MOC General Meeting Minutes

March 12th 2014


It's Chris and Emma's birthday!!!!!!



Reading Week Trip Reports!


Concordia student Paul went with Joey, Bridget and Leo to the Dacks climbed Red Peak. Mix of crampons and not – those without slipped. He slacklines and therefore is cool…


Colin and seven others went to Gaspesie and stayed at the Festive Sea Shack – Christmas themed hostel. They had a tiki bar, only they took it down because they're building a new one. New hot tub with no wind protection – not so hot (haha) in -35 weather… Clio almost died. Gatorade mixed with bourbon + body heat saved her life (Thanks to Jesse’s armpits!). Caro's dad named one of the mountains. Mik's car suffered a series of unfortunate events, but all got home safely. Go skiing in the Chic Chocs!


Sarah went to Barbados for a field course. It was awesome and the place is crazy fun with the sea cliffs. People tried to follow her but got stuck in spiky things. She learned how to open a coconut with a machete and thinks planes are scary.


Caro went to Costa Rice for a field trip and did many cool outside things like surfing, hiking and climbing and hung out in the crater of a volcano.


Sabina went to Puerto Rica with Chris and didn't use sunscreen. Silly woman. They went to some state parks and slept on the side of the road. There was hiking and rap shows that they didn't understand. Don't tell Puerto Ricans you're American. They saw a hawkbill turtle and a “flock” of squids.


Bimo and friend hitched with a trucker who gave him his number and a juice to Tremblant and skiied the Petit Train. Truckers are hot. Found a four star resort with a heated barn. Then they hitched with an ex MOCer (they're everywhere). Slept in the quinzee at the house which Sabina and Chris built. It fits three comfortably, four with spooning. Don't do yoga on a sled. Much learned.


Emma went to Northern BC wanting to ski but it rained for ten days. Boo! On the last day she had a pretend birthday which was the best as she slipped and skidded under a car. She can't really work a penknife now and is rather traumatized. You should be her friend.


JAN WAS HERE. He's an Olympian and we are all impressed but apparently the snow is better here than in Russia. He ran the 50Km classic race and it was +10. The journalists got all the crappy rooms and made a fuss, but he was fine. Sadly the Canadian beer fridge was hidden in a special house that he didn't have a pass to. Stupid privilege.


Trip Announcements.


Amandine is running a downhill trip next weekend, March 22nd-23rd. Experience is negotiable! $125 cost, $70 if you have your own gear, $55 for drivers. Costs do not include gas or food. Also, Emma may help you learn to telemark ski!


March Jams is heading out this weekend March 15th-16th. $35 to come along or $20 for drivers. Many jams to be had – paJAMas. JAM. JAMming. JAMbalaya. Whoa man!


Hayley is going xcountry skiing at Mont St-Bruno at 1pm tomorrow. See her email on the listserv!


Caro will be climbing on the reservoir next Tuesday around 5pm. Bring 5 bucks and she will provide gear and teach you to ice climb.


Lara and Dave are coordinating a grad student weekend on April 5th – 6th. Reserved for those who have valiantly continued to academia. and


Concert is happening next week instead of general meeting (March 19th!) At the Windsor Hyper Bar and grill - $10 at the door, $8 in advance. Come let your hair down with MOCers, make bad choices and hear a selection of awesome and eclectic bands. All proceeds to the house. Mortgage paid off this year. We are also auctioning off our extremely talented and attractive executive!


Adventure Grants extended to Monday. Let us give you money!