Quizlet Lesson Plan

Common Core Review

Objective:  Students will review standards from the Common Core while creating study cards on Quizlet.  These cards will be used by other students to review the standards as well.

Materials:  Computer per group, Common Core resources booklets, Tutorial on Quizlet, Master list of vocabulary words for 8th Grade Math


Students will split into cooperative pairs.  They will randomly select a strand from the 8th Grade Common Core Standards, resource book and create study cards on Quizlet.  There will be examples of problems they can use in the resource booklets and students who create their own problems will receive extra credit.

When naming their card set, students must use the following format to allow for it to be easily searched for on the website:   Mauro-Sheridan 8th Grade Common Core standard __________.

They will type their standard in the blank.

Cooperative pairs must have at least 10 study cards created and no more than 15.  

In addition to the study set the group creates for their strand, they must choose 20 Common Core vocabulary words from the 8th Grade vocabulary list and create cards for each word.  10 of these vocabulary words must be words that the cooperative pair did not know the meaning of before this assignment.

The study cards will be used by the students to review Common Core information throughout the course of the school year.

This lesson can be easily used in other content areas as long as the resources are available for the students to create the study cards, i.e. Common Core booklets, vocabulary lists, or sample questions.


Students will search on Quizlet and find at least two other study card sets that would be good for our class to use.  It cannot be a card set created by any of our classes.  They will come to class tomorrow and will have the names of the card sets available to share with their classmates.