Coach's Corner - Issue 3

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

CLUB Culture

I have only been involved in two clubs in Geelong and that’s Geelong West and now Eastern Park. In my career I have also played at Moonee Ponds (Melbourne) and also Taren Point (Sydney).

I just want to highlight the differences in clubs and what the club culture felt like.

Geelong West- A club rich in history and still known as the most successful club in Geelong (premier league). In my recent times at Geelong west the club culture was strong and bold to a curtain point- that point was easily defined. I heard many club members refer the premier league team as the “super tossers”. At times members would wish the premier league team to get beat, and would stay around the club on a Saturday night to chat the players who had lost. As I said this was a small portion of the members but it spread through the club very quickly and it’s easy to lose direction. Once such a big club, where to now?

Moonee Ponds- A very small club in Melbourne with probably 70 bowling members. We had a sponsor who looked after the team and also recruited big name interstate players into the club; some would fly in on a weekly basis. Moonee Ponds where the “Collingwood- AFL of the league” a powerhouse that everybody liked to see fail. This brought us the team closer together and also the members close together. At the end of pennant a member would read out the scores with cheers and boos to the results of all rinks. We would play for chicken and chips for the highest winning rink- good fun! This really showed unity and club spirit. Every week we would sing the club song around the tables with all members. We stuck together on the green and enjoyed the ultimate success together.

Taren Point- for my short stint at Taren Point, it was hard not to fall in love with the club. We were playing in the best competition in the country, surrounded by the best players in the country and the members just loved it. The members where appreciative of the club for gaining the services of all these great players. The member would love wearing the club shirt because Mark Casey, Mark Jacobsen, Wayne Turley, Thommo etc. are representing the same club. I felt also by playing Friday nights and Saturday night’s all member had the opportunity to watch the games, stick around after the games and mingle with the players. A real sense of ownership from the members, members received world class bowls and bowlers from paying a membership.

Eastern Park- I can really feel the positive vibe around the club. I have felt very welcome in the club by all members and feel very comfortable with my decision to coach. What we need to focus on now is lifting the profile of the club. HOW? Starts with pennant- I solely believe each side is as important as each other. Div5- would be sensational if they can lift to Div4 and the same goes for all other sides. Each member has the opportunity to help lift the profile of the club. It’s definitely not about what side you’re playing in but what shirt your wearing. Its timely I write this with selection being held tonight but keep that in mind when selected in the so called “wrong team or spot”.

Coach Out

Nathan Bush