The intention of this exhibit is to promote the development of reading readiness skills in young children.  Features of this exhibit will address the six basic pre-literacy skills recommended for children ages 0-6:

SKILL #1:  Print Motivation: developing a love for books.

Exhibit features promoting skill 1:  Lots and lots of fun, age-appropriate books for the children!  In addition, children will be drawn into the world of stories by the presence of over-sized children’s books, a “Story to Life” corner featuring life-sized, tactile scenery from select storybooks, and storybook characters depicted in colorful wall murals.  In addition to tables and chairs, cozy gliders, floor cushions, and area rugs will make this space an inviting place to fall in love with reading.

SKILL #2:  Print awareness: noticing the presence of print, knowing how to handle a book and follow words on a page.

Exhibit features promoting skill 2:  A large inventory of board books and picture books, as well as posted “parent guides” giving tips on how to promote print awareness while reading to a child.

SKILL #3:  Letter recognition: recognizing letters in the environment, learning letter sounds.

Exhibit features promoting skill 3:  An inventory of alphabet books; sandpaper trace letters; shape puzzles; alphabet games and puzzles; alphabet block manipulatives; phonics puzzles; a magnetic letter board; spelling puzzles.

SKILL #4:  Vocabulary: knowing the names for things.

Exhibit features promoting skill 4:  An inventory of appropriate picture books with “parent guides” giving tips on how to expand the story into a conversation with their children.

SKILL #5:  Phonological awareness: hearing the smaller, isolated sounds in words and recognizing that words are made up of these sounds.

Exhibit features promoting skill 5:  An inventory of books emphasizing rhyme and games focused on rhymes; phonics games and puzzles.

SKILL #6:  Narrative skills:  describing events; telling stories; sequencing (knowing the order of events); making predictions in a story.

Exhibit features promoting skill 6:  A stage area and selection of dress-up costumes for play-acting; a puppet theater and puppets;  a flannel storyboard with an inventory of flannel storybook characters and props;  an inventory of sequencing card games and puzzles; plush storybook playsets.

PRE-WRITING SKILLS:  In addition to these 6 pre-literacy skills, this exhibit will also promote pre-writing skills by building hand strength and hand-eye coordination with the following exhibit features: an inventory of lacing boards, sandpaper trace letters, latch and hook boards, and big-knob puzzles.

For more information on the 6 pre-literacy skills, check out these helpful websites: