GCLEA Online Handbook

  1. General Rules & Regulations
  1. Prayer Services
  1. Both Athan and Iqamah are to be called by the appointed team.
  2. In the event the team is absent, the congregation is to select the most qualified person from the community to call the Athan and Iqamah.
  3. Prayer is to be led exclusively by the appointed Imam team.
  4. In the event the team is absent, the congregation is to select the most qualified person from the community to lead the prayer service.
  1. Announcements/Solicitation
  1. All public announcements and addresses must be approved 3 days prior to the requested date.
  2. Panhandling is absolutely prohibited.
  3. The solicitation of funds, sale of goods, and distribution of printed materials on center grounds is not allowed without written approval.
  1. Facility Usage
  1. Attendees under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  2. All gatherings and assemblies in the center, whether formal or informal, must be approved.
  3. Food/drink is not to be consumed in prayer areas.
  4. All attendees are expected to maintain center cleanliness.
  5. Staying overnight in the center is prohibited unless otherwise posted.
  6. Center property including books and mushafs are not to be removed from center grounds.
  7. Items left in the center are not the responsibility of staff or management.
  8. There is absolutely no running in the center.
  9. The safety of attendees must be protected at all times.
  1. Center Grounds/Parking Lot
  1. Vehicles are not to be left unattended in the parking lot for more than 24 hours.
  2. The marked one-way traffic pattern must be followed at ALL times by EVERYONE.
  3. Assigned parking spaces must be respected.
  4. Speeding in the parking lot will not be tolerated.
  5. Grounds must be left clean and equipment must not be damaged.
  1. Policy Enforcement
  1. In the event that a policy is violated, a verbal warning will be issued.
  2. If a violation is repeated, a written warning will be issued.
  3. If a violation is repeated after a written letter has been issued, the violator will be temporarily suspended from the premises. The duration of suspension will be at the discretion of center management.
  4. If violations persist after temporary suspension, local authorities will be contacted and the violator(s) will be banned from the center.
  5. Vehicles are subject to towing for parking violations.
  1. Facility Rental Policies
  1. Application Process
  1. The GCLEA facility can only be rented by fully completing a rental application.
  2. All planned events are subject to review and approval by GCLEA.
  3. Rental of the facility is not guaranteed unless the full security deposit and rental payment is made in full prior to the event.
  4. GCLEA management reserves the right to cancel any rental within 72 hours from the time such reservation has been made.
  5. Any incorrect information on the application form may result in the cancellation of the reservation.
  6. GCLEA reserves the right to halt any event at any time if any of the policies have been broken or the facility management requires such an action to maintain safety, security, and sanctity of the facility and all those present.
  1. Event Guidelines
  1. All activities will take into consideration and give preference to the performance of the five daily congregational prayers as posted by GCLEA and will refrain from disrupting worshipers during such services.  All other ongoing or previously scheduled GCLEA programs or events will also take precedence.
  2. All guests visiting GCLEA facility must follow the proper etiquettes such as exemplifying good manners and maintaining a modest dress code so that the sanctity of the center is maintained at all times.
  3. Guests unfamiliar with basic Muslim customs must be informed of the center’s policies and will be expected to comply at all times.
  4. All event participants will maintain an acceptable level of gender separation to uphold proper Muslim etiquette. If an event requires the usage of a single hall a partition may be required.
  5. Playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages within the boundaries of the center is strictly prohibited and such activities may lead to immediate expulsion from the premises.
  6. Hosting any event which contradicts the mission of GCLEA or is considered religiously inappropriate will not be approved.
  1. Liability
  1. GCLEA will not be liable for any personal and/or property damage occurring to anyone on the center premises, due to snow, slippery conditions, or any other mishap/accident. Similarly GCLEA will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items on center premises.
  2. If renter needs to cancel the reservation, he/she must notify the director or facility manager in writing, at least 1 week prior to the reservation date. Emergency situations, which will result in any cancellation, will be considered on a per case basis.
  3. If renter wishes to decorate the hall, he/she must use only 3M-poster tape (non-marking) for any hanging decorations. Decorations are not to be attached to the sprinklers on the ceiling. Fireworks, candles, or any combustible product is strictly prohibited inside or on the grounds of the center.
  4. Renter must maintain and ensure an orderly event during the time the facility is being used. This responsibility includes the usage of the interior rooms, center grounds, and the parking lot.
  5. Sub-leasing of the center is not allowed.
  6. Any damage to the center or its grounds which occurs during event hours will be covered by the renter’s security deposit unless it proves to be inadequate.  In such case the renter agrees to pay for the remaining costs of such damages.
  7. GCLEA reserves the right to require parking lot security which will be reflected in the price of the facility rental.
  8. The facility will not be available for future rental to any individual or group who violates any or all of these policies.
  9. These general guidelines may prove inadequate for all foreseeable events, and may therefore be subject to change on an as-needed basis by GCLEA.
  1. Executive Committees
  1. Participation/Evaluation
  1. Joining an executive committee is a great opportunity to get involved and is a privilege extended to GCLEA members only.
  2. Members are limited to participating in no more than 2 committees at a time and limited to serving as a chair in 1 committee at a time.
  3. Committee chair selection is application based and has no term limit.
  4. Committee chairs’ performance will be evaluated on a regular basis.
  5. If either a chair or a member’s performance does not meet the center’s minimum standards they will be repositioned or relieved of service.
  1. Committee Chair Expectations
  1. Purify their intention and put forth their best effort for the sake of Allah.
  2. Lead the committee by example as an active responsible member of GCLEA.
  3. Lead the committee in meeting the community’s needs in an engaging manner in line with the center vision/mission within the scope of the committee.
  4. Organize and chair regular agenda based committee meetings.
  5. Encourage committee member participation and assign responsibility when needed.
  6. Supervise committee member follow through.
  7. Report meeting minutes to Center Director(s).
  8. Attend committee chair meetings.
  1. Committee Member Expectations
  1. Purify their intention and put forth their best effort for the sake of Allah.
  2. Serve as positive role models for the community.
  3. Demonstrate ownership of their roles and responsibilities within the committee.
  4. Contribute ideas in line with the center vision/mission and take initiative in planning activities, events, etc.
  5. Work as a team.
  6. Maintain communication with the committee chair regarding meeting & activity/event absence and committee commitment.
  7. Not miss more than 1 meeting per 4 meetings.

If you have any concerns regarding these policies or would like to report an infraction please contact our Security Director, Abdul-Qadir Jelani by email; jelani@gclea.org.