Monday 15 May 2008


It was a dark gloomy morning , and I was just finishing my bowl of brain flakes in my dark bloodstained room . I was thinking about who I would torture tonight . With my mind on blood I did not realise my BFF Sophia Bloodfang sneak into my room.

“I had a great feast last night.Ten people kindly donated some blood to my belly”Sophia exclaimed proudly .

“Fifteen”I boasted .


“Olivia Rawblood,” my Mom hollered from the kitchen “,Get down here now you will be late for school”

It was mine and Sophia’s first day at Bloodbelly high and we wanted to make a good impression. so we used our super speed vampire powers to race down my raggedy wooden staircase .


After devouring three bags of blood Sophia and I raced through the haunted graveyard picking up my boyfriend Oscar Superfang ,who was coming to Bloodbelly high to,from his tomb . We raced towards the school cafeteria and  picked up a blood orange and a steak each then ran towards class thirteen .


When our new class came into view , we were all jumping around in excitement and fright. When we entered the dark gloomy room , lit by two candle’s , I saw blood stained walls , ceilings , floors and students . After we were told all the names , I could only remember a few of the twenty-five names . When we were lead to three empty bloodstained seats right next to each other , we started practicing our biting skills on our delicious blood oranges . With blood orange juice down us , we had just finished devouring our our oranges when the bell rang and there were cries of joy all round the room . I was a bit freaked when the bell went because it sounded like a screaming girl and someone slurping blood !


When we arrived on the playground , which was covered in black sun proof sheets , all we saw were shouting boys and chatty girls . That is when two vampires invited us to sit with them . Their names were Lilly and Daisy Bloodsucker two italian twins . After introducing ourselves and sharing phone numbers it was time for dinner . We had our steak but ate our oranges in class so we grabbed a blood-bar each .


After an amazing dinner we went back to class and learned how and where to bite to get the most blood . It was really cool . At the end of our first day at Bloodbelly high we went to meet the twins and asked if they wanted to hang out after school . They said yes and we all agreed to meet in the graveyard at eleven pm and go bloodsucking together !


When we met the twins they had a list of fifty planned out for us . We set off immediately . When we had done we were full to the brim . It was the best first day ever.