221. Battle against the devil-kin

 I cast【Night shade】magic on myself,

 and sneaked into the depths of the devil-kin's camp.

 The devil-kin were eating the food which had been robbed from Ebisu town to their hearts content, and then went to sleep soundly.

 The several people who were ordered to stand guard were completely careless as well.

 Are they underestimating the humans?

 The leader who held that『staff of something』(I couldn't remember its name no matter what) put the staff aside and was sleeping too.

 Let’s take it.

 I stealthily put the staff away into the inventory.


『Enemy attack!!!』

 The devil-kin's lookout loudly yelled.

『W-, What!?』

 The leader asked his subordinate who wake him up about the situation and was surprised.

『With only that much damage and food that we took, but they have come in pursuit?』

『I don't know.

 The enemy seems to be only 2 female hornless.』

『Ridiculous! They came all the way here to become a slave, huh.』

 However, when the leader came out from his tent―

 an unbelievable spectacle had spread out there.

 There are only two hornless young female,

 furthermore, one of them is a child.

 Well, they are but Aya and Mai-san.

 Neither hands nor feet have even reach the charge of the two people, the devil-kin soldiers are being blown away high up in the sky one after another.

 There is also someone who is running away in too much fear.

『What are you doing, come together at the hornless females!!』

『B-, But, they are stronger than expected......』

『This is why commoners are useless, use the hornless slaves as a shield.』


 The soldiers are commoners?

 In other words, is that leader an aristocrat?

 The soldiers who were ordered by the devil-kin leader tried to run towards the people who were enslaved.

 Exactly at that time-!

 A wall of huge flame suddenly appeared up ahead of them.


 The soldiers who are surprised at the excessive occurrence have fallen on their butts.

『What is it!?』

『I-, I don't know, a wall of flame suddenly appeared in front of the slaves.』

『Put out the fire quickly!!』

『Y-, Yes!!』

 However, a『Firebird』suddenly emerged from the wall of flame.


 The『Firebird』attacked the devil-kin who was going to put out the fire, covering his whole body with fire.

『Help mee!!』

 The devil-kin soldier rolls over the ground trying to put out the fire that covers his body.

 At the sight, the other soldiers even forgot to help their ally and backed away.

『What happened!? Someone explain!!』

 However, nobody answers him.

 Naturally, the wall of flame and the firebird were Hilda's works.

 And then, Elena helped the people who were enslaved during that interval, freeing them from slavery using the【curse dispelling potion】that I gave her.

 After a while, when the wall of flame disappeared―

 the slaves weren't there anymore.

『The slaves are gone!』

『Such a fool!』

 When the devil-kin leader was dumbfounded―

 the sound of Aya and Mai-san while trampling the soldiers gradually grew near.

『All of you, attack!』

『B-. But......』

『Just go!!』

『Y-, Yes.』

 When the guard soldier also attacked, I was wondering what this fellow was going do―

 he took out a magic stone with trembling hands and was going to use it.

 Is this fellow trying to escape on his own?



 As usual, I've made him faint using【Electric shock】.

 I tried to use【Appraisal】to the magic stone he was going to use and it was still a【magic stone of return】.

 When I observe the scene, everybody isn't trying to escape. Have they already run out of【magic stone of return】?

 Well, the【magic stone of return】is disposable, now that they can't restock from Ikebu town, there will be quite a few remaining.

 In addition, the leader had a plethora of【magic stone of monster outbreak】, 【magic stone of monster subordination】, and【Slave collar】.

 The last guy also had a【Magic stone of monster outbreak】―

 but this was the first time I've seen a【magic stone of monster subordination】.


│【Magic stone of monster subordination】

│Makes the monsters in the surroundings obey you.

│Only effective when their level is lower than your own.

│Rarity: ★★★★★


 I see, they were controlling the monsters using this, huh.

 The rest, I wonder what should I do with the【Slave collar】~.

 Should I try to put it on Aya?

 Umu, that's a good idea. (It's a lie, right~?)

 Well, let's put it away.


 When the limbs of the devil-kin leader had been restrained with vinyl cord―

 Aya and Mai-san, and Elena and Hilda have finished their respective work and gathered.

「Onii-chan, we have finished cleaning up all the soldiers~.」

「Seiji-sama, rescuing the hostages and freeing them from slavery are done.」

「Alright, the issue has been settled.」

 I also firmly tied the devil-kin soldiers up with vinyl cord,

 and transported everyone--100 devil-kin soldiers, and 30 hostages--with【Teleportation】to Ebisu town.

 I'm extremely tired......


 The former hostages were glad about their reunion with each of their families and embraced each other.

「Princess Elena, Seiji-san, I don't know how to thank you for your help in the town this time......」

 While the thankful Butte-sama was full of joy and kneeling toward us,

「Butte-sama, here.」

 I took out that staff from the inventory and gave it to her.

「T-, This is-!

 the【Staff of Aesculapius】!?

 You have taken it back, huh......」

 Butte-sama has tears in her eyes.

 Was it something so important!?