safely. You may be a scribe or a photographer to help keep a record of the experiments.  I would highly recommend that you also become a part of the process by helping your young scientist with the activities.

Please experiment safely. YOU, the adult Science Buddy, are responsible for helping to gather materials and creating a safe environment and conditions for experimenting.
REMEMBER - Never leave a child  unsupervised while experimenting.


Here is a video that gives you a little background on how to make bubbles. Specifically, more types of bubbles and bigger bubbles. You can choose to do any of the other bubble making activities that are shown in this video.

The Spangler Effect - The Science of Bubbles


Remember that you are responsible for helping your young scientist to experiment safely. Sometimes you will need to help them to heat up solutions and use equipment in a safe manner. Please practice science safely!!

Please remember that you do not need to complete all activities, only those you would like to do. Each completed mission report gives your child the opportunity to gain additional BrainPower XP Points.

Mission 4.1: Blowing the Best Bubble

All of the materials and equipment are well described on the Scientific American website. 

It is best to wear safety goggles with this experiment just to avoid getting soap in the eyes.

To extend and make this a full science experiment instead of just a fun activity, go to the Science Buddies Bubble-ology

Mission 4.2: Bouncing Bubbles

The gloves used in this are the stretchy thin gloves that are available in the winter. The key is, that some of them work better than others. This could be a whole other experiment - figure out which types of gloves work best.

**If you would like some droppers to make these bubble wands, please e-mail me and I will leave a baggie of 10 of them for you at the front office of the Lower School!!**

Mission 4.3: Giant Bubbles

Get more ideas by watching Giant Bubbles in Slow Motion. Maybe you can make a bubble blower or make your own slow-motion videos with the video app on your smartphone or tablet.

Additional Adventures

Bubble Snakes

Square Bubbles

Bubble Inside a Bubble

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