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iPad Tips & Tricks - April 2018

iPad for Beginners - April 2018

iPad Tips & Tricks - Jan 2018

Health App - Medical ID Tab

iPad Basics - Jan 2018

Apple - Where Are My Messages?

iPad Basics - Nov 2017

Apple Pay

Travel Notes                       

Apple Pay Link  (Right click to Open in New Window)

Traveling with your iPhone and iPad

Apple Maps

Backing Up Your Device - Oct 2017

iOS11 Notes - Oct 2017

iOS11 Newest Features - Oct 2017

Notes App - Scan, Sign & Share - Oct 2017

Storage Almost Full - Oct 2017

iOS & MAC Mail Declutter Videos:




Enabling iCloud

iTunes/iCloud Homework

What is iCloud Photo Sharing?

  Health Ap

Learn about CAR PLAY's features, which automakers support it, how it works, and more in this guide to Apple's platform.


       Universal Icons

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