Hi visitor, my name is Igor Sklyar and I am a huge fan of rendering technologies. I have a deep knowledge and production experience of working with techniques such as: point based and monte carlo global illumination (GI) algorithms; distributed ray tracing, path tracing; point based and ray tracing algorithms of calculating subsurface scattering (SSS); multiple importance sampling and bidirectional scattering distribution functions (BSDF's); volumes rendering. I am constantly following developments of Pixar Renderman, Sidefx Mantra, PBRT, Cycles and Mitsuba renderers and all latest render trends and techniques. I am always extending my knowledge reading technical papers and math literature.

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I am Senior Software Developer (Shader Writer) at Moving Picture Company - MPC FILM (http://www.moving-picture.com) located in London and responsible for development and support studio shading library for Pixar’s Renderman RIS technology as well as for studio’s lighting and shading tools.

Previously I worked in One Animation (http://oneanimation.com) studio, Singapore and developed there physically plausible shading and rendering pipeline, which is modern, simple and reliable. It allows to produce more than 5 series per month and made the process of shading and lighting efficient, easy, predictable and fun for our artists.

As a Senior R&D Technical Director I’ve done:

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I used to work as Shader Writer and Pipeline TD in the largest Russian visual effects studio CG Factory (http://cgfww.com/), based in Moscow.  I participated in different projects such as feature films, documentaries and commercials.

As Shader Writer and Pipeline TD I did:

My personal qualities:

I always push the matter through, that makes me highly organized, purposeful and responsible person.

I'm kind and have very good sense of humor.

The best reward for me is to see how results of my work make lighting/shading artists happy! I always have a desire to improve my skills and achieve new horizons!

Best Regards,

Igor Sklyar