Online Tutoring at Pepperdine University

The Writing Center is very excited to offer online tutoring for Seaver College students and students from Pepperdine University’s Graduate Schools. This will allow students who are off-campus, participating in international programs, or just unable to make it to campus, to get one-on-one tutoring in real time. We are able to do this using Google applications such as videoconferencing (through Google Hangouts) and document sharing (using Google Drive). If you are interested in trying this new format, please follow the directions below to make an appointment and prepare for your online tutoring session.


Asynchronous Tutoring using Google Docs

  1. Send an email to and attach the paper that you want to have reviewed. Our writing consultants will convert your paper to a Google Doc and share the file with you so that both you and your tutor can view and edit the paper simultaneously. Please provide any details about the paper that you want your tutor to know. Please allow 3-4 days for your paper to be reviewed (although we will likely get to it sooner). If you would like an asynchronous appointment, meaning that you and your tutor will work solely via the Google Doc. Just wait for your tutor to contact you.

Synchronous Video Conference Tutoring using Google Hangouts

  1. If you would like to have a Video Conference whereby you can talk to your tutor in real time using Google Hangouts, please propose a time when you are available for the synchronous meeting. We will work to find a tutor who can meet with you during your requested time.
  2. Once you have requested a date and time for your videoconference, your tutor will send you an email invitation to join a Google Hangouts session. When you receive the email, accept the invitation and you will receive a link that will take you to the Google Hangouts conference window. (It is best if you have a headset with a microphone or are in a quiet, private place, if you wish to talk in real time with your tutor; otherwise you will have to type in the chat window).
  3. To ensure the full functionality of the video conference, you should have a computer with a videocamera and a headset (or built-in microphone and speakers).
  4. Once you are in the Google Hangouts conference, click on the Google Drive icon on the left of your screen. This should allow you to see your document that you uploaded to Google Drive. Both you and your tutor are now able to work on the document together. Your tutor will be able to discuss the paper with you in real time while you make written comments on your paper.  If you are unable to establish a connection using Google Hangouts, just open your Google Drive document and you and your tutor can use the chat feature to communicate with one another. The tutor may be willing to share his or her cell phone number with you so that you can talk this way.

Step Four:

Please leave us feedback!  After any tutoring session, we ask that you fill out this brief form so that we can improve our services.