Dear astronomy community,

We write to express concern about recent events on the Maunakea summit with regards to the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). We call upon the astronomy community to recognize the broader historical context of this conflict, and to denounce the criminalization of the protectors on Maunakea. We urge the TMT collaboration and the government of Hawaiʻi to desist from further arresting or charging protectors, and to remove military and law enforcement personnel from the summit. Please join us by signing this letter (using this link) and by committing to action (examples are listed below).

Construction of TMT on Maunakea was scheduled to resume Monday, July 15, 2019. On July 14, 2019, AP reported that unarmed National Guard units will be involved in transporting personnel and supplies, and enforcing road closures. Exact details of the situation on the mountain are dynamic, but as of Wednesday, July 17, 2019, the authors of this letter were alarmed to see multiple confirmations on social media that local law enforcement has begun arresting native Hawaiians who are peacefully occupying the summit and blocking the road to the construction site.

The authors of this letter want to pause and recognize the significance of TMT in determining future scientific pursuits within mainstream academic astronomy. We want to acknowledge the investment that so many colleagues within the astronomy community have made towards the project’s completion. We write today not to place a value judgment on the future of TMT on Maunakea, but to question the methods by which we are getting the telescope on the mountain in the first place. We ask that the community pause and consider what it means that, armed or not, the military and the police have become involved in the project’s deliberations with the protectors of Maunakea.

We want to echo the work of Indigenous scholars and communities in pointing out how US-based histories of conquest have been exploitative and destructive to Indigenous ways of knowing (science) and being (cosmology) in the continental US and in the Hawaiian context. These histories progressed in lock-step with the development of western “sciences” of personhood: of who and/or what is human, and therefore who must be subhuman, and thus must be subject to control via mechanisms of policing, incarceration, and military violence. As Hawaiian scientist Aurora Kagawa-Viviani writes, “To me, practices of science in its present form smell a lot like the American Manifest Destiny associated with terrible loss for so many indigenous communities.”[1]

We evoke this history because we recognize that the events surrounding TMT occur within a context of US-based injustice in this particular historical moment, including but not limited to the ongoing disproportionate policing and incarceration of members of Indigenous, Black, and brown communities in the US, and the detention of refugee migrants in concentration camps at the US border. To be explicit: institutions of policing, incarceration and militarization have a long history of being used to harm marginalized, racialized communities in this country.

As astronomers, we recognize that our science relies on access to resources; we also recognize the singularity of Maunakea as an ideal observation site in the northern hemisphere. We want to acknowledge that there are many senior members of our international community who have devoted their careers to the telescope design and program, and that many junior members have the futures of their careers riding on the telescope’s completion. We also recognize how this issue has been deeply divisive and disruptive within the Kānaka Maoli community.

We realize that members of the astronomy community see the exigence in starting the construction as soon as possible for a number of complex political and economic reasons. However, we ask whether expedience must come through violation of consent and leverage of apparatuses of state-sanctioned violence. We ask the community to consider whether the future of our field is worth the damage to our relationship with Kānaka Maoli by continuing to criminalize Maunakea protectors on their ancestral land. To quote Prof. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, we ask that astronomers also “think of the lasting consequences for us of being a community that partners with the military and the police on indigenous land and then publicly brands itself as being about wonder and the majestic.”[2]

To reiterate our demand at the beginning of this letter, we ask that members of the astronomy community leverage their power to oppose further violence against Maunakea protectors. We ask that the community takes this action as a first step towards a future in which, as Kanaka scholar Sara Kahanamoku writes, “the practice of science is truly ethical: where human rights, including the rights of indigenous people to self-determination, are upheld through the practice of science.”[3]

Below we present a(n incomplete) list of actionable items and further resources:

Actionable items:

  1. Sign in support of this letter (link here) and the following demands:
  1. Ask the TMT collaboration and the Hawaiian government to remove military / police presence from the mauna, to stop arrests, and to not charge protectors who have already been arrested
  2. Ask the TMT collaboration to engage protectors in discussion with an aim to reach consensus
  1. Watch the livestream and bear witness to events on the mauna:
  2. Contribute to the bail fund for the kūpuna (Kānaka Maoli elders) and their assistants who have already been arrested:
  3. Donate to KAHEA, a community-based organization that is also helping with legal funds for Maunakea protectors:

Citations and further resources:

  1. “Redirecting the lens onto the culture of mainstream science” by Aurora Kagawa-Viviani
  2. “An Urgent Plea to Fellow Astronomers” by Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
  3. “The fight for Mauna Kea and the future of science” by Sara Segura Kahanamoku
  4. “We live in the future: come join us” by Brian Kamaoli Kuwada
  5. “Multicultural Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Struggle in Hawai’i: the Politics of Astronomy on Mauna a Wākea” by Iokepa Casumbal-Salazar
  6. “Decolonization is not a metaphor” by Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang

This letter was written by astrophysics graduate students at TMT partner institutions. We acknowledge the relative privilege that we have even as graduate students at these institutions to openly speak out about our concerns with the process of telescope construction. We want to acknowledge our colleagues who are in similar or more junior career stages, whose career prospects are more closely tied to the construction of the telescope, and who may be unable to fully express their concerns and criticisms about this project. While many members of the astronomy community have openly opposed aspects of telescope construction in the last several days, we ask that the community also collectively considers how certain members have been silenced, and how that also speaks to the complex, interlocking structures of power within academic astronomy.

Finally, we acknowledge some of our positionalities as settlers occupying unceded ancestral territories of multiple Indigenous groups on the continental US (including but not limited to that of the Chochenyo-Ohlone people and the Tongva-Gabrielino people).

We invite the astronomy community to suggest more links and ideas on how to divest from using state-sanctioned violence in the construction of facilities for our field’s future. Again, please consider co-signing this letter to show your support and provide ideas, and using the power available to you by your positionality to fulfill one or more of the action items above.


Signatories from TMT affiliated institutions:

  1. Sal Wanying Fu (Incoming G1 at UC Berkeley and NSF graduate fellow)
  2. Mia de los Reyes (G2 at Caltech and NSF graduate fellow)
  3. Sarafina Nance (PhD student at UC Berkeley and NSF graduate fellow)
  4. José Flores Velázquez (G2 at UC Irvine and NSF graduate fellow)
  5. Francisco Mercado (PhD student at UC Irvine)
  6. Thea Faridani (Incoming G1 at UCLA)
  7. Hilding Neilson (CTLA Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto)
  8. Dillon Dong (G3 at Caltech)
  9. Sophia Nasr (PhD student at UC Irvine)
  10. Ellianna S. Abrahams (PhD student at UC Berkeley, NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  11. Kyle M. Kabasares (PhD student at UC Irvine)
  12. Keri Hoadley (Post-doc at Caltech)
  13. Shreyas Vissapragada (PhD student at Caltech, NSF graduate fellow and PD Soros fellow)
  14. Juan Camilo Buitrago-Casas (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  15. Christina Manzano-King (PhD student at UC Riverside)
  16. Sean Pike (PhD student at Caltech)
  17. Brittany Miles (PhD student at UC Santa Cruz, NSF graduate fellow)
  18. Ethan Jahn (PhD student at UC Riverside)
  19. Ashay Patel (Physics PhD student at Caltech)
  20. Brian Lorenz (Incoming G1 at UC Berkeley and NSF graduate fellow)
  21. Elizabeth Ann Collins (BA from UH Mānoa, bachelors in Anthropology; certificate in PACE (Peace and Conflict Education))
  22. Tenley Hutchinson-Smith (PhD student at UC Santa Cruz, Spelman College)
  23. Charles Xu (PhD student at Caltech)
  24. Renee Hlozek (Assistant Professor at University of Toronto)
  25. Emily Martin (Postdoc at UCSC)
  26. Holly Christenson (PhD student at UC Riverside, NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  27. Dr. Bryan Mendez (UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory)
  28. Ekta Patel (Miller Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley)
  29. Nathan Sandford (PhD student at UC Berkeley and NSF graduate fellow)
  30. Suchitra Narayanan (Senior at UC Berkeley)
  31. Aida Behmard (G2 at Caltech and NSF graduate fellow)
  32. Serafina Gajate (Graduate of University of Hawai’i at Hilo (Anthropology and Hawaiian Studies))
  33. Veronica Dike (PhD student at UCLA and NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  34. Adam Trapp (PhD student at UCLA)
  35. Vanshree Bhalotia (PhD student at UH Manoa)
  36. Seyda Ipek (Postdoctoral Researcher at UC Irvine)
  37. Sarah Blunt (PhD student at Caltech)
  38. Yigit Ozcelik (Undergraduate student at University of Toronto)
  39. Briley Lewis (PhD student at UCLA, NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  40. Evan Haze Nuñez (Incoming G1 at Caltech and NSF GRFP Fellow; Cal Poly Pomona)
  41. Jessie Christiansen (Research Scientist, Caltech/IPAC-NExScI)
  42. Richard Mebane (PhD student at UCLA)
  43. Peishi Cheng (PhD student at Caltech)
  44. Dan Zevin (Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley)
  45. Anthony Pahl (PhD student at UCLA)
  46. Shea Charles (Student at University of Hawaii at Mānoa)
  47. Charles Goullad (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  48. Anonymous PhD student in the Office of Public Health Studies at University of Hawai’i at Mānoa; Hui Mauli Ola
  49. Rhondale (Ron) Tso (PhD student at Caltech, NSF Graduate Fellow, Ford Fellow, and Gates Scholar)
  50. Caleb Caswell-Levy (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  51. Fatima Abdurrahman (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  52. Isabella Trierweiler (PhD student at UCLA)
  53. Aleksey Maro (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  54. Allison DeRego (Undergrad student at University of Hawai’i at Mānoa; Native Hawaiian student, We are Mauna Kea)
  55. Karli DeRofo (PhD student of Anthropology at UC Santa Cruz, Native Hawaiian and Mauna Kea Protector)
  56. Benjamin Zhang (Undergraduate astronomy student at UC Berkeley)
  57. Casey Brinkman (Institute for Astronomy, Ph.D student)
  58. Jenna Samuel (PhD student at UC Davis)
  59. Coral Wheeler (Postdoc at Caltech)
  60. Sara ElShafie (PhD student at University of California, Berkeley; UC Museum of Paleontology)
  61. Jordan Fleming (PhD student at UC Berkeley, Astronomy Department)
  62. Michael Lemmen (Instrument Technician at Subaru Telescope)
  63. Yuping Huang (G1 at Caltech)
  64. Bradford Barker (Post-doctoral scholar, UC Merced)
  65. Keming Zhang (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  66. Steven Giacalone (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  67. Sophie Crisp (PhD student at UCLA and NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  68. Diyala Shihadih (PhD candidate at UC Berkeley)
  69. Piper H (Postdoc at UH Mānoa)
  70. Richard Rath (Associate Professor at University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)
  71. Hyewon Suh (Postdoctoral researcher at Subaru Telescope)
  72. Kevin Hardegree-Ullman (Postdoc at Caltech/IPAC-NExScI)
  73. Monica Aguilar-Scion (RN, BSN from University of Hawaii at Mānoa, Hawaii Pacific Health)
  74. Brittney Onaga (Undergraduate student at UH Mānoa)
  75. Fergus Horrobin (PhD student at University of Toronto)
  76. Adiv Paradise (PhD student at University of Toronto)
  77. Ronald A Lopez (PhD student at UCLA)
  78. Anonymous I.T. Professional (University of Hawaii at Mānoa)
  79. Haley DeTure (Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)
  80. Andrian Gajigan (PhD student at University of Hawaii at Mānoa)
  81. Holly Gildea (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  82. Emily Ramey (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  83. James Huynh (PhD student at UCLA)
  84. Kathleen Tatem (UH Mānoa Physics and Astronomy, UH Institute for Astronomy)
  85. Kimberly Bott (Postdoc Researcher at U. Washington, UH Hilo Alumna)
  86. Jaclyn Pezzato (PhD student at Caltech)
  87. Tara Nash (MS Public Health Specializing in Epidemiology from UH Mānoa, BS Cellular and Molecular Biology and Psychology Minor in Native American Studies)
  88. Maggie Thompson (PhD student at UCSC)
  89. Callie Hood (PhD student at UCSC)
  90. Felipe Ardila (PhD student at UCSC)
  91. Tyler Takaro (PhD student at UCSC)
  92. Helen Kim (PhD student at UCLA)
  93. Aarjit Adhikary (Undergraduate Student at UC Berkeley, Friends of Lick Observatory)
  94. Pratik Gandhi (PhD student at UC Davis)
  95. Sarah Loebman (Hubble postdoctoral fellow at UC Davis)
  96. Emily Tyhurst (PhD student at the University of Toronto; Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics)
  97. Natalie Koski-Karell (Master’s student at UC Berkeley)
  98. Michael Bustillo-Sakhai (M.S. student at UC Berkeley)
  99. Brenna Mockler (PhD student at UCSC)
  100. Nicholas Spano (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  101. Deno Stelter (Postdoc at UCSC)
  102. AJ Olvera (UG Astro Student at UC Berkeley)
  103. Rebecca Lehman (Undergrad student UC Berkeley)
  104. Nicholas Saunders (Incoming PhD student at University of Hawai'i Mānoa; NASA Ames)
  105. Kevin Hayakawa (PhD student at UCLA)
  106. Garima Raheja (Alumni, UC Berkeley; Guest Researcher at UH Manoa)
  107. Paloma Medina (PhD Candidate at UC Santa Cruz)
  108. Jessica Doppel (PhD student at UC Riverside)
  109. Hrishika Basava (Undergraduate at Caltech; Intern at Carnegie Observatories)
  110. Elizabeth Bailey (PhD student at Caltech; NASA FINESST graduate fellow)
  111. Ben Forrest (Postdoc at UC Riverside)
  112. Reza Monadi (PhD student at UC Riverside)
  113. Lelemia Irvine, PhD (Lecturer of Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa)
  114. Russell “Malu” Chang (B.S. Mechanical Engineering from University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)
  115. Dila Aycan (University of Toronto)
  116. Kevin McKinnon (PhD student at UCSC)
  117. Isabel Angelo (PhD student at UCLA)
  118. Siobhan Garry (Bioengineering student at UC Berkeley)
  119. Katherine (Undergrad student at the University of Toronto)
  120. Phoebe Upton Sanderbeck (Postdoc at UC Riverside)
  121. Martin Fernandez (PhD student at UC Riverside)
  122. Nanea Lo (Graduate Student, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)
  123. Emily Fregoso (Undergrad at UC Berkeley)
  124. Chelsea Steel (Lab Manager, UC Santa Barbara)
  125. Eleanor James Halloran (Undergraduate student at UC Berkeley)
  126. Andrew Hardy (Physics and Mathematics Undergraduate at University of Toronto; Institute of Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo)
  127. Kathleen Gwen Hanley (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  128. Melanie Simet (Researcher at UC Riverside)
  129. Elise Dela Cruz-Talbert (PhD candidate, University of Hawaii at Manoā)
  130. Anastasia Goold (Graduate of UCSB)
  131. Jillian Glenn (Undergrad Graduate from UH Mānoa)
  132. Ashley Chontos (PhD student at Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii; NSF graduate fellow)
  133. Michelle Lee Brown (PhD candidate, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa; Eastman fellow, Dartmouht College)
  134. Kate Brennan (Graduate student at the University of Toronto)
  135. Rica Cruz (Undergraduate physics student at University of Toronto)
  136. Peter Couvares (Staff Scientist at Caltech)
  137. Lena Eiger (Research Assistant at UCSC)
  138. Amanda Quirk (PhD student at UCSC)
  139. Fang Xi Lin (PhD student at the University of Toronto; Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics)
  140. Alec Uebersohn (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  141. Summer Zuber (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  142. Cayla Dedrick (Undergrad at Caltech)
  143. Johanna Stone (Instructor of Hawaiian Language at UH Mānoa)
  144. Ellis Avallone (PhD student at the Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii at Manoa)
  145. Norhan Osman (Undergraduate at UCSC)
  146. Arcelia Hermosillo Ruiz (Graduate of UC Berkeley, incoming PhD student at UCSC)
  147. Vetri Velan (PhD candidate at UC Berkeley)
  148. Margaret Mary Downey (PhD candidate, UC Berkeley; UAW 2865)
  149. Valerie McGraw (PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  150. Evan Morris (PhD student at UCSC)
  151. Anamica Bedi de Silba (PhD Candidate at UH Mānoa)
  152. Sam Grusky-Milin (Undergraduate student at UC Davis)
  153. Isabel Alvarez (Undergraduate student at UC Davis)
  154. Elliot White (Undergrad student at UC Davis)
  155. Blu Buchanan (PhD Candidate at UC Davis; UAW 2865 Rank-And-File)
  156. Isabel Kalogiannis (Recent graduate from UC Davis)
  157. Michael Shamma (PhD student at UC Riverside)
  158. Connor Gorman (PhD student at UC Davis)
  159. Gabriel Gartland (Undergraduate at UC Davis)
  160. Nayzak Wali-Ali (Undergraduate student at UC Berkeley)
  161. Elizabeth Lenz (PhD Candidate at UH Mānoa)
  162. Justin Luong (PhD student at University of California Santa Cruz)
  163. Laʻakeakanoaʻihimaikalani Cleveland (Undergrad student at UH Mānoa)
  164. Lean Teodoro (University of Hawaii at Mānoa)
  165. Lucas Brown (Undergraduate student at UC Davis)
  166. Cam Buzard (PhD student at Caltech)
  167. Tobias Smith (PHD Candidate at UC Davis)
  168. Sabrina Diemert (PhD student in Civil & Environmental Engineering at University of Hawaii at Mānoa)
  169. Katy Hintzen (Faculty, University of Hawaii at Mānoa)
  170. Yvonne Sherwood (PhD student at UCSC)
  171. Nicole Delano (Undergraduate Student at the University of California, Irvine)
  172. Jonathan Anup (Undergraduate student at UC Irvine; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship)
  173. Marine Lokken (PhD student at the University of Toronto; Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics)
  174. Anthony Taula-Lieras (UC Santa Cruz Alumni)
  175. John (J. J. Zanazzi (Postdoctoral Fellow at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics/University of Toronto)
  176. Dr. Kristin Cavoukian (Sessional Lecturer, University of Toronto)
  177. Santiago Molina (PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley)
  178. Jess Taylor (Writing Instructor, University of Toronto; Chair, CUPE 3902)
  179. QinQin Yu (PhD student at UC Berkeley; NSF graduate fellow)
  180. Matthew Alexander (Undergraduate at Caltech)
  181. Michael Jennings (Undergraduate at UC Berkeley)
  182. Tai-An Miao (Staff, UH Manoa)
  183. Sierra Dodd (PhD Student at UCSC)
  184. Elijah Davidson (Undergraduate student at UH Mānoa)

Other signatories:

  1. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (Assistant Professor of Physics and Core Faculty in Women’s Studies, University of New Hampshire)
  2. Brandon Barker (PhD student at Michigan State University)
  3. Aleksander M. Diamond-Stanic (Assistant Professor at Bates College)
  4. Jenna Freudenburg (PhD student at Ohio State University)
  5. Hannah Fritze (Graduate student at the University of Utah, BA from Wesleyan University)
  6. Profe Jorge Moreno (Assistant Professor at Pomona College)
  7. Lucianne Walkowicz (Astronomer at the Adler Planetarium)
  8. Ramsey Karim (PhD student at UMD)
  9. Alex Riley (PhD student at Texas A&M and NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  10. Alex Natale (Adjunct at Irvine Valley College)
  11. Girish M. Duvvuri (PhD student at CU Boulder)
  12. Jonathan Cohn (PhD student at Texas A&M University)
  13. Susan Kelly (PhD student, University of Connecticut)
  14. Adrian B. Lucy (PhD student at Columbia University and NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  15. Tarini Konchady (PhD student at Texas A&M University)
  16. Samantha Lawler (Assistant Professor at Campion College)
  17. Karl Jaehnig (PhD Candidate at Vanderbilt University)
  18. Sarah Horst (Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University)
  19. Natalie Gosnell (Assistant Professor of Physics at Colorado College)
  20. Lynne Jones (Research scientist at University of Washington)
  21. Michael W. Busch (Research scientist at SETI Institute)
  22. Kathy Kentta-Robinson (Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon)
  23. Karen Barad (Professor at UCSC, UCSC Science & Justice Research Center)
  24. Samantha Gilbert (PhD student at University of Washington)
  25. Oz Amram (PhD student at Johns Hopkins)
  26. Laura Lopez (Assistant Professor at the Ohio State University)
  27. Caitlin Doughty (PhD student at New Mexico State University)
  28. Megan Davis (Post-bacc researcher at Michigan State University)
  29. Nicolas Garavito-Camargo (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  30. Katie Chamberlain (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  31. Daniel Barringer (Lecturer of Physics at Texas State University)
  32. Mikiala Akau
  33. Ilona Petersen
  34. TilJean Kekua
  35. Sharon Willeford (DOE Teacher for 40 years, We Are MaunaKea)
  36. Justin Konakakino Souza (Triple major Carpentry, Agriculture, Architecture at The Hawaii Community College; Habitat for Humanity)
  37. Alexandra Olaya-Castro (Professor of Physics at University College London)
  38. Spencer Wallace (PhD student at University of Washington)
  39. Tyler Cohen (PhD student at New Mexico Tech)
  40. Joseph A. Guidry (Astronomy and physics undergrad at the University of Texas Austin)
  41. Charles Kuahine, III
  42. Gabrielle Suissa (Research Scientist at GSFC)
  43. Tiffany Pa
  44. Laura Duqette
  45. Divya M. Persaud (PhD student, Space & Climate Physics, University College London)
  46. Charlotte Minsky (Undergraduate Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences major, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  47. Nicole Nir (Masters Student in Critical Ethnic Studies at DePaul University, Space Studies Program Participant at the International Space University)
  48. Alessondra Springmann (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  49. Beth Johnson (Master’s student at San Jose State University, SETI Institute)
  50. Nora Shipp (PhD student at University of Chicago)
  51. Goni Halevi (PhD student at Princeton University)
  52. Kaila Nathaniel (MSc student at the University of Bonn, Native Hawaiian)
  53. Allison Erena (Undergrad from Smith College)
  54. Jessica Birky (PhD student at University of Washington, NSF graduate fellow)
  55. Harsh Kumar (PhD student at IIT Bombay)
  56. Franco Vazzav (Physics and Astronomy Department, University of Bologna, Italy)
  57. Professor Anna Watts (University of Amsterdam)
  58. Sarah Jane Schmidt (Postdoctoral Fellow at Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics- Potsdam (AIP))
  59. Tana Joseph (Postdoc at University of Manchester)
  60. Shannon Denning
  61. Melina Thévenot (astronomy (community science) volunteer located in Germany)
  62. Tristan M. Wolfe (PhD student, U. of Denver)
  63. Naomi Robertson (PhD student at University of Oxford)
  64. Dr. Ashley Spindler (Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Hertfordshire)
  65. Kyla Smith (BA Asian American Studies student at Scripps College, Pomona College Dept of Physics and Astronomy)
  66. Rachel Frisbie (PhD student at Michigan State University)
  67. Julie Rathbun (Planetary Science Institute)
  68. David Kipping (Professor at Columbia University)
  69. Arthur Loureiro (Post-doc at University College London)
  70. Jonathan Brande (Research Asst., University of Maryland/NASA GSFC)
  71. Aleezah (Post-bacc at the University of Washington)
  72. Jacqueline Monkiewicz (Instructor, Arizona State University)
  73. Michael Tremmel (Postdoctoral fellow at Yale University)
  74. Mallory Molina (Postdoctoral fellow at Montana State)
  75. Elizabeth Teng (Undergraduate at Haverford College)
  76. Hapaki Nakamura
  77. Steven Finkelstein (Faculty at UT Austin)
  78. Elena González Egea (PhD student at University of Hertfordshire)
  79. Olivia Chilcote (Assistant Professor at San Diego State University)
  80. Dr. Emil Rivera-Thorsen (Postdoctoral researcher at Stockholm University, Sweden)
  81. Rachael L. Beaton (Hubble Fellow, Carnegie-Princeton Fellow at Princeton University)
  82. Jorge Manes Rubio (Artist in Residence at the European Space Agency)
  83. Brian Nord (Associate Scientist at Fermilab, University of Chicago, KICP)
  84. Sarah Gossan        (Postdoctoral fellow at Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA))
  85. Federica Bianco (Assistant Professor at University of Delaware, Visiting Faculty at New York University)
  86. Joey Neilsen (Assistant Professor of Physics at Villanova University)
  87. Sarah Tuttle (Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle)
  88. Osase Omoruyi (BS in Astrophysics from Yale University)
  89. Ian Schanning (Astronomy instructor at Queensborough Community College)
  90. Brandon Boring (Undergraduate student at University of Tennessee Knoxville)
  91. Elizabeth Gutiérrez (Astronomy undergraduate at The University of Texas at Austin)
  92. Jake D. Turner (Postdoctoral Researcher at Cornell University)
  93. Stephanie Bernard (PhD student, The University of Melbourne, ASTRO-3D)
  94. Christopher Agostino (PhD student at Indiana University)
  95. Grant Tremblay (Astrophysicist at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian)
  96. Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón (Associate Research Scholar at Princeton University)
  97. Cathleen Fry (Postdoc at LANL)
  98. Sabine Stanley (Professor at Johns Hopkins University)
  99. Barbara Cohen (Scientist at Goddard Space Flight Center)
  100. Jesse Livezey (Postdoc as Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
  101. Erica Smith (Postdoctoral Fellow, Physics Dept., Indiana University)
  102. Roger Stabbins (Post-Doc at The Natural History Museum, London)
  103. Meredith Durbin (PhD student at University of Washington)
  104. Dimitri R. Dounas-Frazer (Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Western Washington University)
  105. Katie Walsh (Undergraduate student at Lesley University)
  106. Erik Shirokoff (Asst. Professor, U. Chicago Astronomy Dept.)
  107. Evan Mayer (University of Chicago Physics, AB ‘17, Amateur astronomer)
  108. Benjamin Pope (NYU, NASA Sagan Fellow)
  109. Melissa Morris (PhD student at University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  110. David Stansby
  111. Grace Olivier (PhD student at The Ohio State University)
  112. Karen Masters (Associate Professor at Haverford College)
  113. Edna Olvera (Astrophysics/education majors at Swarthmore College, Research assistant, Swarthmore College, University of Pennsylvania)
  114. Claire Dickey (PhD student at Yale University)
  115. Miguel Rebollar (PhD student at University of Houston)
  116. Luca Beale (PhD student at the University of Virginia, National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
  117. Brenna Robertson (Undergrad at UConn)
  118. Robert Fisher (Associate Professor at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
  119. Ivan Ramirez (Professor at Tacoma Community College)
  120. David DeColibus (PhD student at New Mexico State University, Apache Point Observatory)
  121. Arash Mirhosseini (PhD student at University of British Columbia)
  122. Tia Martineau (PhD student at the University of New Hampshire)
  123. Naylynn Tañón Reyes (Undergraduate student at San Diego Mesa College)
  124. Dr. Nicole Cabrera Salazar (CEO, Movement Consulting)
  125. Noah Wolfe (BS Physics and Math student at North Carolina State University)
  126. John Noonan (PhD Student at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona)
  127. Bridget Falck (Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University)
  128. Christine O'Donnell (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  129. Peter Yoachim (University of Washington, LSST)
  130. Russell Deitrick (Postdoc at University of Bern)
  131. Megan Thompson (Undergraduate Astronomy and Physics student at the University of Texas at Austin)
  132. Olivia Howard (Undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Austin)
  133. Kay Kirkpatrick (University of Illinois, Math & Physics)
  134. Claire Murray (Postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University)
  135. Natalie Nicole Sanchez (PhD student at the University of Washington, Seattle)
  136. Rian Robison (Undergrad at University of Texas at Austin)
  137. John Johnson (Harvard)
  138. Christopher Morrison (University of Washington, LSST)
  139. Christopher Hirata (The Ohio State University)
  140. Kaitlin Rasmussen (PhD student at University of Notre Dame, Joint Institute of Nuclear Astrophysics and Center for Evolution of the Elements (JINA-CEE))
  141. Mason NG (PhD student at MIT)
  142. Adrian Crawford (Undergrad at the University of Texas at Austin)
  143. Dana Koeppe (PhD student at Michigan State University)
  144. Allison Kirkpatrick (Assistant professor at University of Kansas)
  145. Mariarosa Marinelli (Undergrad at Virginia Commonwealth University)
  146. Ilyse Clark (Undergrad at The University of Texas at Austin)
  147. Heather Pantell (PhD student at University of Rochester)
  148. Deanna Arsala (PhD student at University of Illinois at Chicago)
  149. Dawn Rilveria
  150. Stephanie Hamilton (Recent PhD graduate from the University of Michigan, NSF graduate fellow)
  151. Dr Vicky Scowcroft (Lecturer, University of Bath, UK)
  152. Kristen Garofali (Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Arkansas)
  153. Joachim Moeyens (PhD student at the University of Washington)
  154. Alexander Criswell (PhD student at the University of Minnesota)
  155. Mike Alexandersen (Postdoc at Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics)
  156. Debby Tran (PhD Student at University of Washington)
  157. Fiona Panther (Postdoctoral researcher, UNSW Canberra)
  158. Russell Van Linge (Carnegie DTM)
  159. Aislynn Wallach (PhD student at Boston University, University of Washington - Seattle)
  160. Clara Brasseur
  161. Melissa L. Graham (University of Washington)
  162. Lissie Connors
  163. Locke Patton (PhD student at Harvard University)
  164. Paul Bergeron (Postdoc at Michigan State University)
  165. Guadalupe Tovar (PhD student at the University of Washington, NSF Graduate Fellow)
  166. Sam McDermott (Schramm postdoctoral fellow at Fermilab)
  167. Imad Pasha (PhD student at Yale, NSF Graduate Fellow)
  168. Katherine Rainey (PhD student at the University of Colorado Boulder)
  169. Xandria Quichocho (Undergraduate at Texas State University, Native Chamorro woman, Black Woman, equity researcher)
  170. Virginia Price (PhD Student at Drexel University)
  171. Oliver J. Hall (PhD student at University of Birmingham)
  172. Daniel Grin (Assistant Professor (Physics) Haverford College)
  173. Dalal El Youssoufi (PhD candidate at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP))
  174. Adham El-Batal (PhD Student at Boston University)
  175. Anna S. Ross (Undergraduate student at Northern Arizona University)
  176. Deryl Long (Astronomy Undergrad at the University of Michigan)
  177. Anna S. Ross (Undergraduate student at Northern Arizona University)
  178. Katelyn Breivik (Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics)
  179. Joshua Lothringer (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  180. Ilana Bromberg (Undergraduate at Stony Brook University)
  181. Summer Ash
  182. Brianna Lacy (PhD student at Princeton University)
  183. Teal, D.J. (PhD student at University of Maryland)
  184. Sarah Graber (Undergraduate at Columbia University)
  185. Tyler Gordon (PhD student at University of Washington)
  186. Andreia Carrillo (PhD student at UT Austin)
  187. Jane Glanzer (PhD student at Louisiana State University)
  188. Michelle Bannister (Postdoc at Queen’s University Belfast)
  189. Fernanda Nogueira (Undergrad student at Universidade de São Paulo)
  190. Leo Y. Alcorn (York Science Fellow, York University)
  191. Louis Abramson (Postdoctoral Fellow at Carnegie Observatories, Princeton University)
  192. Laurin Gray (Astronomy & Physics undergraduate at University of Arizona)
  193. Michael Zingale (Stony Brook University)
  194. Kristin M. Block (University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory)
  195. Marvin Q. Jones, Jr. (PhD student, Indiana University)
  196. Thaddeus Komacek (Postdoc at University of Chicago)
  197. Brittany Lohman (Undergraduate student at Texas State)
  198. Rabia Husain (Undergrad at UT Austin)
  199. Tharindu Jayasinghe (PhD student at The Ohio State University)
  200. Ashley L. Walker (Senior at Chicago State University)
  201. KeShawn Ivory (incoming physics Master’s student at Fisk University)
  202. Erin Maier (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  203. David Setton (PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh)
  204. Eve V. North (PhD student at Cardiff University)
  205. David Ball (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  206. Katrina Litke (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  207. Monica Vidaurri (Master's Student at George Mason University, NASA GSFC)
  208. Grace Telford (PhD student at University of Washington, NSF graduate fellow)
  209. Michael Daniel (Undergraduate at Whitman College)
  210. Zoë Haggard (Undergrad at Pomona College)
  211. Alexa Anderson (Undergraduate Student at Yale University, Astrophysics Major)
  212. Cecilia Siqueiros (Undergrad student at MIT)
  213. Erin Boettcher (Postdoc at University of Chicago)
  214. Daniel D. Kelson (Carnegie Observatories)
  215. Charity Woodrum (PhD student at the University of Arizona and NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  216. Dr. Julie N. Skinner
  217. R. Andrew Sevrinsky (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  218. Shireen Gonzaga (Technical editor, STScI)
  219. Russell Owen (LSST and University of Washington)
  220. José Sánchez-Gallego (Acting Assistant Professor at University of Washington)
  221. Brian Zamarripa Roman (Physics PhD student at University of Central Florida)
  222. Rodolfo Garcia (PhD student at University of Washington, Seattle)
  223. Rachel Paterno-Mahler (Visiting Assistant Professor, Keck Science Center)
  224. Sarah Kendrew (Instrument Scientist)
  225. Zoya Vallari (Postdoc at Caltech)
  226. Gerardo Guzman (Physics Undergraduate at The University of Texas at Austin)
  227. Isabel J. Rodriguez (Graduate student at Oregon State University, Oregon NASA Space Grant)
  228. Matthew Turk (University of Illinois)
  229. Weixiang Yu (PhD student at Drexel University)
  230. Valentina Peirano (PhD student Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
  231. Nathalia De Souza (Undergraduate student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo)
  232. Katie Rink (Undergraduate at University of British Columbia)
  233. Derek Fox (Penn State University)
  234. Kate Rowlands (Johns Hopkins University)
  235. Maitland Bowen (Undergraduate student at University of Michigan)
  236. Erini Lambrides (PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)
  237. Mahlet Shiferaw (Undergraduate at Harvard University, Joint Concentration in Astrophysics & Physics)
  238. R. E. Hviding (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  239. Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein (PhD Student at University of Washington)
  240. Paola Montoya (Astrophysicist and MSc Student at Aberystwyth University)
  241. Phoebe McClincy        (Undergraduate student at Penn State University, Penn State Millennium Scholar)
  242. Stephen A. Daire (MS Geographic Information Science and Technology University of Southern California, Instructor of Planetary Science and Technology Analog Research International Institute of Astronautical Studies)
  243. Jacob Hamer (PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)
  244. Cynthia Tarr (Employee at Adler Planetarium)
  245. Peter Frinchaboy (Associate Professor, Texas Christian University)
  246. Breanna Binder (Assistant professor at Cal Poly Pomona)
  247. Duncan Watts (Research Assistant at Johns Hopkins University)
  248. Kevin Hainline (Senior Research Associate at Steward Observatory)
  249. Meredith Rawls (University of Washington, LSST)
  250. Jennifer Connelly (Professor at RIT)
  251. Ikaika Ramones (PhD student at New York University, Harvard University)
  252. Harshil Kamdar (PhD Student at Harvard University)
  253. Madison Smith (PhD student at Indiana University)
  254. Meredith Hughes (Associate Professor at Wesleyan University)
  255. Dr. Rachael Alexandroff (NSERC postdoctoral fellow at the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics)
  256. Nikki Rider (incoming PhD student at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  257. Brian Frank (Associate Professor at Middle Tennessee State University)
  258. Jacob Lustig-Yaeger (PhD candidate at the University of Washington)
  259. David Fleming (PhD student at the University of Washington)
  260. Lehman Garrison (Postdoctoral researcher at Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian)
  261. Molly McDonough (B.S. Physics Student at Suffolk University)
  262. Laura Watkins (Fellow at UVienna and ESO Garching)
  263. Cody Dirks (Ph.D., Physics & Astronomy, Northwestern University, 2019)        
  264. Néstor Espinoza (Postdoc at MPIA, Bernoulli & IAU-Gruber Fellow)
  265. Jeff Carlin (Research Associate at LSST)
  266. Johnny Ho (PhD student at the University of Chicago, Enrico Fermi Institute)
  267. Johnny Ho (PhD student at the University of Chicago, Enrico Fermi Institute)
  268. Abigail Gonzalez (Undergrad student at Pomona College)
  269. Melia Bonomo (PhD student at Rice University)
  270. Brianna Thomas (PhD student at the University of Washington)
  271. Taylor Stevenson (PhD student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  272. Johanna Teske (Hubble Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Observatories)
  273. Yanhan Wang (rising junior at Colgate University)
  274. Rita Tojeiro (Reader at the University of St. Andrews)
  275. Julieta Gruszko (Papparlardo Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  276. Emily Rauscher (Assistant professor at the University of Michigan)
  277. Amanda Moffett (Postdoctoral Fellow at Vanderbilt University)
  278. Abigail Lee (PhD student at University of Chicago)
  279. Rushi Shah (Undergraduate research assistant at University of Texas at Austin)
  280. Hannah Bish (PhD student at University of Washington)
  281. Ramon Barthelemy (Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Utah)
  282. Gautham Narayan (Lasker Fellow, STScI)
  283. Gouraf Khullar (PhD Candidate, Kavli Institute of Cosmological Physics, University of Chicago, Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics)
  284. Manisha Shrestha (Postdoc at Liverpool John Moores University)
  285. Sophia Sánchz-Maes (PhD student at Harvard, BS Astrophysics Yale)
  286. John Lewis (PhD student, rising G7, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; bachelors UCLA)
  287. Lynn Buchele (Masters student at Wichita State University)
  288. Allison Hughes (PhD student at University of Arizona
  289. Matthew Young, PhD (University of New Hampshire)
  290. Carissa Avina-Beltran (Junior at SFSU, Santa Monica College)
  291. Mehmet Alpaslan (Postdoctoral researcher at New York University)
  292. Dr. Lou Nigra (Unaffiliated; retired)
  293. Yigit Ozcelik (Undergraduate student at University of Toronto)
  294. Ellen M. Price (PhD student at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian)
  295. Cyril Creque-Sarbinowski (PhD student at JHU, NSF graduate fellow)
  296. Benjamin Rackham (Postdoc at University of Arizona)
  297. Trustin Henderson (Astrophysics undergraduate at Yale University)
  298. Alice Burington (Undergraduate student at The University of Texas at Austin)
  299. Kathryne J Daniel (Assistant Professor at Bryn Mawr College)
  300. Charlotte Olsen (PhD student at Rutgers University)
  301. Pedro Russo (Assistant Professor Astronomy & Society at Leiden University, the Netherlands; IAstro, Portugal)
  302. Sam Alterman (BA, Physics, Williams College ‘18)
  303. Mori OCo
  304. David Fusilier (Bachelor of Science Physics and Astronomy at Wichita State University)
  305. Brittany Davis (Assistant Professor at Allegheny College)
  306. Jaclyn Baughman (B.S. Physics Student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  307. Julian Panehal (Cornell University & University of Hawaii Hilo Alumni)
  308. Daniela Huppenkothen (University of Washington)
  309. Christian Eistrup (Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Virginia)
  310. Aleks Scholz (Observatory Director at University of St. Andrews, UK)
  311. Michelle Nichols-Yehling (Director of Public Observing at Adler Planetarium0
  312. Ray Sharma (PhD candidate at Rutgers University)
  313. Adam Trotter (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  314. Kaley Brauer (G2 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, DOE Fellow)
  315. David Wilson (Postdoc at UT Austin)
  316. Anna Wright (PhD student at Rutgers University)
  317. Alex Urban (Louisiana State University, LIGO Laboratory)
  318. Larry R. Nittler (Staff Scientist at Carnegie DTM)
  319. Alice Olmstead (Assistant Professor at Texas State University)
  320. James Juno (PhD student at University of Maryland, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab)
  321. Kirsten Hall (PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)
  322. Kyle Dettman (PhD student at Rutgers University)
  323. Brianne Gutmann (Postdoc at Texas State University)
  324. Moiya McTier (PhD student at Columbia, NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  325. Kathryn Devine (The College of Idaho)
  326. Tyler Metivier (Undergrad at University of Connecticut)
  327. Kaitlyn Shin (PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  328. Amelia Henkel (Recent Graduate, University of Connecticut)
  329. Clare Staib-Kaufman (Undergraduate research assistant at Yale University)
  330. Anthony Young (PhD student at Rutgers University)
  331. Sunny Rhoades (Undergrad at Pomona College)
  332. Marco Daniel Machado (Astronomy Educator at the American Museum of Natural History, Adjunct Lecturer at The New School & Physical Science Teacher at Midwood High School)
  333. Ian Shuker (Financial Analyst at Universal, University of Florida)
  334. Rydia Hayes-Huer (Undergraduate at Bridgewater State University)
  335. Cannon Vogel (B.S. Physics Student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  336. Joseph V. DeMartini (PhD student at University of Maryland)
  337. Adina Feinstein (PhD student at University of Chicago)
  338. Daniel Giles (PhD student at Illinois Institute of Technology, Adler Planetarium)
  339. Dr. Angelle Tanner (Associate Professor, Mississippi State University)
  340. Elizabeth Pérez (PhD student at Harvard, National Science Foundation Graduate Research FEllow
  341. Oliver Price (PhD student at Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London)
  342. Sofia Sheikh (PhD candidate at Penn State University)
  343. Philip Rosenfield
  344. Zach Berta-Thompson (Assistant Professor at University of Colorado Boulder)
  345. Katherine Lutz (Astrophysics undergraduate at Yale University)
  346. Bryan Terrazas (University of Michigan, Harvard University)
  347. Kevin N. Ortiz Ceballos (Undergraduate at University of Puerto Rico, Researcher at Planetary Habitability Laboratory)
  348. Matthew Wilde (PhD student at University of Washington)
  349. Zachary Pace (PhD student at University of Wisconsin - Madison)
  350. Stephanie Douglas (NSF fellow at CfA)
  351. Marion Cromb (PhD student at University of Glasgow)
  352. Misty Bentz (Associate Professor at Georgia State University)
  353. Kelly Lepo (Academic Associate at McGill University)
  354. Ry Walker (BS student at Yale University)
  355. Jessica Edwards (University of Alberta (Alumna))
  356. Lynda Williams (Professor of Physics, Santa Rosa Junior College;
  357. Jeremy Christian Kili’ohu Pelletier (MS Geography, Central Connecticut State University, The Northeast Organic Farming Association)
  358. Dr. Audra K Hernandez (Assistant Scientist, University of Wisconsin - Madison)
  359. Pranav Premnath (Undergraduate student at The University of Texas at Austin)
  360. Henry Zovaro (PhD student at the Australian National University)
  361. Keduse Worku (Undergraduate astronomer at Yale University)
  362. Angus Beane (Graduate student at Harvard University)
  363. Jacob Pilawa (Student at Colgate University)
  364. Dr. Elaina Hyde (Adjunct Fellow at Western Sydney University)
  365. Patrick Vallely (PhD student at Ohio State University, NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  366. Judy Twedt (PhD student at the University of Washington)
  367. Duncan Christie (Incoming postdoc at the University of Exeter)
  368. Julia Gross (PhD student at Columbia University)
  369. H Perry Hatchfield (PhD student at University of Connecticut)
  370. JJ Eldridge (Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand)
  371. Alex McGrath (researcher in History of Science, Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian)
  372. Maria Steinrueck (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  373. Leah Fulmer (PhD student at the University of Washington)
  374. Brooke Simmons (Lecturer in Astrophysics, Lancaster University, UK)
  375. Leila Gabascova (PhD student at University of Grenoble Alpes)
  376. Gloria Fonseca Alvarez (PhD student at University of Connecticut)
  377. Junellie Gonzalez Quiles (Research Asisstsant at SURA/NASA GSFC)
  378. Joshua Masagatani
  379. Andrea Guzman Mesa (PhD student at University of Bern)
  380. Paulette Blanchard (PhD Candidate at Unviersity of Kansas; UCAR Diversity & Inclusion Fellow - Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma)
  381. Charlotte Wood (PhD student, University of Notre Dame)
  382. Nicolas Boardman (Postdoc at University of Utah, Department of Physics and Astronomy)
  383. Rosie Alegado (Associate Professor, Oceanography & Sea Grant, University of Hawaii Mānoa)
  384. Samuel Saribay Jr
  385. Liz Skedd
  386. Manodeep Sinha (CAS, Swinburne University of Technology)
  387. Agustina Quesada (Engineer at Johns Hopkins University)
  388. Alyosha Goldstein (Professor of American Studies, University of New Mexico)
  389. Zhanpei Fang (BS Physics, MS candidate in Applied Physics at Stanford University)
  390. Fernando Barceló (Undergraduate, Pomona College; Intern, Carnegie Observatories)
  391. Donna Brillheart
  392. Samuel Kai Lemmen
  393. Jessy Kate Schingler
  394. Jennifer L. Hoffman (Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy, University of Denver)
  395. Marianne Page Potvin (Engineering student at UQO)
  396. Stevanus Kristiano Nugroho (Queen’s University Belfast)
  397. Tamara Khalaf (Undergraduate Astronomy student at the University of Waterloo)
  398. Dr. Carl Rodriguez (Pappalardo Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  399. Arjun Kumar (Student at Stanford University)
  400. Kevin Longe
  401.  Jaime Francis Keaka Ulukou (The Hawaiian People; Hawaii)
  402. Jeremy Young (PhD student at University of Maryland)
  403. Peter Senchyna (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  404. Luc Riesbeck (M.A. Candidate. Space Policy Institute at George Washington University)
  405. Desiree Koanui (Film/TV Production Coordinator, WeAreMaunaKea)
  406. Benjamin Sharkey (PhD student, University of Arizona)
  407. Leanne Day (Incoming Assistant Professor at University of Hawai’i at Hilo)
  408. Teddy Kareta (PhD student at the University of Arizona)
  409. Joshua Reding (PhD student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  410. Hayley Beltz (Astronomy PhD student at University of Michigan)
  411. Hank Corbett (PhD candidate at University of North Carolina at Chapel Nill and NSF Graduate Fellow)
  412. Kate Storey-Fisher (PhD student at New York University)
  413. Christiana McDonald-Spicer (Biology PhD student at ANU)
  414. Milena Crnogorcevic (PhD student at University of Maryland)
  415. Yasaman Homayouni (PhD student at University of Connecticut)
  416. Imap Inhead (University of Hawaii)
  417. Lauren Peters (Independent Indigenous Historian)
  418. Dennis Foren (PhD student at Michigan State University, Visiting graduate student at UC San Diego)
  419. Steven Margheim (Gemini Observatory)
  420. Josh Simon (Carnegie Observatories)
  421. Arthur D Harris Jr MD
  422. Jana Grcevich (Outreach Coordinator at Columbia University, Adjunct at the American Museum of Natural History, Cooper Union)
  423. Lea Hagen (Postdoc at STScI)
  424. Rebecca Ljungren (Astronomy Education Program Coordinator, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)
  425. Adriana Romero-Olivares (Postdoc at University of New Hampshire)
  426. Erika Nesvold (Co-founder, JustSpace Alliance)
  427. Antonio J. Porras Valverde (PhD student at Vanderbilt University)
  428. Douglas Long (STScI)
  429. Anson Keoni Onishi
  430. Zach Meissel (Ohio University)
  431. Catie Ball (Graduate student at Cornell University)
  432. Emily Lubar (Currently research staff at Penn State, starting as PhD student at UT Austin next month)
  433. Kaia Smith (Undergraduate physics major, Scripps College)
  434. Qiana Hunt (PhD student at the University of Michigan)
  435. Evan Sneed (Senior Undergraduate Student at Penn State)
  436. Catherine Grant (Research Scientist at MIT)
  437. Aidan Iftikhar
  438. teisha moe
  439. Olivia Cooper (Undergrad at Smith College)
  440. Germán Chaparro (Staff researcher at Universidad ECCI)
  441. Suna Zekioglu (PhD student at Northwestern University)
  442. Kevin R. Covey (Assoc. Prof in Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Western Washington Univ.)
  443. Sachie Yorck
  444. Imre Diculous (University of Chicago)
  445. David Charbonneau (Professor, Harvard University)
  446. Zoe de Beurs (Undergraduate at University of Texas at Austin)
  447. Noel Richardson (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
  448. Claire Kopenhafer (PhD student at Michigan State University)
  449. Sinclaire Manning (PhD student at UT Austin)
  450. Jensen Lawrence (B.Sc student at the University of Waterloo)
  451. Skye Chen (Undergraduate student at University of Waterloo)
  452. Jonathan Jackson (PhD student at Penn State)
  453. Amy L Dunn (BA UH Hilo Marine & Natural Science)
  454. Jacob Apo
  455. David Liao
  456. Coralene Naki-Souza
  457. Wendo Barajas Avilez (Neuroscience student at Lafayette College; The Academy Group, the Collegiate Scholars Program)
  458. Kahea Payao
  459. Angela Speck (Professor at UTSA, University of Missouri)
  460. Troy Maloney (B.S., Astronomy, Humboldt State University, 2017)
  461. Thomas Holden Dingus (Master’s Student, East Tennessee State University)
  462. Joseph Barranco (Professor, San Francisco State University)
  463. Anya Nugent (PhD Student at Northwestern University)
  464. Joaquín García de la Cruz (PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University)
  465. Amanda Bauer        
  466. Michael Hammer (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  467. Emrys Halbertsma (BSc Math Physics student at University of Waterloo)
  468. Katie Z (High school student in Toronto)
  469. Ethan Li (PhD student at Stanford University)
  470. Brianna Ilancheran                
  471. Sabrina Schauss        
  472. Julia S. (PhD student at Uni Geneva)
  473. Mia Sauda Bovill (Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University)
  474. Mordecai-Mark Mac Low (Curator & Professor at the American Museum of Natural History)
  475. Remy Fung        
  476. Dierl (Maui Islanders)
  477. Waika Lacerdo        
  478. Jacob White (Postdoc at Konkoly Observatory)
  479. Keith Tirimba (PhD student at University of Florida)
  480. Jacqueline Campbell (PhD Student, UCL)
  481. Kristhell Marisol López (PhD student at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)
  482. Erin Flowers (PhD student at Princeton University)
  483. Waika Lacerdo
  484. Jacob White (Postdoc at Konkoly Observatory)
  485. Keith Tirimba (PhD student at University of Florida)
  486. Jacqueline Campbell (PhD student, UCL)
  487. Kimberly Bott (Postdoc Researcher at University of Washington, UH Hilo Alumna)
  488. Kristhell Marisol López (PhD student at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research; Radbound Universiteit Nijmegen)
  489. Patryk Pjanka (PhD student at Princeton University)
  490. Krystal Wong
  491. Wendy Williams (Postdoc at Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands)
  492. Tricia Sullivan (PhD student at Astrophysics Research Institute (Liverpool))
  493. Deanna C. Hooper (PhD student at RWTH Aachen University)
  494. Lia Corrales (University of Michigan, LSA Collegiate Fellow)
  495. Keolamaikalani Ahina
  496. David L. Clements (Faculty at Imperial College London)
  497. John Weaver (PhD student at the Cosmic Dawn Center, University of Copenhagen)
  498. Ilsa Cooke (Postdoctoral researcher at Université de Rennes 1)
  499. Dr. Harriet Brown (Science and Technology Facilities Council)
  500. Clarice Kim
  501. Peter Laursenn (Postdoc at University of Oslo; Cosmic Dawn Center, University of Copenhagen)
  502. Andrea Zonca (Staff Scientist at University of California, San Diego)
  503. Joshua Tan (Assistant Prof. At City University of New York; Research Affiliate at American Museum of Natural History)
  504. Shruti Badole (PhD student at University of Manchester)
  505. Hamish Hay (PhD student at the University of Arizona)
  506. Hichem (Student at University of Waterloo)
  507. Stephen Heraldo
  508. Peter Malonis (PhD candidate at University of Chicago)
  509. Petra Duff (Undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo)
  510. leanne lukela (i am kanaka)
  511. Jessica Thorne (Graduate student at International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, University of Western Australia)
  512. Jordan Dancyger
  513. Silvia Martínez-Núñez (PostDoc at Physics Institute of Cantabria (IFCA), Spain)
  514. Urmila Chadayammuri (PhD student at Yale University)
  515. James Brokaw (Undergraduate Illinois State University, Counselor Adler Planetarium)
  516. Brianna Bukowski (High school student at Naperville Central High School, Adler Planetarium)
  517. Elisabeth Mills (Assistant Professor, University of Kansas)
  518. Alex Wise (PhD student at University of Delaware)
  519. Meagan Lang (Research scientist at UIUC)
  520. Dominic Bordelon (Librarian at European Southern Observatory)
  521. Lauren Chambers (Analyst at STScI)
  522. Erik Monson (PhD student at the University of Arkansas)
  523. Warren M. Porter (W. Porter Technical LLC, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, American Association of Physicsts in Medicine)
  524. Margaret Lee (Student at University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Intern at Statewide Organizing for Community Empowerment (SOCM); DSA member)
  525. Kate Napier (PhD student at the University of Michigan)
  526. Roy Kilgard (Associate Professor of the Practice, Wesleyan University)
  527. Zachary Weaver (PhD student at Boston University)
  528. Spencer Scott (PhD student at the University of Arizona)
  529. Timothy Van REeth (Postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven (Belgium))
  530. John C. Martin (Associate Professor of Astronomy-Physics, University of Illinois Springfield)
  531. Andrew Szentgyorgyi (Associate Director, CfA)
  532. Gabriella Gonzalez (Undergrad at UT Austin)
  533. Brianna Hull BSc, BA (Astro/Optics Research Masters student at NUI Galway)
  534. Michael Ross (PhD candidate at University of Washington; LIGO Scientific Collaboration)
  535. Benjamin K Tippett (Instructor, College of the Rockies)
  536. Emily Kuhn (PhD student at Yale University)
  537. Tomas Ahumada (PhD student at University of Maryland)
  538. Samantha Hoffman (STScI)
  539. Luna Zagorac (PhD student at Yale University)
  540. Pamela Hanratty (Indiana University Bloomington)
  541. Allyssa Riley (STScI)
  542. Genevieve Schroeder (PhD student at Northwestern University)
  543. Rafael Palomino (Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators)
  544. Michael Bueno (PhD student at Northwestern University, Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics)
  545. Mary Lou Finley (Co-Chair of the San Diego County Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party of California)
  546. Norma-Jean chock (Kanaka Maoli)
  547. Emily Garhart (MS, Arizona State University; NSF Graduate Research Fellow)
  548. Sanah Bhimani (PhD student at Yale University)
  549. George Iskander (Undergraduate student at Yale University)
  550. Nick Krefting (MS, Astrophysics from Tufts University)
  551. Kat Milligan-Myhre (Assistant Professor, University of alaska Anchorage)
  552. Paul Regensburger (PhD student at University of Oregon)
  553. Allison Lattin
  554. Jillian Scudder (Assistant Professor at Oberlim College)
  555. Robert Adams (Pacific peoples)
  556. Selma Kettwich (University of Puget Sound)
  557. Levi Schult (Undergraduate Astrophysics major at the University of Virginia)
  558. Donald Kettwich, MD (MD, grad of University of Chicago)
  559. Jason Poh (PhD student, University of Chicago)
  560. Anna Nalani Ezzy (Undergraduate at New York University)
  561. Mark Cook
  562. Jordon Markovich
  563. Adric Riedel (STScI)
  564. Matthew Maclay (Research & Instrument Analyst at Space Telescope Science Institute)
  565. Robert Bickley (Recent graduate, University of Connecticuit)
  566. Matthew Wahl (Night operator)
  567. Karen Holmberg (Visiting Asst Professor of Environmental Science at New York University)
  568. Sarah Parker (PhD student at University of Missouri)
  569. Zafar Rustamkulov (Incoming PhD student at Johns Hopkins)
  570. Sarah Ballard (Assistant Professor of Astronomy, University of Florida)
  571. Maile Harris (Undergraduate at Yale University)
  572. Sabrina Tecklenburg (PhD student at Stanford University)
  573. Marissa Yonamine
  574. Matthew S. Tiscareno (Senior Research Scientist at the SETI institute)
  575. Cynthia M. Fadem (Associate Professor of Geology at Earlham College)
  576. K Allen F (Master’s Student at NYU; Brown University)
  577. Noah Weaverdyck (PhD student at University of Michigan)
  578. Liza Hafner (Undergraduate in Earth Systems at Stanford University)
  579. Zoe Faes (Undergraduate student at the University of Manchester)
  580. Jhett Bordwell (PhD student at University of Colorado Boulder)
  581. Alexander Watkins-Goodman (Undergraduate student at Columbia University)
  582. Justin Brienza (Assistant Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University)
  583. Jennifer Sobeck (University of Washington, Senior Research Scientist)
  584. Leslie Heam (Retired; Member Institute of Physics (UK))
  585. Prof. Robert G. Roosen, PhD (Owner/Director Rainbow Observatory; IAU Life Member)
  586. Nicole Arulanantham (PhD student at University of Colorado Boulder)
  587. Alex Reda (PhD student at Yale)
  588. Nuria Casasayas-Barris (PhD student)
  589. Miles Currie (PhD student at University of Washington)
  590. Debra Fischer (Professor of Astronomy, Yale University)
  591. Shirin Zaidi (Student at Penn State University)
  592. Daniel Heimsoth (Astrophysics Undergraduate at Yale University; Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
  593. Tonima Tasnim Ananna (Yale University)
  594. Nathaniel Kerman (Student at Yale University; University of Chile, Santiago)
  595. Uddipan Banik (PhD student at Yale University)
  596. Héctor G. Arce (Associate Professor at Yale University)
  597. David Zegeye (PhD student at the University of Chicago)
  598. Stephanie Spear (B.S. in Astrophysics from Yale University)
  599. James Haney (Eastern Band Cherokee Native)
  600. TatianaS (WHNP)
  601. Alyssa Cassity (Undergraduate student at Smith College, Summer Research FEllow at Yale University Astronomy)
  602. Iva Fatbut (University of Arizona (student))
  603. Janosz Dewberry (PhD student at the University of Cambridge)
  604. Puanani Rogers (Ho`okips Network- Kauai; Kia`i o Mauna a Wakea)
  605. Carl Fields (PhD student at Michigan State University)
  606. Kaustav Mitra (PhD student at Yale University)
  607. Sabrina Outmani (PhD student at University of Warwick, Department of Physics)
  608. Morgan Saidel (Undergraduate physics major at the University of New Hampshire)
  609. Ryan Cutter (PhD student [University of Warwick])
  610. Moshe Gai (University of Connecticut)
  611. Tracy Hodge (Berea College; American Astronomical Society, Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
  612. Matthew Green (Postdoc at University of Warwick)
  613. Jake Clark (PhD Candidate at the University of Southern Queensland)
  614. Lamiya Mowla (PhD student at Yale University)
  615. Nathanial Hendler (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  616. Mary Chessey (Postdoc at University of Maryland College Park)
  617. Antígona Segura (Researcher at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
  618. Massimo Marengo (Professor, Iowa State University )
  619. Alexander Peterson, MSc.
  620. Peter Gmelch (Masters candidate at NYU)
  621. Rebecca Levy (PhD candidate at the University of Maryland)
  622. Kimberly Robins (Undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University)
  623. Johnny Dorigo Jones (Astronomy Undergraduate at University of Michigan)
  624. Joanne Dawson (Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University)
  625. Emmett Collins
  626. Luca Zappacosta (Italian National Institute for Astrophysics - Astrononomical Observatory of Rome)
  627. Naim Goksel Karacayli (PhD student at Yale University)
  628. Te Whewheia (Kaitiaki @ Tuhoe Nation)
  629. Rob Cockcroft (Assistant Professor, Western University)
  630. Marshall C. Johnson (Columbus Prize Postdoctoral Fellow at the Ohio State University)
  631. Gabriel Mininberg (Undergraduate astronomy student (Yale University))
  632. Jessica Ennis (Physics Instructor at Augsburg University)
  633. Louise Edwards (Asst. Prof at Cal Poly, SLO)
  634. Ruth Hill (Undergraduate at University College London)
  635. Victor Papyshev (Undergraduate research student at the University of Louisville)
  636. Joanna Young (BSc Astronomy University of British Columbia; PhD candidate Geophysics University of Alaska Fairbanks)
  637. Miranda Mosley (Undergraduate Researcher, Bachelor's of Arts in Social Welfare, UC Berkeley)
  638. Joseph Chamberlain (Undergraduate at University of Arizona)
  639. Danielle D’Angelo (University of Arizona)
  640. Erica Hammerstein (PhD student at University of Maryland)
  641. Mayura Balakrishnan (Post-bacc researcher at University of Michigan; B.S. in physics and B.S. in astronomy from UM)
  642. Gabriella Guillen (BA student, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
  643. Anthony Sanchez (B.S Physics from Humboldt State)
  644. Martha Noyes
  645. Vanessa Hillman
  646. Andrew San Miguel (US Navy)
  647. Brenda Carlyle
  648. Joe O’Rourke (SESE Exploration Postdoc, ASU)
  649. Anh Bui (Student of SFSU)
  650. Tom Peterken (PhD student at University of Nottingham)
  651. Marjane Aalam (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  652. Manuel J. Perez III (Masters student at Wesleyan University)
  653. Radhika Trivedi (Undergrad at Amity University)
  654. Barry Rice (Professor of Astronomy, Sierra College, California)
  655. Nikaïa Smith (Postdoc at Institute Pasteur, Paris, France)
  656. Hao-Tung Chuang (Undergraduate at Oregon State University)
  657. Chalynette Martinez-Martinez (Chemistry graduate of The Johns Hopkins University; Supporter of Indigenous Rights)
  658. Jeffrey Shueler (PhD student at University of Hawaii-Dept of Physics and Astronomy)
  659. Karel Green (PhD student at the University of Nottinghan;
  660. Dipa Desai (MS/PhD paleoclimate student at
  661. AkheraWilliams (Subscriber of
  662. Paula davila
  663. Tijs van Room (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
  664. Laisvydas Pikcilingis
  665. Jackie Villadsen (Assistant Professor of Physics at St. Mary’s College of Maryland; Alumni of Caltech astrophysics graduate program)
  666. Chris Gosling (Saranac Lake High School)
  667. Kerry Klemmer (PhD student at Princeton University)
  668. Marla Geha (Professor at Yale University)
  669. Claire Gordon
  670. joseph duenas
  671. Amani Garvin (Research Scientist at Columbia University; Ball Aerospace)
  672. John-Res Saufoi Moors (Son of Polynesia)
  673. Hannah Jang-Condell (Associate Professor at University of Wyoming)
  674. Elena Long (Asst. Prof., University of New Hampshire)
  675. Kristen Larson (Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Western Washington University)
  676. Kamira Barron (University of Calgary, UCLA)
  677. Andi Hanako Rooney (M.Ed student at Harvard University)
  678. Arani Roy (Research Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota)
  679. Emma Mannfors (Master’s student in astronomy, University of Helsinki)
  680. Ellen Marius (Undergrad Environmental Sustainability Student at Barnard College, Columbia University)
  681. Andrew Saydjiari (PhD student at Harvard University)
  682. Karen Knierman (Arizona State University)
  683. David Schiminovich (Columbia University)
  684. Samantha Hoskins (Student at University of Florida)
  685. Jacqueline van Gorkom (Professor at Columbia University)
  686. Adam Rubinstein (PhD student at University of Rochester)
  687. Dr. Moses P. Milazzo (Research Scientist, Owner at Other Orb, LLC)
  688. Daniel S. Helman, PhD (Lecturer & Researcher at Ton Duc Thang University; Executive Director at Winkle Institute: A Group of Independent Scientists)
  689. J. Andrew Casey-Clyde (Incoming PhD student at the University of Connecticut)
  690. Crystal Gnilka (PhD student at Georgia State University)
  691. Julie Aponte
  692. Jennifer Bundock
  693. Eli Baumann (Occupational Medicine Research Coordinator at HealthPartners)
  694. Stephen Williams
  695. Kaushik Rao (PhD student at Northwestern University; LIGO)
  696. Florence Julian
  697. Carlie Miller (STEM teacher, OHPS)
  698. Arthur Eigenbrot (National Solar Observatory)
  699. Bob Douglas (Retired computer engineer)
  700. Adrian Stingaciu (MS Applied Electromagnetics from UNM)
  701. Bianca Payan (Undergraduate at the University of Arizona)
  702. Shaina Rogstad (PhD candidate at UMass Amherst)
  703. John Wu (PhD student at Rutgers University)
  704. Donovan Domingue (Professor at Georgia College)
  705. M. Virginia McSwain (Associate Professor at LeHigh University)
  706. Brian Manley (Aspiring Young Astrophysicist)
  707. Andrew Bricker (High School Earth/Space Science teacher, Lawrence High School in Lawrence, KS)
  708. Robert Minchin (Sr Scientist, USRA, acting in a personal capacity)
  709. Zahra Khan (Space Systems Engineer)
  710. Karen Hand
  711. Sai Krishanth Pulikesi Mannan (Undergraduate student at the University of Arizona)
  712. Erin Lippitt (Undergraduate student at Yale University)
  713. Tiffany Chapman (Maui resident)
  714. Katiya Fosdick (Undergraduate Student at UW-Madison)
  715. Jessica Milne (MPH, University of Michigan alum)
  716. Rose Borden (MS student at University of Tennessee Knoxville)
  717. Bri Aldersea (student at RMIT university)
  718. Catherine Cranmer (Astrophysics undergraduate at Arizona State University; DESI intern at Kitt Peak National Observatory)
  719. Karina Chiu (Undergrad student at California Polytechnic University of San Luis Obispo)
  720. Noelani Josselin
  721. Jaime E. Forero-Romero (Associate professor, Los Andes University)
  722. Amruta Jaodand
  723. K.C. Salyer (Associate Professor of Practice, Anthropology Department and Director of the Human Rights Program; Barnard College, Columbia University)
  724. Manya Sahni (PhD student at Kings College London)
  725. Hans Zekl (Freelance Science writer)
  726. Joseph Kawika Delfin
  727. Mayrose Porter (Medical Student)
  728. Sara Rezvi (PhD student at The University of Illinois at Chicago; The University of Chicago, AB’06, Mathematics, ‘08 Masters of Arts in Teaching)
  729. Abby Mintz (Undergraduate at Yale University)
  730. Mariah Yoder
  731. Cecilia Molina (Alumni from San Francisco State University, NAC fellow at STScI)
  732. Teemu Willamo (PhD student at University of Helsinki)
  733. William Balmer (Undergraduate Researcher at Amherst College)
  734. Arther Adams (PhD student at Yale University)
  735. Galen SChwartzberg (MS student at Bowling Green State University, Ohio)
  736. Terry Bridges (Okanagan College)
  737. Carol COZZI schmarr (Ocean Rider seahorse farm; Seahorse HAWAII foundation)
  738. Jack Warfield (Undergraduate student at The Ohio State University)
  739. Matthew Whitehouse (Observatory Manager, South Carolina State Museum)
  740. Dr. Sara Mazrouei (University of Western Ontario; Space Matters)
  741. Elise Huffer
  742. Matthew Whitehouse (Observatory Manager, South Carolina State Museum)
  743. Malia DeFay-Brown)
  744. Savannah Garmon (Osaka Prefecture University; University of Tokyo)
  745. Marci Carpenter
  746. Taran Chun
  747. Jarred Gershon Green (Researcher at the Italian National Institute of Astrophysics INAF)
  748. Jonathan Lewis (PhD student at Freie Universität Berlin)
  749. Calley ONeill
  750. Phyllis Steinhauser (Alumnus, Roosevelt, University, Chicago)
  751. Faatimah Solomon (Stanford undergrad)
  752. Jennifer Pearce (Associate Professor, Roger Williams University)
  753. Timothy LaRock (PhD student at Northeastern University; Member of Science for the People)
  754. Laura Chomiuk (Assistant Professor at Michigan State)
  755. Dhruva Ganapathy (PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  756. Joseph Calvey (Assistant Physicist, Argonne National Lab)
  757. Larry Aseo
  758. Liza Sazonova (PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)
  759. Vicki Gibson
  760. Madelein Lucey (PhD student at University of Texas)
  761. Amani Mildred Garvin (Research scientist at Columbia University; NuSTAR Galactic Survey Team)
  762. Kirill Tchernyshyov (PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)
  763. Carlyn Zniewski (Marathon, Texas amateur)
  764. Heather Eagle
  765. Courtney Kong (Undergraduate Student at Kapiolani Community College; Hawaii Resident)
  766. Caroline Huang (PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)
  767. Nell Byler (Postdoc at the Australian National University)
  768. Taylor Hoyt (PhD student at UChicago)
  769. Anurag Deshpande (PhD student at UCL)
  770. James Lowenthal (Professor at Smith College)
  771. Bernice Walker
  772. Heather Garland (Rutgers University)
  773. Christopher Manser (Research Fellow at University of Warwick)
  774. Elena Cukanovaite (PhD student at University of Warwick)
  775. Brianna Smart (Postdoc Research Associate at the University of Hertfordshire)
  776. Dr. Evan Tyler (Researcher at University of Minnesota)
  777. Justine Grabiec (M.S. student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  778. Carrie Holt (PhD student at University of Maryland)
  779. Lydia Liu (Cornell University; UC Berkeley)
  780. Patrick von Morgen (Postdoc at MSKCC)
  781. Christine Benoit (Administrator at Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian; Harvard College Observatory)
  782. Carrie Filion (PhD student at Johns Hopkins)
  783. Jillian Bellovary (Assistant Professor, CUNY - Queensborough Community College; American Museum of Natural History)
  784. Caroline Huang (PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)
  785. Aylin Garcia Soto (PhD student at Dartmouth)
  786. Roberta Humphreys (University of MInnesota)
  787. Michael Busch (PhD student at Johns Hopkins University; NSF Graduate Fellow)
  788. Brian O’Neill (PhD student at University of Minnesota)
  789. Kelsey Dawson
  790. Keira Brooks
  791. Ian Ramdeen
  792. Jae Calanog (Assistant Professor, San Diego Miramar College)
  793. David Hofmann (Postdoc at Emory University; Science for the People)
  794. Coyne Gibson (The University of Texas - McDonald Observatory)
  795. Nicole Gugliucci (Assistant Professor at Saint Anselm College)
  796. W. D’Arcy Kenworthy (PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)
  797. Sanjana Curtis (PhD student at North Carolina State University)
  798. Catherine Lovekin (Associate Professor, Mount Allison University)
  799. Andy Rundquist (Hamline University)
  800. Jenna Lyons (2019 Graduate of Saint Anselm College)
  801. Charles Robinson (Ohana)
  802. Johnny Nguyen (American Physical Therapy Association)
  803. Maya Pace
  804. Wilson Liu (Assistant Scientist at NOAO)
  805. J.McKim Malville (Emeritus Professor, Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, University of Colorado)
  806. Jay Strader (Associate Professor at Michigan State University)
  807. Edward Montiel (Associate Pipeline Scientist, SOFIA/USRA)
  808. Kari-Lyn Sakuma (Assistant Professor at Oregon State University)
  809. James Davenport (University of Washington)
  810. Kate Sandelin (Senior Instructor at Western Washington University)
  811. Renata Koontz (Graduate student at Yale University)
  812. Sam McKagan (American Association of Physics Teachers; Director, PhysPort)
  813. Inger Kanoe Hojfeldt (Kumu Hula)
  814. Maya Monroe (PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)
  815. Kathryn Neugent (PhD student at University of Washington)
  816. Ali Bramson (Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Arizona)
  817. Marsha Shaiman
  818. Orion Koleva (Undergraduate at Miami University)
  819. Andrew Chael (Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian)
  820. Tim McKay (Professor of Physics, Astronomy, & Education, University of Michigan)
  821. Maryann Rose Broyles
  822. Patrick Griffith (B.S. Biology at Drexel University)
  823. Megan Marshall Smith (PhD student at the University of Maryland)
  824. Abigail Crites (Postdoc at Caltech)
  825. Maya Navabi (Undergraduate student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  826. Cesar Arevalo (Undergraduate at Stanford University)
  827. Jennifer Stafford (Incoming PhD student at University of Wisconsin Madison)
  828. Joel C. Zinn (Postdoc, University of New South Wales)
  829. Carolina Nunez (PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)
  830. Caroline Roberts
  831. Casey Melton
  832. Matt Hodel (PhD student at McGill University)
  833. Laura Prichard (Postdoc at Space Telescope Science Institute)
  834. Rozlyn Reiner, M.A. (Astronomy Resource Educator, Kauai Educational Association for Science & Astronomy (KEASA); State of Hawaii Dept. of Education)
  835. Saaya Sugiyama-Spearman (Astrophysics Undergraduate at Yale University)
  836. Susana Pedrosa (IAFE Institute for Astronomy and Space Physics; CONICET - OBA; UAM Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
  837. Jennifer Medina (Analyst at STScI)
  838. Paul M. Amy (PhD student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  839. Beth Semel (PhD student, MIT)
  840. Joshua Oppor (PhD student at University of Wisconsin - Madison
  841. Alejandro López (Researcher in cultural astronomy, CONICET-UBA, Argentina; Astronomer and Anthropologist)
  842. Benedikt Diemer (Postdoc at Harvard)
  843. Michael P. Oman-Reagan (Vanier Scholar, Anthropologist at Memorial University; JustSpace Alliance Board)
  844. Rebecca Nevin (Postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Astrophysics)
  845. Laura Olivera Nieto (MSc student at the University of Innsbruck; Astromundus)
  846. Douglas Branton (Analyst at Space Telescope Science Institute)
  847. William Webber)
  848. James Negus (PhD student at CU Boulder)
  849. Kerry Hensley (PhD student at Boston University)
  850. Priyanka Shanmugasundaram (MS student at University of Michigan School of Information)
  851. Elisabeth Newton (Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College)
  852. Heidi McCann (University of Colorado Boulder; Citizen of the Yavapai-Apache Nation)
  853. Maria Gonzalez (PhD student at Virginia Tech)
  854. Adrianna Garriga-López, Ph.D. (Kalamazoo College)
  855. Sana Saboowala (PhD student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
  856. Daniel Ziskin, PhD (NCAR)
  857. Victoria DiTomasso (PhD student at Harvard)
  858. Kayleigh Kresse (Cancer researcher at Oregon Health & Science University)
  859. Angel A Garcia Jr (Assistant Professor of Geology at James Madison University; Rising Voices)
  860. J. Sebastian Pineda (Research Scientist; CU Boulder LASP)
  861. Akaxia Cruz (PhD student at University of Washington)
  862. Carrie Nugent (Olin College)
  863. Janene Yazzie
  864. Dennis Tilipman (PhD student at CU Boulder)
  865. Carla Arce (PhD candidate at Universidad de Chile)
  866. Wolfgang Dzieran (Volunteer at Volkssternwarte Paderborn, Schloß Neuhaus, Germany)
  867. Julie Lefore
  868. Chelsea Robinson (Enspiral Foundation)
  869. Jeffrey Schueler (PhD student Dept. of Physics and Astronomy University of Hawaii)
  870. Shelley Choy (Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher at Iyengar Yoga Honolulu)
  871. Julie Maldonado (Associate Director, Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network; University of California, Santa Barbara)
  872. Gulden Othman (PhD candidate at University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill)
  873. Zoheyr Doctor (PhD student at UChicago)
  874. Arika Egan (PhD student at University of Colorado Boulder)
  875. Patti Choy
  876. Emily Marquez (PhD, Staff Scientist at Pesticide Action Network; Academy of the Hawaiian Arts, Oakland, CA)
  877. John Witeck (HCC lecturer, OESM)
  878. Joanne Marras Tate (PhD student at University of Colorado)
  879. Amy Glazier (PhD student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; NASA NC Space Grant Graduate Research Fellow)
  880. Roanne Nip (Ukulele instructor with Kamana Sr. Center in Hilo)
  881. Tri Nguyen (PhD student at MIT)
  882. Diane Choy Fujimura (Save Ala Moana Beach Park Hui)
  883. Lorenzo A. Williams
  884. Mark Schacht (former PhD student at University of Illinois; Bd Mbr Hawaii Wild Reefs Non-Profit)
  885. Leihulu Irvine
  886. Samantha Scibelli (PhD student at University of Arizona)
  887. Hele Nahoopii (CEO, Indigo Blue Hawaii; The Evergreen State College)
  888. Kimmy Wu (Postdoc at KICP/UChicago)
  889. Simyat Thu (PhD candidate of English at University of Washington, Seattle)
  890. S. G. Sterrett (Professor at Wichita State University; Fellow of AAAS; Full Member Sigma Xi)
  891. Sarah Balster (Engineering Geologist State of California)
  892. Mike Walmsley (PhD student at University of Oxford)
  893. Taylor Alexandra Hutchinson (PhD student at Texas A&M University; NSF Graduate Fellow, TAMU Diversity Fellow)
  894. Malcolm Q. Orrall (B.S., Physics, UCLA, son of Astronomer Frank Q.Orrall, Ph.D., Harvard, who was one of the two professors granted instant tenure to found the Institute for Astronomy (IfA) at UH)
  895. Holly Shelton (PhD student at University of Washington)
  896. Susan Heimann (Graduate of the University of Texas at Austin)
  897. JC Holbrook (Associate Professor, Physics & Astronomy, University of the Western Cape; Hawaiian born African American Astrophysicist)
  898. Sally Rappepport (Concerned Citizen)
  899. Mimi Filova (Undergraduate at New York University Abu Dhabi)
  900. Carla Dhillon (Ph.D., P.E.)
  901. Sheena Skinner (Undergraduate at CU Boulder)
  902. William O’Leary (University of Texas)
  903. Camille Avestruz (KICP/EFI Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Chicago)
  904. Elizabeth McLaren
  905. Karen Johnstone
  906. Rebecca Holmes (Undergraduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder)
  907. Heidi Schutz (Associate Professor of Biology at Pacific Lutheran University)
  908. Bob Rabin (Instructor, Ilisagvik College; Research Meteorologist, honorary fellow, UW-Madison)
  909. Aleksey Generozov (Postdoc at JILA/CU Boulder)
  910. Kathryn Boyd (Research Faculty at University of Colorado)
  911. Jonathan Laverty (Undergraduate at CU Boulder)
  912. Kara Garcia (Natural Resources graduate)
  913. Deanna Erickson (Education Coordinator, University of Wisconsin Madison Division of Extension; Duluth for Clean Water)
  914. Rebecca Holmes (Undergraduate at University of Colorado Boulder)
  915. Denise woo
  916. Uche Okwo (Undergrad student at MIT)
  917. Amy Parent (PhD student at University of Abertay Dundee)
  918. Andrew Graus (Postdoc at UT Austin)
  919. Robel Geda (Software Engineer at STScI)
  920. Alina Li (MPH student at Brown University School of Public Health)
  921. Wynn Jacobson-Galan (Incoming G1 at Northwestern University and NSF Graduate Fellow)
  922. Ahmed Al Awadhi (PhD student at University of Washington, UW Language and Rhetoric Colloquium)
  923. Macy Huston (Grad student at Penn State)
  924. Benjamin Keller (Physics Undergraduate Student Johns Hopkins University)
  925. Anna Veolker (The Ohio State University)
  926. Clara Sousa-Silva (Post-doc at MIT)
  927. Ramy Kim (President, Counter Culture Labs)
  928. Tom Jara (Undergraduate at UC Davis; Counter Culture Labs)
  929. Cebe Loomis (UCSC, MFA Social Documentation)
  930. Sandra D. Nair (Undergraduate student at Mathematics and physics departments)
  931. Dhanesh Krishnarao (Ph.D. student at University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  932. Andrea Ahumada (Prof. at Observatorio Astronomico de Cordoba, Argentina)
  933. Charlie Conroy (Professor, Harvard University)
  934. Carolyn Kopecky
  935. Aaron Lopez (PhD student at UW-Madison)
  936. Jonathan Ranallo (Undergraduate astrophysics student at the University of Victoria)
  937. Andrea Delgado (Ph.D., University of Washington)
  938. Andrew Nine (PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  939. Miranda Apfel (PhD student at UCSC)
  940. Shane Loeffler (University of Minnesota; Science for the People)
  941. Bethlee M Lindor (Graduate student at the University of Washington
  942. Joseph Kekuhaupio Wells
  943. Kira Simpson (Research Technologist at Penn State University)
  944. Skylar Niehaus (University of Alberta Alumna)
  945. Kalena K. Blakemore (UHHILO Heritage Management MA alumni & Land Management Specialist)
  946. Nicholas Mehrle (PhD student at MIT)
  947. John Staunton (Undergraduate at Columbia University)
  948. John Balido (Undergrad student at Cal Poly SLO)
  949. Ellen Shallig (PhD student at University of Oxford)
  950. Sean Barrett (PhD student at University of Oxford)
  951. David A Collier
  952. Felipe-Andres Piedra (Instructor at Baylor College of Medicine)
  953. David Salkoff (PhD, Yale University)
  954. Alex Lum (UHCC STEM graduate and STREAM student)
  955. Ainsley Kelly (MFA graduate, University of Washington)
  956. Catharine E. Krebs, PhD (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)
  957. Sheryl Potts (KU Alumna)
  958. Aina Smart Truco (Recent bachelor’s graduate in Sustainable Environmental Design through department of Human Ecology; Arboretum and Public Gardens)
  959. Amber Keller (Habitat for Humanity)
  960. Gabriel H Ortiz-Pena (M.S. Graduate, University of Colorado, Boulder)
  961. Denis Erkal (Lecturer in Astrophysics, University of Surrey, UK)
  962. Sarah Rugheimer (Post-doc at Oxford University)
  963. Zachary Mathe (DAAD Graduate Scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion)
  964. Alexey Merz, Ph.D. (Professor of Biochemistry, and Professor of Physiology & Biophysics, University of Washington)
  965. Lia Clark (Graduate Student ASU)
  966. Ravi Sankrit
  967. J B Murray (Holography Institute)
  968. Zeph Van Allen
  969. Judy Lemus (University of Hawaii)
  970. Zasha Welsh (Undergraduate Biology student at NAU and Indigenous Hawaiian)
  971. Yssavo Camacho-Neves (PhD student at Rutgers University)
  972. Marsha Tajima
  973. Tomas Lopez (PhD student at Penn State University)
  974. Pratik Patil
  975. Sigrid Schmalzer (Professor in history of science, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Science for the People)
  976. Amol Upadhye (Postdoc at UNSW Sydney)
  977. Richard Hamasaki
  978. Stephanie Collins (Bachelors degree in Anthropology student at Athabasca University)
  979. Ingrid LaFleur (Founder and Director of AFROTOPIA)
  980. Samantha Berek (Astrophysics Undergraduate at Yale University)
  981. Enrique Alberto Gómez, Ph.D. (Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Western Carolina University; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Jackson County NC Branch President)
  982. David Rabinowitz (Yale Astronomer)
  983. Tara Campbell (Undergraduate Astrophysics student at Yale University)
  984. Lola Balaguer-Núñez (Senior Researcher at University of Barcelona, ICCUB-IEEC)
  985. Paula Cruz P.
  986. Hilde Creager (Rider U post-bacc; Princeton U)
  987. Jerry Ferro (Kanaka Aupuni, Military Vet, Former NASA employee and Pacific Missile Range/Air Force Western Test Range employee, KUMU family center, drug and alcohol family treatment programs and law facilitator against illegal  drug alcohol and gambling operations)
  988. Tanya J. Gaxiola Serrano (Assistant Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio)
  989. James Robinson (PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast; LSSTC Data Science Fellowship Programme)
  990. Luca Bettermann (Masters Student at ETH Zurich)
  991. Melanie Barnett (Biologist at Stanford University)
  992. Juliana Kwan (postdoc, Liverpool John Moores University)
  993. Olga Dabek
  994. William Jackson (Research Associate, Imperial College London)
  995. Sarah Kramer (PhD student at Columbia University Mailman SChool of Public Health)
  996. Geoff Ivison (PhD student at Stanford University)
  997. Williamson Chang (University of Hawaii William Richardson School of Law; Royal Order of Kamehameha)
  998. Michelle María Early Capistrán (PhD Candidate at National Autonomous University of Mexico, Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers)
  999. Maya Walton
  1000. Sherri B Amerman (Retired teacher)
  1001. Judith Carpenter
  1002. Juan José Gutiérrez (Guide at Griffith Observatory)
  1003. Rudy Kok
  1004. Tamara Watson
  1005. Pulelehua Pascual
  1006. Jennifer Ching
  1007. Christine Lynch (PhD Entomologist USDA)
  1008. Pauline L Young (Kupuna Hawaiian Practitioner)
  1009. Sarah Crawford (Teacher)
  1010. Monica johnson (Protector of the land)
  1011. Laiku danson (Child of this Earth)
  1012. Lisa Beth Agle (Physics teacher at Le Jardin Academy; University of Tennesee, Knoxville (BS in Physics, MS in Education))
  1013. Lucie Knor (PhD student at SOEST)
  1014. Amber Lennox (PhD student at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
  1015. Mayisha Zeb Nakib (PhD student at UIUC, Illinois; Physics)
  1016. P J Sallave-Goldfinger (Georgia State University -Caltech-Mt Wilson Observatory; La Astronomical Society)
  1017. Blake s. Nitta
  1018. Ruandra Costescu (Senior Scientist II at National Institute of Materials PHysics, Bucharest, Romania)
  1019. Rupini Kamat (PhD student at Stanford; BS from UCLA)
  1020. Christian Braneon (Barnard Collge)
  1021. Nannette PRata
  1022. Ann Richard (Retired RN)
  1023. Christopher Buljubasic (B.S. student at Steinbeis-university Berlin)
  1024. Karl Vargas (graduate from Ithaca College; Executive Director of La Raza For Liberation)
  1025. Paul Talbert (Research specialist, Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
  1026. Eli Canfield (Sansei Waikiki)
  1027. Sabrina M. Appel (PhD student at Rutgers University)
  1028. Vineshree (Undergraduate at the University of Cape Town)
  1029. Dan Kinch (MASt student at the University of Cambridge; Marshall Scholar 2017)
  1030. Nataly Manjarrez Orduno
  1031. Franziska Schmidt (PhD student at UCL)
  1032. Boutelier Timothé
  1033. Zoe Uhr (Senior at Hilo High School)
  1034. Dr Alastair Bruce (Postdoctoral research at Institute for Astronomy, Royal Observatory Edinburgh)
  1035. Sara Alexander
  1036. Nam Anh Nguyen (BA graduate at Carleton College; Research assistant at University of Minnesota)
  1037. Sera Markoff (Professor of Astronomy at University of Amsterdam)
  1038. Justin Goodrich (PhD student at Lehigh University)
  1039. Andrew Foster (PhD student at Cornell University; Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology grant recipient)
  1040. Dinah Hobson (BA grad U. of CA @ Berkeley, MS U of OR @ Eugene)
  1041. Kristina Islo (Postdoc at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)
  1042. Zoe Learner Ponterio (Research Support Specialist at Cornell University)
  1043. Bugao Zou (PhD student at Cornell University)
  1044. Christopher Rooney (PhD student at Cornell University)
  1045. Jason Ruiz (Undergraduate student at SDSU)
  1046. Denyz Melchor (Undergraduate at Cal State Fullerton; LIGO)
  1047. Anne Cuddeback (Undergraduate Student at the University of Virginia)
  1048. Dara Hincapié (Science communicator at the Medellín Planetarium)
  1049. Mariah-Rose Marie M
  1050. Ann Isaacs (Undergraduate researcher at Carleton College)
  1051. Sarah Bodansky (Undergrad student at Carleton College)
  1052. Alessandra Jerolleman (Assistant Professor)
  1053. Maggie Connor (United States Olympian)
  1054. Sagrika Jawadi (Undergraduate student at Scripps College; Neuroscience major)
  1055. Ayaka Moriyama (Undergraduate at Carleton College)
  1056. Cece Thieberger (Undergrad at Cornell University)
  1057. Astrid Sneekes
  1058. Silvia Soria Huguet (Research Scientist at IFAC Institute of Applied Physics, Italy)
  1059. Kamanawa Revilla (Descendant/Pedigree of a Capt. George Beckley and Princess Ahia of 'The Hawaiian Kingdom', {circa.1795-Present})
  1060. Cassidy Knight
  1061. Nathanlie C. Haurberg (Associate Professor at Knox College)
  1062. Andy Cohn (Hampshire College alumnus)
  1063. Randa Lynn Kaupu
  1064. Sthabile Kolwa (PhD student at ESO, Garching)
  1065. Laura Rios (Assistant Professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
  1066. Kirstin Thompson (SOEST master’s student, University of Hawai’i)
  1067. Brent Barker (University of Chicago)
  1068. Mason V. Tea (Undergraduate Student at Wesleyan University)
  1069. Isaac Bromley-Dulfano (Undergraduate Student at University of Michigan)
  1070. Margary Martin (University of Hawai’i at Hilo)
  1071. Carina Baker (PhD student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
  1072. Kase Wheatley (MS student at UW Madison)
  1073. Prabhani Rajakaruna (PhD student at University of Toledo, OH)
  1074. Brent Debassige, PhD (First Nations with Schools Collective; Ojibwe-Anishinaabe)
  1075. Noreen k inoke
  1076. Denise Robinson
  1077. Shelly A. Beseau
  1078. Dylan (University of Colorado at Boulder)
  1079. Sharon Fox (Hālau Nā Pua ‘O Uluhaimālama)
  1080. Karl Hensen (Hawai’i resident)
  1081. Andrew lee (Pu’u honua o Pu’uhuluhulu, Native Hawaiian)
  1082. Chryssa Ke’alaokamaile Jones (Native Hawaiian MBA and Software Engineer)
  1083. Wayne Ailama Keawemauhili Fanene (Ku Kia’i, Alofa Paia)
  1084. Judissa Atkinson
  1085. Beth Scalise
  1086. Rein Flor (Communication Design Major, Mother and concern for Hawaii)
  1087. Joseph Walsh (Junior student at Oak Park and River Forest High School)
  1088. georgie (Bachelors student of University of East Anglia)
  1089. Kamala Morales (Student at Kauai Community College)
  1090. Stephanie Borrelle (University of Toronto, David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow)
  1091. Lilikalā Kameʻeleihiwa (Senior Professor, Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies, Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)
  1092. John walsh (artist)
  1093. Susan Mitnik