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WEB: Partner manual for MyData+Hackathon 2016
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Partner manual (Conference and hackathon)

General info for all attendees. See “For hackathon partners” below for hack specific info.

General contact person regarding booths and partnerships: Emilia Hjelm  <>

Important dates and times


Arriving and check-in

To and from the venue

(general contact info by the venue)


General booth info

Main partner & Partner



Project Lounge

Announcement Stage

Evening programme

MyData 2016 Sauna Day

Thematic Dinners

For Hackathon partners

Important dates and times in the Hack


Technical resources for hackers

The Hackspace

Floorplan and the entrance of the Hackspace

Who to contact

Checklist for all partners

Specific checklist for hackathon partners

Important dates and times

22nd August

Deadline for booth bookings

22nd August

(Soft) Deadline for registration with contracted passes

30th August

Building starts at the conference venue

9:00 - 17:00

2nd September

Dismantling needs to be completed



You have received a number of conference passes as a part of your sponsorship package. You have received codes for claiming the conference passes in our Holvi webshop. If you haven’t received the codes, please email us at and we will sort it out.

Everyone entering the conference needs a conference pass. If you need to bring in booth staff that won’t attend the programme, we can sell food vouchers for them. The cost is 30 eur / day or 90 eur / 3 days. Vouchers need to be ordered beforehand from our Holvi store.

Arriving and check-in

If you have completed the registration with your name via the conference registration site, you can get your pass and the conference kit from the information desk at the venue. Please have a valid ID with you just in case. Instead of right and left hand side entrances,  please use the main door of the building.

To and from the venue

(general contact info by the venue)

Public transport to and from the venue

You will get your free HSL travel card when arrived the venue, valid in Helsinki Region area. Before that, you may pay your trip (3ish to 5 €) in several ways  (by cash to the tram/bus driver, by mobile phone app, by SMS and in a ticket machine (bigger stations and tram stops).

Busses from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (be a sport and change the bus line once. Please, edit the ready-made journey planner search, if needed)

Finnair’s airport bus for everybody paying 6,30€ per trip (passing the venue, hop off at Porvoonkatu stop and continue walking after the bus 200m)

Taxi from the airport

17 km, 20 min, c. 35-40€

Janitor in the Hackathon lobby will call you a taxi to the front yard of the venue (from 8 to 16)

Generally, how to order taxi in Helsinki: tel. 0100 0700 (cost: 1,17 €/call + 0,25 €/10sec. + your basic cost/call :-))

Pre-bookings, tel. 0100 0600

read more:  Taxi Helsinki

Taxi app (iOS, Android, Win)

Also Uber operates in Helsinki (rides costs from the Airport are about the same as with taxi. Vice versa much cheaper.)

Train stations nearby

The venue is about 2,5 km North from the Main railway station, and about 1,5 km South from from the Pasila railway station. All trains arriving in Helsinki stop first at Pasila and then (in 5 min) at the Main railway station that is the end stop of all trains. Here are some busses from the Pasila railway station to the venue. (A taxi from Pasila (13-15€) and from the Main railway station 17-20€)

Nearest local bus stops (On Sturenkatu)

-when exiting the venue doors, 50 m right  (bus 23 towards the city / main railway station)

-when exiting the venue doors, 200m left  bus 23 (towards city) and 70T (towards Kamppi)

Nearest tram stops nearby (Next to Urheilutalo)

-trams 1 and 3, towards city (Eastbound)

-trams 8 towards Jätkäsaari (Westbound)

City bikes (sponsored by the grocery store chain Alepa) 5 € per day, 10€ per week, pre-registration and credit card payment in the net required. The nearest (300m down the Sturenkatu, south-westbound)) city bike station is in the corner of Helsinginkatu and Sturenkatu.

Car parking

Very next to the building (the north-east side) there is a public off-street parking lot with 16 spaces (plus one for invalid drivers). Maximum parking time is 4 hours. Try to be there before, or after the visitors of the amusement park Linnanmäki :-) There are also on-street spaces on the Sturenkatu and on its side streets (zone 3 = 1€/h (Mon-Fri 9-21, max 1 or 4 h), the most popular credit cards ok (no coins/bank notes!) , see the nearest parking ticket machines are in Sturenkatu 6 (next lot to North-East, left from the entrance (your back toward doors))  and 11 (opposite side of the street).

parking ticket machines near the Hall of Culture.png

                        Locations of the nearest parking ticket machines (cards only)

Naturally, we the digital people prefer the mobile parking payments (zone 3 = 1€/h + c.20c/transaction), in Helsinki operated by the international Easypark and the Finland-based Parkman. The on-street spaces  are mostly in the residential use, so we can only wish you a very good luck!

Physical accessibility

The building is built in 1958. It is full of stairs, narrow corridors, tight curves with more stairs etc. However, there is one invalid space on the parking lot, very next to the building (north-east side), and during a day time a car/van can be driven in the maintenance cellar (just drive near sliding doors, and they will open). From there you need to roll somewhat 30 meters (through one upward slope) and you are in the Hackspace. Behind the bar/kitchen, there is also a lift from the Hackspace to upstairs.


As a part of your sponsorship package you are eligible for a booth at the conference venue.

General booth info

You need to let us know about your plans for the booth. Complete this form by 22nd August.

We provide just electricity, so you should bring everything you need with you. It might be possible to give a small bar table and a chair, but that still needs to be confirmed.

We can order furniture for your stand from Pågå: 

Note: we will bill your organization separately for the furniture. We need to bill you for the VAT (24%) as well, since we are an association and need to pay the VAT.

Everybody needs to have a conference pass in order to enter the event, so there is no number for people at the booth. If you want to have staff just to run the booth, we can sell separate lunch vouchers for them. The cost is 30 eur / day or 90 eur / 3 days. Vouchers need to be ordered beforehand from our Holvi store.

You can bring in the stuff on Tuesday during the day or Wednesday after the conference has opened for visitors. All equipment must be cleared from the venue latest on Friday after the conference has closed. If you want to take down your booth earlier, that is fine with us.


Main partner & Partner

Your booth is located in the main lobby, Aalto-aula. Suggested booth size is max 3 m x 2 m. You can have the booth through the whole conference.


Your booth is located near the entrance to the main hall, Aalto-sali. Suggested booth size is max 3 m x 2 m. You can have the booth through the whole conference.


Your booth is located near the entrance to the main hall. Suggested booth size is max 3 m x 2 m.

You can choose from two options:

1) have the booth on one conference day.

Suggested booth size is max 3 m x 2 m.

2) have a small booth through the whole conference.

Suggested booth size is max 1 m x 1 m.

Project Lounge

MyData 2016 tagline is “make it happen, make it right!”. Making it happen requires a lot of collaboration and communication. In order to provide more possibilities for communication and further action we have reserved some extra spaces that we call the project lounge.

Project lounge is for presenting your projects more in-depth and organizing small meetups or workshops that extend our official program sessions. We have different sized project lounge meeting spaces that are available throughout the conference including lunch break and evenings.

Apply to the project lounge by filling in the form here:

Announcement Stage

There is a smaller stage in the main lobby (Aalto-aula) where the coffee and lunch is served. This stage can be used for short pitching and announcements during the breaks. In this environment short 2-4 minute announcements work best and the conversation can be deepened later on with interested people for example in the project lounge.

We are collecting the announcement programme and publishing it along main conference program. If you have something to say at the announcement stage contact

Evening programme

MyData 2016 Sauna Day

Open Sauna celebration as part of the MyData 2016 evening programme will take place on Thursday 1st of September! MyData 2016 organizers and partners want to offer all participants possibility to experience this essential part of Finnish culture. Most of the Finnish companies and other organizations have sauna facilities in the office buildings. We have invited the organizations to open the sauna doors for MyData 2016 participants.

You have been contacted about opening your sauna to MyData 2016 visitors. It is not too late to hop onboard now and organize a sauna evening!

See more at:

Thematic Dinners

Making new connections is one of the main pathway to making the conference success and impactful. After the official programme on the first day of the conference we will organize an informal reception at the venue, snacks and drinks are served.

Later in the evening (Aug 31st) we have pre-reserved tables from variety of restaurants in Helsinki. Choose an interesting restaurant and have a dinner with fellow MyData 2016 participants. Each table reservation is hosted by someone from the conference participants and the dinners may have loosely described themes to attract like minded people.

If you wish to host a thematic dinner, contact our party master Heli Sirkiä at 

Read more at:

For Hackathon partners

Need of registration

Most of the partners have registered themselves (as an individual person) in the ultrahack system. A spare system for this is a simple announcement of the partner organisations name, your name, email and mobile phone in advance to Teemu, John or Kalle (contact details in the end of this letter). So, to get in the Hackspace downstairs, your name MUST be in our lists. We have no resources to clear  

General discussion forum for hackathon partners and hackers

This Slack has separate channels for e.g. general questions, tech support and team building.

Accepted registrants are all invited, but ask for an invite if needed.

Important dates and times in the Hack

Tues 30th August, Hack space (Klubisali, downstairs)

Hackathon kick-off: welcome, introduction, challenges, idea pitching, team forming. All partners present.


Weds 31st August (Klubisali, downstairs)

Half-way Pitching from teams. Partners present, if possible

c. 16:30hrs

Thurs 1st September (Kultsa 1, ground floor)

Final Judging and  selection of (max) top 5 teams. Partner must participate!


Fri 2nd August

Overall winning team announced + max 5 Pitches. Happy to see you, if possible



At least one representative from each partner should be available on site, ready to coach teams. Obviously, the more you can make your organization available, the more you will get results. Some of the teams will stay overnight, so if you can make it, too, that is great. In case not, we understand that, fully :-) We will do that, anyway. Coaching will be based of course the partner representative’s personal skills and views. We try to profile available domains of  coaches for teams, so they would be able to ask right type of questions. This will happen mostly in the kick-off session. The need of coaching deals probably service concepts, business ideas and opportunities (from your company perspective, or more general), programming, pitching, and APIs and other data resources a partner can provide.

For virtual coaching you can use the ‘Slack’ chat channel (

Technical resources that hackers can use

Links to data and meta data per challenge theme

The Hackspace

You can meet teams in the basement, in the Hackspace (Klubisali). The hackspace is open 24/7, until Thurs 1st Sept evening (so, 48/2 :-).  There are also restrooms, showers and quiet rooms, with some sofas and mattresses.

There is 0,5 GB wlan to be shared among all participants of the conference and the hackathon.

Wifi-name:                 Ultrahack

Wifi-password:        mydata2016

Bring your own electricity (euro, two pin etc.) adapters for your devices, if you have devices not bought from Europe.  

Finger food and refreshments are also served in the Hackspace. If needed, additional snacks can be purchased in the cafe upstairs.

Working remotely is also ok, so not the whole team needs to be there.

Floorplan and the entrance of the Hackspace 

main door to museovirasto.jpg

Hackspace is in downstairs, entrance from the ground floor Hackathon lobby via “MAIN STAIRS” in the map)

Who to contact

Hackathon producer John Sperryn (, tel. +358 45 3148404)

Thematic coach in the hack, Kalle Toiskallio ( , +358 46 923 0511

Partner contacts, Teemu Ropponen (, +358 40 5255153, @troppone

John, Kalle and Teemu and several other organizers will be at the site almost all the time, and available all the time.

 In case of fire or health or life threatning, call 112.

Personal contacts:

Network (wlan) quality assurance: Tomi Simsiö (Ultrahack)  +358 40 752 8881, (in the Hackspace Tues 30.8. (from 11 to 20), Partner support, General assistance, Partner support, General assistance,  Promotion and social media