It is the policy of this department to provide the most effective and efficient law enforcement related services through 24 hour, 7 days a week coverage. Police Officers, full time and part time reserve officers, work cruiser patrol shifts and special details, which provide those services.

Patrol Supervisors 

Sergeant Elton E. Ashley

Sergeant Edward J. Dwyer

Sergeant Benjamin A. Levesque

Sergeant Swede M. Magnett

Sergeant Scott M. Rose


Patrolmen (Full-Time)


Officer Thomas E. Ashley Jr. (FTO)

Officer Michael J. Connell, Jr. (FTO)

Officer Mark Fornaciari (FTO)

Officer Shane V. Kelley (Detective)

Officer Kaylin A. Jose

Officer Patrick R. Lee (FTO)

Officer Thomas D. Long

Officer Christopher M. Medeiros (FTO)

Officer Ryan W. Pereira (FTO)

Officer John Pina III

Officer Phillip J. Pine


Reserve Officers (Part-Time)


Officer Luiz Alves Jr.

Officer Craig J. Cabral

Officer Seth DeMello

Officer Nicholas Drinkwine

Officer Marc A. Gaspar

Officer Michael R. MacDonald

Officer Nathan P. Melo

Officer Kara Pigeon