Link-Link Supper Club Lecture Series

         Season 6: 




S06 E01 2/01/20

Lauren Sandler


Daniel DeBiasio


Season 5: Lecturers’Season Wrap Up 12/08/19




 S05 E09 11/17/19

Myriah Towner

Public Libraries Saved My Life

Shayna Dunkelman

Female Representation in the Music World (especially in the classical music scene)

 S05 E08 11/03/19

Maria Elena Pombo

Irene Sáez:

Miss Universe to (Almost) President

Hollis Witherspoon

Women Cult Leaders

 S05 E07 10/27/19

Aliya Bonar

Eating Food Together is Important

Lydia Brawner

What I know about Professional far

S05 E06 10/20/19

Christian Joy

Otzi the Iceman

Carvell Wallace

People In Love On Love

S05 E05 10/06/19

Khalilah Beavers

Seeing people in your dreams

Arjun Ram Srivatsa

Basketball (comedically)

S05 E04 9/22/19

Lily Roche

Horse Girls

Gigi Ruppel

How to Make Friends

S05 E03 6/09/19

Cat Tyc

How I see contemporary female pop stars as avatars of intersectional feminism

Luciana Achugar

What is ‘not my job’?

S05 E02 3/10/19

Zefrey Throwell

Charles Mingus

Jason Coombs

Escape from Analysis Paralysis: Apophenia, Evolution, & Metafiction (or How I learned to stop worrying & love Link-Link Club)

S05 E01 2/25/19

Molly Conarro

Stand Up Comedy & Depression

Ashanti Albert

Coming to America

Season 4: Lecturers’Season Wrap Up 12/18




S04 E09 11/18/2018

  Jordi Borras

Circular Economy

 Angela Luna

Ghosts & Energy Wavelengths

S04 E08 11/4/2018

 Fiamma Seda

Waste Management

 John Mercer Moore


S04 E07 10/21/2018

 Resham Mantri


 Joe Ahearn

Rubberband Neurons

S04 E06 10/14/2018

 Tony Lowe

Meditation is Chill, But Why?

 Samantha Moeller


S04 E05 9/30/2018

 J G Zimmerman

WWII aviation & subsequent influences on counterculture

 T M Kennedy

Personal Space

S04 E04 5/20/2018

 Micah Andrew Moore

Learning a New Language

 Ryan Conarro


S04 E03 4/22/18

 Melanie Frazza

You Can Pivot & It’s Not Failure

Jeff Tobias

How We (or I) Understand Politics

S04 E02 3/18/18

Laura Rivera

Derek Walcott

José Miguel López

The Concorde

S04 E01 2/25/18

Simon Lee

Hillsborough Disaster in 1989

Jesse Hlebo

 convenience culture and the unwitting    enslavement of devices

Season 3: Lecturers’Season Wrap Up 12/17




S03 E09 11/12/17

Mariangela López


Mandisa Wright

Touch Each Other

S03 E08 10/22/17

Nick Demarco

Fremont Arts Council 

Grace Lilly

Good Clean Fun

S03 E07 10/15/17

Claudia Mauro


Zannie Owens

Feminism in the age of information technology

S03 E06 08/27/17

JH Phrydas

Poetry (in the 21st Century?)

Dawn Kim

Drones are everywhere and nowhere  

S03 E05 06/18/17

Romy Cenerizio 

Sleep Cycles

Leah Ordonia

 Ancient & Native Plant Medicine      Practices...and Ayahuasca Ceremonies

S03 E04 05/21/17

Lauren Willson


Gary Upay'aq Beaver

Kasigluk Tour

S03 E03 04/23/17

Hang Pham

Cuisine from Hanoi

Elizabeth Collins

The Enneagram of Personality

S03 E02 03/19/17

Joe Kubler

The Birth of Disco

Kate Barney

Poetry and the Path to the Divine

S03 E01 02/13/17

Chandi Lancaster

The Negro Traveler’s Greenbook  ***link to resources***

Oliver Jones

Traditionalism, Elitism, Fascism ...Delving into history & context

   Season 2: Lecturers’Season Wrap Up 12/16




S02 E09 11/6/16

Mika Mason

Nuances of Language & Names within Databases

John Crowe

Three Body Problem

S02 E08 10/16/16

Javier Barboza

Tortillas & Religious Symbols

D.V. Caputo

Japanese Pop Music History (80s - now)

S02 E07 8/28/16

Sarah Babin

Amanda Knox

Cathy de la Cruz

Being a Woman Over 30 and Making It

S02 E06 6/12/16

Liz New

Knitting & The Story of My Birth

Julian Bozeman

Random Technology Words & Their Origins

S02 E05 5/15/16

Geoff Edlins


Elizabeth Collins

I Ching

S02 E04 4/17/16

Patrick Bozeman

Housing Bubble

Chelsea Avery

Secret Language of Utility Workers

S02 E03 3/20/16

Nat Roe

Chinese Economy

Kelie Bowman

My hike with my dad up Kilimanjaro 

S02 E02 2/7/16

McDavid Moore

Mardi Gras (I’ve never been)

Anna Lockhart


S02 E01 1/24/16

Charles Broskoski

Bohm Methodology

Ofri Cnaani

‘Having it all’...glossary of Kibbutz

Season 1:




S01 E09 12/6/15

Jack Henry 

Elmyr de Hory, art forger

Erin Barnhart

Nonverbal Communication

S01 E08 11/10/15

Jordan Michael Ianucci

Professional Wrestling: History, etc

Michelle Ishikawa

Plants Are People Too

S01 E07 10/25/15

Brent Collins 

Abstract and thematic boardgames

Stefan Hilts 

Guaranteed minimum income & the end of work

Bill Boling 

Instagram and new ways of seeing

S01 E06 9/20/15

Evan Silverstein

Frank Kupka Lifestyle

John Michael Boling 

Why does anyone do anything or move anywhere?

S01 E05 6/21/15

Rachel Abelson 

Novels & Poems written by computers

Travis Hallenbeck 

Steven K Roberts & Peter Jenkins

Jason Tschantré 

Dumpster Diving

S01 E04 6/14/15

Sarah Conarro 

List of People’s Dreams Come True

Millie Kapp 

Dyslexia and Dance

Keith Winsted 


S01 E03 5/17/15

John Crowe

Difference between ghosts & spirits

Susan Fang

Empress Dowager Cixi of Beijing

S01 E02 4/19/15

Sean Nicholas Savage

Dreams and Spirituality

Matthew Menkevich

Maxwell Bodenheim

S01 E01 3/8/15

Will Goss 

Astro Boy

Sarah Campen

We Carry Our Family (surprising genetics)

Episode PILOT 2/22/15

Julian Bozeman

Feedback Systems