Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) was a leading German-born theorist, author, and educator. Her work and life reflect and expand upon some of the most important intellectual and social issues of the second half of the 20th century. Arendt taught at The New School from the late 1960s until her death.

Most of Arendt's papers are available online to the public through the Library of Congress portal here.

However, due to copyright concerns, an additional selection of Arendt’s papers are accessible digitally only by visiting one of three sites worldwide. The New School is one of those sites. (The other two are the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. and the Hannah Arendt Center at the University of Oldenburg, Germany.)

You do not need to make a special appointment to view the fuller version of Arendt’s papers. You are welcome to use the designated computer terminal in The List Center Library at the New School during any hours that the library is open. Use the following link to determine opening hours:


The List Center Library is located on the 8th floor of The New School's 6 East 16th Street building. When you arrive at the entrance to 6 East 16th Street, inform the security guard at the front desk that you are there to use the Hannah Arendt terminal in the List Center Library. The guard will call the library and a library staff member will come down to meet you.

For any further questions about access, please contact the director of Access and User Services for the New School Libraries & Archives, Andrew Toulas, at the following email address: toulasa@newschool.edu.

All researchers, including those who have no connection to The New School, are welcome to visit the List Center Library to access the portal.

The New School Archives also holds a small collection of files dating from the period when Arendt taught at The New School. Contact archivist@newschool.edu for more information and access.