OSM Foundation Management Team meeting

23rd April 2013, 19:00 GMT



Present: Henk, Dermot, Richard, Matt, Paul, Michael

Unavailable: Andy

Apologies: Gerald Layton (not notified)

Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting

March 19th 2013

Proposed: Matt

Seconded: Dermot


Open Action Items

20130319-01        Paul to ask DWG for a draft proposal regarding edit-wars and potential banning of users
It has been assigned.

20130319-02        Matt to draft procedure to how to set up policy in the Management Team document

20130319-03        Matt to add terms to MT document dealing with reporting of actual spend to MT & WGs by Treasurer

Highlights Current Status Working Groups








        Call for Presentations started. Start of sign-up is delayed due to technical configurations of the booking-site of the venue (re booking for accommodation).


Action Plans 2013

Action Plans have been sent to Board. No response yet.

Trademark Policy


“I was wondering what the status of the trademark policy. My understanding

was there was a draft policy which was with the LWG and CWG for


Given the current understaffing of the CWG, might it be better to refer it

to the LWG and LCWG instead?”

Mike says: Frederik Ramm has made an initial draft and Simon Poole is working on it: https://docs.google.com/a/osmfoundation.org/document/d/1PnjZEZZ9QzhgsnF-zXjrbx7iLSg8JVCa8LovTwQnx6U/edit  .  LWG has been asked to comment but is not yet officially involved. The main issue is how liberal or tight it is ... local chapters would be the most likely to be affected by this.  LWG takes no position other than promoting cautious is best and feels this is up to the community. Suggest that, with Simon’s permission, the tighter version is released for community discussion and then modified depending on comment received.

(Human) Resourcing WG’s

CWG has mentioned they are seriously understaffed. What can we do to get people in our community active in WG’s (and in particular the CWG)?

ACTION: Dermot to interview Richard W as a human interest piece to promote CWG’s role and try to encourage people to join.

Recruitment new MT Chair

What are our next steps in recruiting the MT Chair?


Matt: OWG is asking for a funding-drive for the new database server with a goal of GBP 40K.

The meeting unanimously agrees to the funding drive.

Paul: SotM-US presentation deadline is end of this week

Next meeting

May 21st,  2013, 8pm BST

Meeting End

Meeting ended at 20:25 GMT