:mused: Stud Pump Open Beta- Version 1.0

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:mused: Stud Pump Complete Manual (Open Beta version 1.0)

Manual Table of Contents

☞ :mused: Stud Pump

  The :mused: Stud Pump is a semen creation, collection, and usage system. It can be used in Role Play as well as being part of a competitive game based on a number of ranking stats. (See: Stat Collection) For this system you can use your own bits as the Stud Pump only includes the pumping items no body parts. You will read more about all aspects of this system in the sections that follow.

Stud Pump HUD

The main component of the Stud Pump is the Stud Pump HUD. The Stud Pump works with the bits you already own via an optional attachment.

The Stud Pump HUD has many different states so that users can access a wide variety of information and still collapse the HUD down to a more unobtrusive state.

State 1 Closed: In its smallest state the HUD looks like two triangles one has an arrow and the other a drop. The arrow opens the HUD further to give you access to more information. The drop starts or stops pumping.

SP HUD State 1.jpg

State 2 minimal: This state gives you access to the rest of the HUD while still being fairly small. It adds three more triangles. One with EKG (heartbeat) line that opens State 3, or Condition Panel, one with a 3 by 3 grid that opens State 4, Game play stats and functions, as well as one with a gear that opens State 5, Settings.

SP HUD State 2.jpg

State 3 Condition panel: This is the data about the semen you have in your body and in your pump. You will see three different sections as well as the close bar at the bottom.

SP HUD State 3.jpg

Anal, vaginal, and oral can apply a random milkmade bonus or give calcium (See Consumption Bonuses for more details)

Quick Look: If you click the arrow expand button with “:mused:” on it with State 3 open it will close everything but this section giving you a Quick Look condensed HUD that still lets you monitor your fullness levels, dispense and pump.

SP HUD Quick Look.jpg

State 4 Game Stats: This state can be open concurrent with State 3, and opens a top bar that gives you access to stat related data. Immediately to the left of the grid button that opened this panel are some important stats and to their left are buttons that give you access to other data and features of the stud pump followed by the close bar.

SP HUD State 4.png

SP HUD Stats fly out.jpg

For more detailed information on the support system please see: :mused: Life Manual

SP HUD Badges fly out.jpg

State 5: This state opens your setting page and allows you to configure your stud pump the way you would like it. Like the bonuses and penalties grid and the badges grid you can change the page with the backward and forward buttons on the bottom right.

Stud Pump settings persist on the HUD you have set it up on, but do not get stored on the server as such these settings will not be automatically added to a new copy of the HUD. This allows you to customize the HUD for many different avatars and bits.

SP HUD State 5.jpg

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Stud Pump Use Details

This section of the manual will go over in greater detail different aspects of the system to better explain how to use and enjoy it.

☞ Settings Details

Each setting option allows you to change how you want that feature to behave using arrows next to the setting variable that lets you switch and select which option you want to use. This first section is the basic controls. Different bits brands have different APIs with variable levels of control that has allowed more feature integration for different brands. See second section for more information.

These below are some of the extra features that you might have access to based upon the band of bits you are using. To gain access to these settings you will need to wear the Stud Pump attachment of the correct brand you want and set your Stud Pump HUD to state 5 for the setting page. Not all of these will be available for every brand but you can page through the options with the arrows on the bottom right of the page.

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Supported Bands

 Stud pump is designed to work with the bits you already own and enjoy. Each band has different features and varying levels of third party compatibility. So that you are able to get the most out of your stud pump experience we have created different Stud Pump attachments that work with different bits APIs and allows more control and features to be included. Some bits do not at current have an API for us to work with at all and so have no automatic features.

Below are a list of the currently supported bands and what features you can expect to have available for each:

Please note that while we have done our best to support as many different brands as possible we can not guarantee complete support of any third party product as we have no control over changes made by the bits creators.

We do not have Attachments preset up for every model from all supported brands. However, in some cases the api script can be removed from one of the preset up attachments and placed into an attachment shape that works with the bits you have chosen.  

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☞ Spermatogenesis Cycle

Basic spermatogenesis cycle of system: How it produces seminal fluid

The system constantly produces seminal fluid as long as the HUD is attached and you have not reached your weekly limit.

As more is made you will reach different levels of fullness. If the Ball Sleeve is attached it will grow in size with these phases. (see troubleshooting for more information)

Vasocongestion Penalization: Vasco Pen has two parts: the first part is the Vasco Pen loss. Where you will not be able to pump and all seminal fluid in your body will be losted. This can either come from leaking out with a particle drip or by being reabsorbed into the body with no external effects. You can set which option you will have in the settings menu of the Stud Pump HUD based on brand support. Following that there is Slow Stud Production where you will produce semen at 50% of normal rate for 1 hour. If you are using a bonus item to boost production rate it will be 50% of the boosted rate.

Weekly Production limit - Your body can only make so much and, as such, the total amount you can produce each week is limited.

This is rounded to 6mL on the HUD Stats display.  This limit can be temporarily increased for the week allowing you to make more semen if you provide your body with regular care and nutrients.

Taking the powdered Horn or minitar serum supplements will increase your weekly limit, on top of the increased production that they provide.

Drinking Milk can also boost your body’s ability to produce more. Milk created in the milkmade system can be consumed with the use of a Drinkers HUD. Drinking milk will give you a calcium stat. This starts at 10mg and ticks down 0.5mg every evening. You can drink milk to replace the lost calcium or you will become hypocalcemic. This will not affect your Stud pump stats but your persistence will not count toward your weekly limit and you will be unable to drink more milk until it is cured. see the milkmade manual for more information milkmade: calcium) A bonus to the weekly limit will be calculated based on a drinker persistence. (milkmade: persistence)  Persistence is the amount of milk you have consumed in the last thirty days. This means that unless you are drinking the same amount of milk regularly your weekly limit can change from week to week based on the total consumed in the last thirty days.          

Which again is rounded to mL by the HUD stats display. This limit is calculated at the beginning of the week, Saturday night into Sunday, so if your persistence drops during the week it will not lower the weekly total. To increase this limit you can just drink more milk. Any drink taken of 0.5L or more will increase the weekly limit during the week. 

Of note the bonus to drinking from the top ranking Dharma applies to drink credit and persistence but not to the increase of weekly limit during the week. It applies as if the only the base amount selected from the container was consumed.

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RLV and Master

The RLV functions for Stud Pump are controlled by the Master HUD. (see below: Master HUD)

With the RLV features you can Pump or stop pumping for the Stud Pump Servant as well as Lock or unlock their ability to pump themselves.

Do not take a Master lightly they can not be easily removed! Be sure you know them and what the relationship with provide to you both before sending the Master request!

To add a master Click on the Heart shaped lock icon on your HUD (seen here) and type in the SL name of the user you wish to add. If you have a master you can see that on your Web stats as well as by clicking the same icon and it will show the name of your Master there.

To leave your master they can release you from their HUD or you can use an escape elixir which can be found in the pharmacy section of the store. You can read more about it in the :mused: Life Manual

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There are two options for removing the seminal fluid from your body. The most obvious is pumping it out. This can be done but clicking the triangle button with the cum drop that says stud pump. (see HUD state 1) You can stop pumping with this same button. How the pump attachment and your bits will behave when pumping is something you can set under your settings menu (See HUD state 5). The second way to remove seminal fluid is through dispensing, see Stud Pump HUD and Lifetime Semen Dispensed for more information)

In order to pump you must have a minimum amount of 100µL of seminal fluid made.

Semen Production: With no bonuses

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Your pump tank only has a capacity of 5000µL once it has been filled you will need to empty it to continue pumping. In order to empty it you will need access to a storage tank.

When transferring the unit of measurement changes as the storage tanks track in mL while the pump tank tracks in µL.

First select fill from the storage tank menu. Then go to your HUD and click the Transfer Arrow button. You will get a pop up menu with the amounts you are able to transfer all in 1mL increments.

Transfer button.png

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☞ Stud Pump Bonuses and Penalties

There are various vital statistics that affect how seminal fluid is created, held in the body and removed. These stats can be temporarily altered either in a beneficial way (bonus) or negative way (penalty) based on game play/system use or bonus items (see Consumables)

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Stud Pump Items

This section will cover the items that work with your Stud Pump. They are used in conjunction with the HUD to create the full experience. With the exception of access to a storage tank, none of the items below are required to use the Stud Pump system but they provide more options for your usage and enjoyment of it.

☞ Stud Pump Attachment

The stud pump system comes with a wide range of different attachment shapes to work with as many different bits as possible. Many of these attachments are designed with particular bits and for some even states in mind. In order to have the Stud Pump effect the state and features of different bits brands we need to use a bridge script that will control the bits to work seamlessly with the Stud Pump. These bridge scripts have been paired with an attachment style that works best with the bit in question. However, as they are mod so you can switch bridge scripts to another attachment for a fit you prefer, or remove them entirely if desired. Not all brands have APIs see supported brands for more details.

SP attachments.jpg

The attachment is not needed to make seminal fluid or to pump. that is all handled by the HUD. It is our hope that this will make using the system easier throughout your SL experience regardless of region rating.

*note attachments will not show on general regions*

Visible Stat Float Text

If you want your current condition stats to be visible to others while wearing the attachment you can set it to show in float text.

/5 text on- will set the text to show.

/5 text off- will remove the float text.

the float text will not show when the pump is hidden but the setting will keep so it can be set on and it will show every time the attachment is shown until you turn it off again.

The text includes the product, your TPV followed by TPV level, your current fullness state, the amount of seminal fluid in your body, the amount of semen in your tank and your production rate.

text example:

:mused: Stud pump

TVP: 2346µL [1]


Balls: 342µL

Tank: 2004µL

Production 300µL/hr

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:mused: Stud Pump Attachment Browser HUD

This item allows you to have a Stud Pump Attachment delivered to you.

While you can use any shape pump you would like with any bits you have; we have preset up some to better integrate features from the different brands. We do this with API bridge scripts that relay the right commands to the bits from the Stud Pump HUD. These bridge scripts have been paired with an attachment style that we think works best with the bits in question. You can select the bits you are using from the browser and have the scripted attachment delivered right to you. However if you want to use a different style all you have to do is move the scripts from attachment to the other.

(Note: PsiCorp 5.0 requires that a relay script be added to the bits themselves, to work with the bridge script that is in the attachment. This script is delivered with the attachment but is not needed for 4.0)

Attachment Brouser.jpg

To use simply click the start selection button and then choose your brand from the menu. Once you have selected the brand you can pick a model.

You can also go in world to our main store to use the Attachment Rezer to see them rezed, try them on with a temp attachment, and have the one you want delivered to you.

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☞ Stud Pump Ball Sleeve

The ball sleeve is a separate attachment from the pump attachment. It is not needed in order to use the system. It is copy and modifiable so you can alter it to fit your avatar as you see fit.

SP Ball sleeve.jpg

When worn it will increase in size as you produce seminal fluid. It expands from normal to full, and from full to max capacity. After seminal fluid is removed, by pumping, dispensing, blown load, or leak out the sleeve will return to a smaller state.

ball sleeve.jpg

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☞Stud Pump Ball Sleeve Appliers

Coming Soon

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☞ Stud Pump Storage Tanks

While you do not need to own a storage tank you will need access to one in order to empty the pump once full so that you may continue pumping. You may be granted access to another person’s tank at their discretion. There are different size options for storage tanks that hold different amounts of semen.

SP Large tanks.jpg

Storage Options:

SP small tanks.jpg

All of the storage tanks and the condom have a visual indication of the amount of semen in them. The condom is transparent and balloons larger so you can see the semen as it fills. Similarly the specimen cup is clear and you will be able to see the semen level rise as it is filled. There is visual indicator is on the side of each tank, the amount stored inside the tank shows on a digital display.

Semen Loss: Because of the nature of semen it can not be stored indefinitely and there will be some loss from the tanks every week. The loss is 1mL of semen per tank per week. This loss takes place Sunday night.

SP Condom.jpg

When clicking a tank you have access to you will get a pop up menu.           

Text On/Off-

Toggles the visual text display for the tank. This will show how many mL the tank can hold as well as how many mL it currently contains.      


Permits you to consume semen contained within tank. If tank is empty you will get the message “Not enough semen to drink” otherwise, this will pop up a menu that you can choose the amount you want to drink from it. Semen consumed will apply to your semen drink stat, but not your oral stat (see stats). When you drink you will get message confirming how much you drank.

Semen drank by a milkmade user will provide them with a bonus that will prevent the slow lactation penalty from engorgement. (See the milkmade manual for more information)


Allows you to add semen to the tank, either from the pump or another storage item. You need to select fill on the tank you want to add to so that it is set to receive the semen before attempting to transfer the semen from the source.        


Is used to swap semen from one storage tank to another. A dialog menu will pop up giving you different amounts to choose from when transferring the semen. Just as when transferring directly from your pump.

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Tank Management


When clicking a tank you own you will receive the above menu options plus some of the following. :mused: will at times have limited edition or specialty tanks available to win or purchase depending upon the tank it might have other features than are usually seen in the standard tanks. these options will be covered below but might not be seen on every specialty tank.


This allows you to Set the tank to open or closed, changing the visual appearance of lid, as well as set your own logo texture on the tank replacing the :mused: logo. (selecting this option will open a text box for you to put in your UUID for the texture. if you wish to put it back to the :mused: logo type “clear”)

This will allow color change on the condom.

Dump Semen- This will give you the option to dump all the semen from the tank to empty it.


                    This is used to grant permissions from the tank to accept money for you. refusing this permission will not allow the tank to collect money from semen sales and so the vendor option will not work until this permission is granted.    

This is used to set the price per mL in the text box

            Is used to turn on sales from the tank

 Used to stop sales from the tank.

Access- Defines who can have access to the tank allowing people who do not own the tank to transfer their semen into it or to drink from it.

Is used so that members of the SL group that the tank is set to can use the tank. Either to fill it, or to drink from it. You can check the group that tank has in the general tab of the edit window. Note this is not the same thing as the groups that you can set up under the Masters HUD but refers to an SL group.

This will allow members of your :mused: family to have access to the tank without needing to be in the SL group that the tank is set or and without granting the full SL group access to the tank.

The option allows you to add a specified user to have access to your tank to either fill or drink. When you select this option the person you want to add must be within 96m of the tank. It will popup a dialog menu with the names of users within range and you may select those whom you wish to add from there.

Is used to remove an added user from the tank. When you select this option it will bring up a menu listing those who have been given access. You can select the name of the person that you wish to remove from there.

History- opens a dialogue that will take you to the tanks history page found under your stats on the web site. This will allow you to see tank transfers in and out (not deposits from a user's Stud Pump), drinks, and siphon transactions for this tank.

Close/Open Lid- Open and closes the lid of the tank

Settings - This gives you access to control the look of your tank

Tank animations:

Many of the smaller tanks have hold and or drink animations. Some also have sit animations. The way these animations look will very from avatar to avatar depending on the size and shape of the avatar. Adjusting the size of the tank via the scale menu options or adjust the attachment position when worn can help to improve the appearance. Adjusting the animation from the animation menu can improve the look of the animation for sit animations. If you are attempting to use a tank with sit animations that are not triggering correctly be sure you selected to tank itself not some other part of the build like a liquid or handle. Verify that your AO is not interfering and verify that the region is allowing scripts to run.

*Do not adjust the scale of a tank with sit animations While sitting on it.*

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☞Sperm Siphon

The Sperm Siphon allows you to buy or sell sperm by transferring it into one tank from another without needing to give someone else access to the tank and without both parties needing to be present.

Sperm Siphon.jpg

Setting up your siphon:

When you rez the siphon it will prompt you for debit permissions. This allows you to sell or buy semen without needing to be there to manage the payment. Once you have given debit permissions it will ask to scan the parcel for tanks, then give you a list of tanks rezzed on that parcel. After you have selected the tank you want to use, it will ask if you are want to buy or sell semen. Next, you will be asked the price you wish to use.

Once that is set it will show whether it is buying or selling and the price in float text. Once setup you have access to a menu:

Text off - toggles text on and off

Skin - lets you cycle through the 6 base textures for the siphon

Done - closes the menu

UnLink - breaks the link to the tank it was set up with. (once you do this it will put you back into the setup phase and you will need to look for tanks on parcel again.)

Price - allows you to change the price

Mode - lets you change whether you are selling or buying

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☞ :mused: Family Tome

A Family Tome is needed to create a :mused: family. Families are groups of :mused: users who are working together. It is another way to allow access to tanks and things as well. Also unlike SL groups, families can easily be sold or traded.

(Once you have joined a family you can only leave either by being removed by the family owner or with the Outcast Elixir)

(transfer only)

To read more about the Family Tome please see :mused: Life Manual

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☞ Stud Pump Consumables

There are various consumable items in the Stud Pump system that have various effects. Some will alter production, some will mitigate penalties, some will allow for changes in allegiance if you have a master or are in a family. 

Stud Pump Powdered Horn

Powdered horn “Gives you that fill them till they pop virility.”

Powdered Horn.jpg

It provides a spermiogenesis production bonus of 5x for 2 hours. More can be used at a time extending the duration of the bonus. However you need to have at least 1mL left of weekly production to take one. When you do it will extend your weekly limit by another 2mL giving you the ability to produce not only faster but more.

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 Stud Pump Minotaur serum

Minotaur serum “Gives you the virility of the legendary beast.”

Minotaur Serum.jpg

It provides a spermiogenesis production bonus of 2.5x for 2 hours. More can be used at a time extending the duration of the bonus. This does not stack with powdered horn but rather would run concurrent with larger bonus applying. If the larger bonus runs out before the smaller the smaller bonus would apply for the duration of its time.

This will also override the Slow Stud Production penalty from the Vasco Pen.

You will need 1mL left of weekly production to take one. When taken it will add 1mL to your weekly production limit. Giving you the ability to produce not only faster but more.

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Stud Pump Dragon Blood

Dragon Blood is a combo bonus item in that it provides a 10x Production & 5x Capacity for Stud Pump users for 2 hours. It does stack with Whale Fat and will also increase your weekly limit by 12mL

*It can only be won from :mused: in things like drinking contests, raffles, or from the :mused: milkshake game.*

transfer only- rezzed or worn by the wearer of the Stud Pump

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☞ Stud Pump Whale Fat

Whale fat “According to the legend this will make your testicels grown in girth.”

Whale Fat.jpg

It provides a capacity bonus of 2500µL for a total capacity of 5000µL for 2 hours. More than one can be used at a time extending the duration of the bonus.

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☞ Stud Pump Horse Hoof

Horse hoof “Boost the seminal hydraulic pressure giving you that Sorst Hchultz reach.”

Horse Hoof.jpg

When attempting to dispense your seminal fluid on or into another person you will need to be within 3 meters of them. This adds some extra force to your cumming and will extend the range of dispensing from 3m to 20m.

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 ☞:mused: Paint Can

Paint cans allow you to change the color of your stud pump tanks. They are a one time use item that can be gotten from a gatcha for either milk made in the milkmade system or semen.There are 10 preset paint colors available. They have different a rarities and these rarity levels are different from the milk gatcha to the semen gatcha with the semen having a higher chance at the rarer colors.

Paint can gatcha.jpg

There is also a very rare paint brush that will allow you to tint the tank any color you would like by imputing an RGB code, or using the quick color menu to select any of 12 preset up colors.

Once the brush has been applied to the tank you can change the color right away or you can leave it as is and change the color later from the settings menu. You will have 60 seconds after picking a color to adjust it before it becomes permanent. Be sure to know in advance the RGB code for the color you want.

Paint Can.jpg

Available colors and relative level of rarity:

When you get a paint can it will come sealed. You can rez it and click it to open it and reveal its color. The opened cans are still able to be traded.

A tank can be repainted if you change your mind or get another color you prefer. The only way to clear the paint is to use a Paint Brush (wild card)

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☞ Stud Pump Interactions (Coming soon)

Interactions are poses sets that work with Stud Pump for different uses beyond simply using the portable pump to remove and use semen. These are mostly intended to be RP toys and as such are not needed to play with the Stud Pump System but we hope make the use of the system more fun. All the poses used are lower priority so that other poses can be used to override them while still getting the benefits allowing for more RP opportunities. This does however mean that they will not work with most AOs on and they will need to be turned off.

 Other HUDS (Heads Up Displays)

The Stud Pump system has a few different HUDs that can be used in conjunction with the system to give you more control, options, and information and to improve your experience. These HUD are listed below.

☞ Master HUD 

The Masters HUD does not come with the Stud Pump system and is available for purchase in the store. It is needed if you choose to take on servants and gives you the sort of information you might need as a Master.

Managing your servants has never been easier. This HUD enables you to see a list of your producers and drinkers and see their stats, as well as their location in world. Monitor your own stats, filter alerts, create groups and stay organized with one HUD.

 From More detailed information on the Master HUD see: Mused Life manual 

*Warning at this time wearing the Master HUD will enter you into the milkmade system as well as the stud pump and you will gain a calcium stat. This stat has no effect in the stud pump system but must be maintained if you wish to rank on the Dharma charts. See :mused: Life stats collection for more information*

☞ Milk Monitor HUD

This HUD works with the milkmade system, which is a separate but compatible game made by :mused: focusing on making, collecting, and drinking milk. Drinking milk can benefit a stud pump user (see: Weekly Production limit) and a milk monitor HUD can be bought for a nominal amount in world to help you track your milk storage and drinking and monitor your calcium levels.

From More detailed information on the Milk Monitor HUD see the milkmade manual: Milk Monitor HUD

Stats and Badge HUD

The stats and badges HUD allows you to view the Badges you have earned through stat ranking and achievements if you don’t own the Stud Pump. So you can see what you have drank or consumed or stored even if you don’t produce any semen yourself.

From More detailed information on the Stats and Badges HUD see: Mused Life Manual 

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 Stat Collection

The Stud Pump system collects and monitors various stats of its user base. These stats weigh differently but in total determine the ranking of individual users as well as whole families. These rankings can be found on the website.


As you use the Stud Pump system you will have the opportunity to earn badges for various accomplishments, some hard, some less so but we hope that these badges will make playing even more fun.

Badges come in different categories like pumping, drinking, dispensing and such. They can be viewed from your Stud Pump HUD or from the website.

There are two different type of badges overall: Stat badges and Achievement badges. Stat badges will be earned through basic game play and use they include things like hitting a new TVP level or reaching a new lifetime drank level. Achievement badges are earned for accomplishing different things, that are not part of the stat leveling system, like pumping for the first time, or moving semen into storage.

While stats may fluctuate badges show what you have achieved, this means that you will not lose a badge once you have earned it. So if you store a large amount and then drink it, you will keep the badge for the storage showing you earned it even if you don’t have that amount stored anymore.

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 Total Volume Pumped (TVP)

Your TVP or Total Volume Pumped is the amount of semen you have pumped using the system. This is only what you have pumped any semen expressed from dispensing, load blown or Vasco pen lost will not count toward this stat. Your TVP also has a corresponding level. At certain amounts pumped you will progress to a new TVP lvl. These levels will unlock new badges on your HUD.

Well Know Levels: TBA

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 Semen Storage

Gain rank and compare your assets with others by collecting and storing semen. Semen storage is rated by volume owned, not number of tanks owned. The following are the list of titles attainable in order.

These titles and levels will unlock new badges on your HUD and web stats as you earn them.

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☞ Lifetime Semen Drank

It is possible to drink semen directly from a storage tank. This is a tracked stat and has its own ranking. Below are the titles you can achieve through drinking semen.

These titles and levels will unlock new badges on your HUD and web stats as you earn them.

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 Lifetime Semen Consumption

There are four different ways to consume semen directly from the Stud Pump system. Each has its own tracking and ranking system. We hope to allow for the greatest range of play styles and enjoyment. From the stud pump itself you can consume it topically, anally, vaginally or orally (see: Stud Pump HUD). Below are the ranks you can earn from each type of consumption. Please note oral consumption is not the same as drinking.

Consumption bonuses: When consuming semen different benefits may be applied depending on the type of consumption and the what systems the person consuming it uses.

A user could receive semen in any of those ways and receive any of those bonuses. And they will stack with other similar bonuses.  It will not give unusable bonuses; for milk drinkers (not breast users) it will always give calcium if you are not a milk drinker and not a breast user at all it will not give any bonuses at all simply add to your consumption stats as usual.

(reminder that Oral Consumption is not equivalent to drinking from a tank)

Consumption menu: When someone is attempting to dispense on you, you will receive a pop up asking if you accept. It will tell you the type, the amount and give you the options Yes, No, and Stop Asking.

Topical consumption:

Anal consumption:

Vaginal consumption:

Oral consumption:

These titles and levels will unlock new badges on your HUD and web stats as you earn them.

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☞ Lifetime Semen Dispensed  

When semen is dispensed directly from the Stud Pump system it skips the pumping and comes directly from your body. These four ways of dispensing are a tracked stat and each has its own ranking system. We hope to give the freedom to play with the Stud Pump system in a wide variety of ways, below are the ranks you can earn from each type of dispensing. (See: Stud Pump HUD for more information)

You must have at least 1000µL to dispense and you can only dispense in full mL increments.

Topical dispensed:

Anal dispensed:

Vaginal dispensed:

Oral dispensed:

These titles and levels will unlock new badges on your HUD and web stats as you earn them.

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Lifetime Load Blown

Blowing your Load is another way to remove semen from your body. It does not require room in your pump tank like pumping does and it does not require a willing recipient the way other forms of dispensing do. However, a blown load is not collected for storage or consumption.

You must have at least 1000µL to dispense and you can only dispense in full mL increments.

These titles and levels will unlock new badges on your HUD and web stats as you earn them.

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Lifetime Spermatogenesis

Lifetime Spermatogenesis, also know as just genesis, tracks the total amount of seminal fluid intentionally removed from the body. This is a combination of TVP, and your Dispersion stats. It is used for stat ranking for things like Dharma and does not have badges or levels associated with it in the same way its component parts do.

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☞ Dharma

Dharma is our way of highlighting the users with the best overall combined stats. Each user of the system is given a rank.

To learn more about how Dharma Rank is calculated you can read more about Dharma in the :mused: Life Manual.

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Semen Exchange (coming soon)

The semen exchange is a system that lets you use your semen to buy items.

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☞Website Mused Creamery

The http://www.musedcreamery.com/ website provides a lot of ways for you to keep track of your stats, your family, and to keep update on the lastest news.

Website Registration

To register for the :mused: creamery website you will need go to the support terminal in the support building in world here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/mused/162/206/31

This support terminal has a variety of options from submitting a ticket to requesting a redelivery. The third option from the top is website registration.

When you click this option it will give you message that says  “Website Registration: Registration on http://www.musedcreamery.com successful! Your login is <Username> with password <Randomly generated>. You can not change your username or password however it can be reset with the same option on the support board.

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Website Navigation

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☞ Troubleshooting

Despite all efforts to avoid it sometimes you may run into a problem. Below is a list of common easily fixed problems. If what you are experiencing is not contained here or is not fixed by the steps below please submit a ticket, detailed instructions are found in the :mused: Life Manual.

☞ Common Problems and Their Fixes

Stud Pump no longer producing Semen-

Unable to pump-

First be sure that your pump tank is not full, that the HUD is actually attached and not lost to an SL glitch, and that you are in a well performing region with scripts enabled:

Attachment not responding-

A container or a storage tank?

In some locations it may take a minute to connect to the server this is not a glitch it depends on region lag.

Also, please make sure you are in area that you have build permissions and scripts are turned on, and that the simulators auto return is off.  (*HINT: Selling semen in a sandbox might not be a good idea if you do not want your tank returned to you.)       

*note: Some Second Life regions and server update times may be faster than others. poor performing regions impact script performance and communication Stud Pump depends on both these things.

Support System:

In the unlikely event that you should encounter a problem not easily resolved within the troubleshooting manual you are always more than welcome to file a support ticket with the online system for help.

You can find more information about the support system in the :mused: Life manual

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Supported Viewers

There are a huge amount of options when it comes to logging into and using Second life and each comes with its own code changes and quirks. As such there maybe issues that arise from trying to use the Stud Pump system on one or more viewers and we do not have the resources to troubleshoot and support every viewer on the grid. As such we will only support the use and play of the system on the following viewers.

If you use another viewer and experience problems with play you will be asked to use one of the supported viewers to verify it is an issue with the system and not your viewer. Please take that into consideration.

*note: The use of a custom client designed to automate the process of pumping will not be allowed.

Please see :mused: Standards for more information about our automation policy

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List of Terms:

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Change Log

Date- change made (Link to change)

  1. 11/03/14- stats fly out renamed to status fly out, Status panel renamed to Condition Panel for clarity.
  2. 11/04/14 adjusted phrasing of the weekly limit to clarify it is not a permanent increase but is recalculated every week.
  3. 02/03/15 - added float text command to Attachment section
  4. 04/14/15 - added note about semen drinking bonus for milkmade users
  5. 09/21/15 - added Dragon Blood bonus informations
  6. 1/17/16 - added section about consumption bonuses
  7. 10/20/18- updated Tank management section for readability and to reflect options on some specialty tanks.