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Smarter Way to Build - Overview

Ask the Right Questions !


Pick your Partners

Participate in the selection of both design and contracting professionals.

Get to know both the designers and contractors project team.

Identify major project phases.

Get price for design phase services.

Require standard industry contract documents.

     AIA Contract Documents “Backed by

            over 100 Years of Case Law”

Control the Cost

Identify the reimbursable items.

Identify what will be competitively bid.

Identify what will be self performed by contractor.

Lock in labor rates for self performed items.

Agree on fixed fee or percentage markup for all services.

Formulate incentives for timely / early completion.

Exclude or identify any contingency amounts.

Get budget price for project. GMP with 100% give back is preferred.

Manage your Risk

Require WC, liability and safety records from contractors.

Require evidence of ability to bond project.

Agree on a proposed schedule.

How will change orders be handled / priced?

Agree on how communications will be handled.

Understand the warranty.

Plan the Steps

Get the Facts, Go / No Go - Discovery Phase

Project Concept Development and Initial Schematic Design

Fact Finding  & Preliminary Code & Zoning Reviews

Site Exploration, Environmental & Structural Reviews

SF Budget and Utilization Reviews

Determine the Cost  - Pre-Construction Phase

Project Scope Development

Project Design and Engineering

Review all Design Documents

Early Budget and Scheduling Review

Submit any Value Engineering Ideas

Place Project Out for Bidding

Prepare a Detailed GMP Proposal

Make any Design / Price Revisions Needed

Finalize GMP Contract Agreement

Work the Plan - Construction Phase

Finalize Project Schedule

Initiate Start of Work

Hold Regular Progress Meetings

Coordinate Schedule and Provide Project Oversight

Submit Monthly Pay Applications

Secure Final Inspections and Occupancy Permit

Conduct Owner Punch List Review

Provide Long Term Warranty and Follow-up Assurances