Agenda for second IRC meeting (draft)

  1. Note committee members present
  2. Progress report bank account transfer from Joe (if present). Note we might be able to put the account in the UUU’s name rather than in the name of an individual.
  3. Progress report about how membership fees can be handled online from Joe (if present)
  4. Note not setting up paypal account until other issues (e.g. UUU legal status) until future date.
  5. Kris (if present) inform who was previous IUF rep
  6. Kris (if present) or Barry Gates (if present) inform about UUU and UK unicycle hockey league separation/amalgamation.
  7. Note IUF rep should make contact with IUF find out what the rep should be doing.
  8. Dan (if present) report on registering the UUU as a non-profit/charity.
  9. Dan (if present) mention constitution.
  10. Dan (if present) report if previous BUC results could be retrieved.
  11. Dan (if present) report that all contact information of the former committee members has been passed to appropriate committee members.
  12. Gavin (if present) report on “DokuWiki” progress for UUU website
  13. Discipline reps (if present) report on “stop-gap” material to put on UUU website.
  14. Note should we try to make unicycling as a sport recognised by sporting associations (sport england/scotland/wales/NI)?

The remaining discussion now concerns planning a future BUC event

  1. Venue/Location?
  2. When should it be held (e.g. easter holidays)?
  3. UUU involvement
  4. Finding volunteers?
  5. Who should organise it? How should it be organised??
  6. What events/things should we have? Below are possible ideas