St. Paul Strategic Plan

Our Mission: Following Christ’s example, we are growing spiritually through Worship, Lifelong Formation, Education, and Service. We are dedicated to building a loving, caring Faith Community through Prayer, Reconciliation, Participation, Inclusion, Outreach, Stewardship, and Respect for each person.


Goal # 1 – To awaken and affirm our Catholic faith through an understanding and appreciation of the Eucharistic celebration. 

The purpose of this goal is to invite Catholics to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and to awaken and affirm in them the beauty and depth of Catholicism. Objectives and action steps focus on how this happens in and through the Mass, the sacraments, the richness of Catholic spirituality, and the social mission of the Church. Recognizing that our faith is a gift from God, Catholics are invited to a deeper understanding of why we do what we do.

Goal # 2 – Create a more welcoming parish as we invite all people to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

The purpose of this goal is to create a more welcoming parish that will invite all people to be disciples of Jesus Christ. As disciples, we will be people who learn about and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. We will hear, receive, embrace, and live out these Gospel values and by so doing, help transform society, reaching out to the vulnerable and those on the margins.

Goal # 3 – To celebrate the new and growing diversity in our Parish community.

This goal calls our local Church to embrace diversity as a gift to be received rather than a problem to be solved and to recognize that diversity exists in many forms – age, economic realities, race and ethnicity, and geography, to name a few. Within our Church, we celebrate this gift as we strive for unity as the Body of Christ. This goal focuses on deepening our understanding of the Church’s teaching about the dignity of the person and the call of the Holy Spirit to both diversity and outreach to those individuals.

Goal # 4 – To seek out and encourage greater participation in our Parish ministries.

The purpose of this goal is to identify, recruit, train, and support participants and leaders for our Parish ministries.

Goal # 5 – To achieve accessibility and excellence in lifelong Catholic formation and education for the Parish community.

The purpose of this goal is to promote excellence in and accessibility to lifelong Catholic formation and education, so as to build up the Body of Christ, the Church. Since the continuing formation and education of Catholics is essential to this effort, the objectives and action steps focus on modern digital learning methods; enhanced formation and education about the social mission of the Church; and the opportunity for building community and a sense of belonging through our education/formation ministries.