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Kalimah’s STEAM Arabic Immersion Summer Camp 2017

July 10-August 4 in Sandy Spring, MD

Our summer camp is filling up and we are happy to announce that we will have campers not only from other states, but other countries and continents joining us! We are super excited!

If you want a chance at one of the last few spots available, apply here no later than June 16th.

Your child will love our fun, educational, hands-on camp in which STEM and arts (STEAM), history, language, and culture are all integrated in a breakthrough, professionally-developed curriculum. The overall theme of the camp is: The Silk Road: Deserts, Beaches, and Skyscrapers of the Arab World. Using Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) and Kalimah’s “Fun Learning” methodology, students will bring the Silk Road of the 10th through 15th century back to life. They will learn how natural resources, economic commodities, cultural beliefs and practices, numbers and math, scientific inventions, illnesses and medical discoveries, and languages and beliefs traveled between China and Europe through Arab regions. They will envision and simulate how trade caravans had to persistently cross difficult geographical terrains consisting of deserts, mountains, and water bodies.

At the intersections of deserts and beaches of the Arab World once stood the greatest scientists, inventors, thinkers, and engineers who contributed fundamentally to modern civilization. Campers will learn about four remarkable Arab scientists and multiple breakthrough inventions from the 10th-15th century period as they build their own 3D models of automated machines and skyscrapers. The connections between the historic Silk Road and today's universal economy and culture will become apparent through "As-Souq" (the market simulation) and other projects and experiences planned throughout the camp period.

Campers will get outdoor recess every day (weather-permitting), outdoor periods three times a week, and yoga sessions with a licensed children’s yoga instructor twice a week. STEAM concepts and projects will be learned and done in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA/FusHa) as well as spoken dialects in an immersion environment. Guest speakers, field trips, community service opportunities, and cross-continent collaborative projects are all lining up nicely with our four weekly themes:

Week 1: Ink and Paper

Week 2: Water and Sand

Week 3: Sugar and Spice

Week 4: Fuel and Air

Oh, and did we mention that lunch will be provided every day? We will try our best to serve varieties of Arabic dishes that are as nutritious and authentic as possible. On the 3rd week of camp, children will also get to cook their own Arabic food! Bookmark those child-friendly recipes you come across, if they are nut-free and authentic.

If you have signed up already, then it’s time to start saving some sturdy cardboard boxes and clean recyclable materials that can be used in building human-size skyscraper models. This 4-week long group project will start on the first day of camp, July 10th, and conclude on the last day of camp, August 4th. A panel of volunteer judges will announce the winning group of the “best skyscraper challenge”. All participants get prizes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there transportation for this camp?

A: Transportation options are provided by the host school, Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS). For info about transportation routes and options provided by the Summer at Sandy Spring program and available to our campers at the same rate, see 

Kalimah families that are interested in using SSFS bus transportation will need to create an account in Summer at Sandy Spring CampBrain registration portal 

There is a camp option called “Extra Services Only” which the family would select in order to allow them to choose the desired bus transportation option for the week(s) of interest.

There is a one-time $50 registration fee per camper, and then the bus transportation is $75 per week per camper for one-way or $135 per week per child for round-trip.
The family will be prompted to provide full payment at check-out.

Good news: we have some financial aid to help offset or reimburse transportation or extended care costs for campers receiving scholarships. Just like the camp deposit, the reimbursement will be processed upon successful completion of the full 4-week program. Contact us at for more info.

Q: Do you accept children under 5?

A: We are currently unable to accommodate children under 5 in the camp. Children have to be at least 5 and already used to school-setting and full-day schedule without naps and be completely independent. However, we are considering offering a parallel program for children 4-5 years old who meet the criteria except the age requirement. They would have a slightly different schedule with some down time in the afternoon, but we would need to have enough people sign up before we can make it official. Let us know if you’re interested.

Q: What are the levels of the campers? How are the kids going to be divided? By age or level?

A: We have campers in multiple levels, from complete beginners to intermediate-high. There will be three groups, one for 5-7 year olds mixed levels, and two for 8-12 year olds based on level. A placement test will be given on the first day to assess the starting level of each child and then reasonable goals will be agreed upon with each child to work on and achieve by the end of the program. The grouping of campers changes based on projects and centers/stations they work on, but the youngest group will mostly remain separate from the older ones.

Q: Are meals provided?

A: Lunch will be provided daily to all campers. Breakfast will be provided to students on need-based scholarships. Campers with long bus commutes are encouraged to pack their own snacks. All campers should bring labeled, refillable water bottles.

Q: Can we register for only part of the program instead of all 4 weeks?

A: Scholarships are only available to those able to commit to all 4 weeks. We advise that you sign up for at least two weeks. The only disadvantage in this case is that kids who are signed up for only part of the program will miss out on parts of the 4-week projects that continue from start to end, one of them being the skyscraper challenge. They can still participate in it for the duration of their enrollment, but the challenge concludes on the last day of the program; winning groups will be announced then.

Q: Where will you go for field trips?

A: So far we can say we are going to the National Building Museum for one of them. The other field trip is to be announced soon.