1. PCC 2017 is off to a fantastic start!  Make sure you get plenty of
    rest and relaxation this weekend, because Week 2 is the “PCC
    Hoe-Down!”  Gather up those cowboy and cowgirl outfits, and get
    ready for a rootin,’ tootin’ good time!  Yeeeeehaw!
  2. Just a reminder that the dorms will open at 7:00am on Monday morning
    when you drop off your PCC student.  Girls may be dropped off in Boland
    parking lot and boys may be dropped off in the Sally Blair Lot.  Also,
    breakfast will not be served on Monday morning, so please make sure you
    eat a healthy breakfast before you arrive on campus.
  3. Remember, attendance is extremely important to us here at PCC.  If for any reason you will not be in your first period class on Monday morning by 8:30 am (even if you are just running a little late), please call the PCC Office at (508) 565-4988 by 8:15 to let us know!  This will help us make sure that all of our students are accounted for.  We appreciate your cooperation!
  4. We will start collecting Lab Fees during Week 3.  These lab fees are used to fund classroom supplies and field trips for your fabulous PCC classes!  Look for more information in next week’s flyer.
  5. If you are sending mail or packages to our lovely PCC students to show them how much you miss them while they are away, please remember to indicate which dorm they are staying in (O’Hara, Boland or Benaglia Hall).  Thanks!

  1. Next week we have many exciting core courses planned.  Please bring
    back nonperishable canned goods to donate to one of our special visitors!

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Important PCC Contact Information:

Week 2 Field Trips:

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Here are some questions you may want to ask your PCC
student to find out more about Week 1