GH Productivity Rubric





Work Habits

Rarely participates actively in the project.


Does not use class-time wisely and/or distracts others; is rarely ready to get to work when prompted and/or requires constant supervision

Usually participates actively in the project but is sometimes reluctant to contribute.


Sometimes focuses on the task; occasionally distracts other students; works when prompted



Consistently participates actively in the project; contributes thoughtful ideas and questions, shows open-mindedness and enthusiasm.


Uses time well, student is self-directed, motivated and reliable 


Often forgets needed materials

Usually brings materials, but occasionally forgets necessary supplies

Consistently brings needed materials to class

Project Development & Effort

Assignments are rushed and undeveloped; work is not organized or neatly presented


The student ignores feedback or views it as criticism.

Ideas are partially developed and work is usually organized.


The student does not act on all feedback.

Ideas are well-developed, work is unique, logically organized and neatly presented


The student acts on feedback when it is given.


Often arrives late to class; is rarely ready to learn when the bell rings and is sometimes a distraction to other students upon arrival

Usually arrives to class on time and is usually ready to work when the bell rings

Consistently arrives to class on time; always prepared to work by the time the bell rings