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How to complain airplane noise
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This page designed to help you create complain email from a template of your choice. You can paste in a list of flights which cause trouble in your household, and file complain one by one.

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Ways to collect data:

How to use this site:

First time use

Import data from Excel (Google sheet)

File Your Complaints

Direct grab data from flightradar24

Ways to collect data:

There are few ways:

  1. Use an Excel spreadsheet or Google spreadsheet to track flight, and then copy the data into the web page.

    Here is the sample format:

A sample file your can use in Microsoft Excel: 

Then you can copy the list into the complain tool. Details below

  1. You can use to look for the exact flight, select it and copy/paste the page into the complain tool. More below.


How to use this site:

First time use

You need input your name, address, and neighborhood when first open this page. Your personal information is stored in your computer, it is not sent or saved in other places. We may collect anonymous reporting data for analysis and will be used to deal with the proper agency. If you run into issue, please try again.

You should also update template

Import data from Excel (Google sheet)

First, collect list of flight as shown above. Copy the data (not including header), and open it shoud looks like this

File Your Complaints

After you have data, you can click the “Generate Complaints” button, it will create a list of valid complaints for your, like this. Please file complaint one by one.

It is important to file one complaint for every flight with both FAA and the Airports.

Direct collect data from flightradar24

This is recommended method if you are using desktop PC. Please use Google Chrome browser, which is well tested. We know there are issues with Firefox yet to be fixed. This may also work in some Android devices.

We recommend you to use,-122.02/12 to check flight details, it is almost real time, with good details. There are other website, such as, which has 20 minutes delay, and can be slow. The following capture does not work with webtrack5 currently.

With,-122.02/12, you can look at map and select it, it will look like this

  1. In flightradar24, with the airplaine clicked, ‘Ctrl+A’ to select all in the webpage. (for MacOS, it’s ‘Cmd + A’)
  2. ‘Ctrl + C’ to copy everything to clipboard. (for MacOS, it’s ‘Cmd + C’)
  3. Go back to complain tool, and select “Enter Flight Info” on the top right corner, and then follow the following steps to extract flight information:

      4. Now ‘Ctrl + V’ to paste it into textbox of the page Enter flight information

      5. Click “Generate’ button

      6. Click “Add To My Flight List”

      7. Now you have the flight data into the complaint tool.

      8. You can aslo easily copy the generated flight data from the complaint tool to the online data sheet for others to use: 

You can collect multiple flight, and file them at the end of the day. Please consider saving the list before you send them out, refresh the page or browser crash will lose the data. The step to file is the same.