Detailed Instructions are at . Pictures and step-by-step notes for everything

  1. There is a fire extinguisher on the counter in the back of the kitchen
  2. Island - we don’t cover it so please be careful
  1. Do not use the island as a cutting board!
  2. Use the plastic and wood cutting boards provided
  1. Left side of island on dishwasher side
  1. Do not place hot pots on the island
  1. Countertops stain easily!
  1. Oil and Red wine are the biggest problems
  2. Wipe up spills quickly
  1. Trash compactor. See website above!
  1. Not a good design, but it works
  1. Dish washer
  1. Select “normal wash” press “start” and close door
  1. Range
  1. Push knobs in and turn counterclockwise to ignite burners or oven
  2. Broiler gets very hot and will burn things quickly
  3. Convection fan switch is on right
  4. Light switch is on the left
  1. Microwave
  1. Put food in, select time and hit start
  1. Small refrigerator next to stove
  1. This has various condiments that we use, feel free to use them
  1. Back door - lift the latch up to lock.
  2. Please do not rearrange stuff, we are getting older and it will confuse us.
  3. Instructions for coffee are in the coffee area.
  4. Music
  1. Can be played through the kitchen speakers using  a variety of wireless devices
  2. “KitchenAirPlay” is the wireless receiver to stream to

Version 1.0  Printed 4/1/2016