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Overwatch Rules and Guidelines

I.    Registration

Guidelines for registration

II.   Tournament Structure

Information on tournament structure and format

III.  Scheduling Rules

Default match times, rescheduling system, Break times

IV.   Match Rules

Lobby rules and no-shows

V.    Gameplay

Bans and picks, pausing, and remaking

VI.   Reporting Results

How to report scores and upload screenshots

VII.  Administrative Decisions

Decisions allowed to Administrators

VIII. Definitions

IIX. Terms and Conditions

Definitions of words used in this document

Terms of Service and Policies

I.        Registration

  1. Players must have ownership of the account(s) registered.
  2. Up to two substitute players may be registered on the roster. They may NOT be registered as part of any other team.
  3. Up to 1 team Manager may be provided on the team registration.
  1. The team manager Cannot be used as an additional Substitute slot.
  1. Rosters:
  1. A list of team rosters will be published one day after the Registration Deadline.
  2. Participants must register as a premade team of 6 - 8.
  3. Team Captains or team Managers are responsible for registration and providing accurate information of all the players on the roster.
  4. Rosters are locked and cannot be changed after the team plays its first game.
  5. Any player who is not listed on a team’s roster is considered ineligible to play.
  1. Changes after the Registration Deadline must be submitted to more than 24 hours before the first match and your team must receive approval from a moderator before using new players.
  2. Players must be able to attend the LAN event in order to be eligible.
  3. Registration Closes 3 days before the events start date or until the maximum number of participants is reached.

II.        Tournament Structure

  1. The tournament will have one or more stages leading to an in-person double elimination tournament. (See schedule for more details.)
  1. The LAN will be held starting in Millett Hall beginning at 11:00am.
  2. The in-person tournament will be Best of 5 throughout the entirety of the tournament with a Best of 7 Finals
  1. Tournament Format:
  1. There will be 1 map ban at the start of each map that has an attacker/defender side ( i.e. Escort and Assault)
  1. To decide map bans, a representative from each team must meet with a TO for a coin flip or lottery at the start of each match.
  2. The team that wins the draw/flip will be banning a map.
  3. The remaining maps will then be randomized and one (1) will be selected.
  4. The team that doesn’t ban gets to choose what side to start on first once the map is decided.
  5. For the second attacker/defender based map the team that didn’t ban during the first sided map will be banning and vis versa (please find a TO to mediate this process).
  6. On sided Maps, both teams must play out the games on both sides, regardless of previous results.
  1. After the sided maps are played twice(attack and defense). Teams are awarded points based on how many wins on attack they received.
  2. I.e. in a best of 5 if Hanamura and Watchpoint:Gibraltar are selected as the 2 sided maps. Each team must play both attack and defense on each map regardless of the outcome of the other 3 games. If Team 1 & team 2 won on attackers for both maps. They will play the 5th round on Control, winner of control then wins the match. However, if Team 1 wins on attackers twice, but team 2 only won once or less on attackers then they lose the match and control is not played.
  1. For a no sided game modes (such as Control) there will be no bans and the pool of maps that have not been played yet will be randomized.
  1. Best of 5:
  1. Escort
  2. Escort - same map with swapped sides
  3. Assault
  4. Assault - same map with swapped sides
  5. Control
  1. Best of 7:
  1. Escort
  2. Escort - same map with swapped sides
  3. Control
  4. Assault
  5. Assault - same map with swapped sides
  6. Control
  7. Control

III.        Scheduling Rules

  1. LAN and Finals
  1. General Schedule
  1. Players will be afforded at least ten minutes in between matches and 5 minutes between games.
  2. If a team is still missing a player 10 minutes after the allowed 10 minute break, the team will lose a map ban or side pick whichever one they will be doing first and 1 ban/pick for every 5 mins after up to 2 bans and/or picks..
  1. After 25 minutes the team will automatically forfeit game 1.
  2. After 35 minutes the team will forfeit the match.
  1. Each match will start exactly at the listed time in the schedule.
  1. If a player is missing the countdown will begin at the listed starting time
  1. Finals will start 15 minutes after the end of the last semi-final game or as listed (whichever time is latest).
  2. Matches will be allotted 2 hours to be played therefore rounds will fire off every 1.5 hours unless a break is specified in the schedule. (E.g. if a match starts at 1:00. The next match will begin at 3:00.)
  1. Starting Times
  1. The event will start at the scheduled time shown on our website.
  2. Check-in will run up from doors open until 15 minutes before the start of the tournament.
  3. Finals are planned to start as scheduled or 15 minutes after the semi-finals end (whichever is latest).
  1. Full schedule will be available on at least 2 weeks before the in-person event.
  2. Incomplete Bracket due to Disqualification
  1. If a position in the bracket is empty because the winning team was later disqualified.
  1. It will be filled by the losing team of that game.
  1. If a position in the current round of the bracket is empty because both teams in the game from the previous round that would have decided that position were disqualified.
  1. The position will be drawn randomly.

IV.        Match Rules

  1. Game Format: All games must be played using the Custom Game Mode through a custom game lobby on the client.
  1. Lobby Settings:
  1. Only 6 players are allowed to enter the match for each team. Spectators (Other than administrators or coaches) are not allowed for the online match.
  2. Attacking team is on Team 2 and Defending Team is on Team 1
  3. Map Rotation - After a Mirror Match (this will be one cover the side switching for the given map)
  4. Map Order - Single Map
  5. Return to lobby - After a Mirror Match
  6. Maps - Only have map randomly selected by the generator turned on.
  7. Hero Options - No Limits, No Random Respawns and Hero Switching is allowed.
  8. All Heroes turned on
  9. No Skirmish
  10. All Gameplay options set to 100% or Off except “Disable Kill Cam”
  1. Disable Kill Cam - On
  1. Team Balancing - off
  1. Teams using an illegal substitute or ineligible player as described in Section (I) will be disqualified.
  2. Lobby Host can start the game when both teams have indicated that they are ready in lobby chat.
  3. No-Show:
  1. A ‘No-Show’ can only be declared if the teams acted in good faith in accordance with the scheduling rules defined in Section (III) at the discretion of an administrator.
  2. If one team is present no member of the opposing team is present within 20 minutes after the agreed upon start time, your team can declare a win because of a ‘No-Show’
  3. Any team missing players may elect to play with less than 6 players, they may choose to forfeit the game, or they may choose to forfeit the entire match.
  1. If a team elects to play with less than 6 players and the missing player(s) arrive while a game is underway, they may join the next game if the match isn’t already decided.
  2. If a team elects to forfeit a single game, they will have an additional 15 minutes for the missing player(s) to arrive at which point they can proceed with the match having lost 1 game with or without a full team.
  1. To declare a win, take a screenshot of your full roster in the game lobby along with a forfeit message from the other team (if any). If it is in person then notify a Tournament organizer.
  1. If no forfeit message is available send us the screenshot of the game lobby including a time indicator(clock, timestamp, etc…) along with a screenshot of the chatlog for the agreed time with timezone.

V.        Gameplay

  1. Gameplay Rules
  1. Pauses
  1. Each team is allowed fifteen minutes of pause time.
  2. Disruptions include: unintentional disconnection, server instability, computer or peripheral malfunction or other unavoidable interruptions.
  3. The opposing team may allow for the pause to be longer than fifteen minutes.
  4. Both teams must confirm readiness before pause resume.
  1. Chat Function
  1. All chat should be used minimally to talk with the other team. Communications should be limited to sportsmanlike conduct (e.g. gg, gl hf, etc.), communication regarding pauses, and rule clarifications.
  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Refer to section (V-B-1-i).
  1. Restrictions:
  1. Any Hero that is released after or 1 week prior to the tournament’s registration deadline will be unavailable for use throughout the tourney.
  1. Bans and Picks:
  1. Map bans will be done with the supervision of a TO.
  2. Map picks will be done with a random generator in the pool of remaining maps.
  1. Side picks
  1. Best of 1
  1. The team on the top of the bracket (“Home Team”) has choice of side.
  2. In the case of Group stages a coin flip will suffice.
  1. Best of 3
  1. The team on the top of the bracket (“Home Team”) has choice of side for Game 1.
  2. The team on the bottom of the bracket (“Away Team”) has choice of side for Game 2.
  1. Best of 5
  1. The team that loses the coin flip has choice of side for Game 1.
  2. The team that wins the coin flip has choice of side for Game 3.
  3. Game 5 will be decided by coin toss performed by an administrator.
  1. Best of 7
  1. The team that loses the coin flip has choice of side for Game 1.
  2. The team that wins the coin flip has choice of side for Game 4.
  1. Fatal Errors
  1. A game may be restarted if disruptions occur before first blood or 2 minutes into the game.
  2. In the case of game crashes, the teams will recreate the games with the same bans and picks.
  1. If the crash is a result of an item or bug, the player must change their loadout.
  2. If the crash is a result of a character bug, the game must be restarted with the same specs, however, neither team can pick the bugged character
  1. If a match cannot be played out due to server instability, the match will be rescheduled to another date as described in Section (III-A-3).
  2. Any stoppage of play resulting from server instability must be confirmed by third party sources such as time-stamped Blizzard or forum posts.
  1. Disruptive Play
  1. Unfair play or misbehavior will be result in immediate suspension of the offending player(s) from the tournament and their team(s) may face disqualification at the discretion of administrators depending on the number and severity of infractions. This includes but is not limited to the following list:
  1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct should be recorded with a screenshot, and sent to administrators. Punishment varies from warning to team forfeit at the discretion of the administrators based on severity and repeat offences. Such behavior includes but is not limited to:
  1. Either team excessively calling  premature ‘gg’
  2. Offensive language or slurs
  3. Inappropriate use of /All chat function
  4. General ‘Bad Manners’
  1. Abuse of the pause function (a.k.a Puppey Pause)
  2. Intentional disconnection without prior communication
  3. Colluding with another player or team
  4. Use of cheats

VI.        Reporting Results

  1. Online Results (If Applicable)
  1. The Team Captain is responsible for reporting their team's result as soon as the match ends.
  1. This communication should be done via e-mail.
  1. Subject line should be the "Team Name"
  2. Message should consist of:
  1. "Team Name" WON
  2. "Team Name" LOST
  3. Screenshot of the End Game screen.
  1. Any discrepancies will be dealt with through the use of League's match history.
  1. In-Person LAN Results
  1. Notify a Tournament Organizer after each set and report your results to them.
  1. No Team Captain present
  1. If the Team Captain is absent from the game, another player may send the results and screenshot to before the deadline and a moderator will add the results to the brackets.
  1. This communication should provide the same information outlined in Section (VI-A-1-i).
  1. No Results are Filed.
  1. Deadline for filing results is within 1 hour of the match ending.
  1. If no communication has been received by this time, both teams will forfeit.
  1. Screenshots
  1. Screenshots can be taken by Printscreen and uploaded to Imgur or other picture hosting site.
  1. Other forms of screenshots are also accepted including, but not limited to Gyazo and ppyh.
  1. Replays
  1. Any discrepancies will be handled via screenshots.
  2. There are no exceptions or extensions to deadlines.
  1. Discrepancies
  1. If a team wants to dispute a result they must do it within 24 hours after the end of the match.
  1. They must provide proof in the form of screenshots to prove that a mistake was made.
  1. Discrepancies that cannot be settled may cause both teams to forfeit.
  1. Forfeits are at the judgement of administrators on a case by case basis.
  1. If both teams appear to have won at the same time, the battlelog will be used to determine the winner if it conflicts with the winner displayed on the End Game screen.

VII.        Administrative Decisions

  1. E-mail
  1. E-mails sent through the can make any executive decision not covered in the rules.
  2. An E-mail should be sent to verify the start of a game, so an admin can attempt to be present should a problem arise.
  3. If an e-mail is sent outside of an hour before or after a scheduled match, please allow 24 hours for an administrator to give a full response.
  1. For any concerns that arise within the aforementioned window an administrator will be immediately available through e-mail, or a Chat room. Administrator Battle.Net IGNs and the chatroom will be provided on the contact information document.
  1. LAN and Finals
  1. Decisions made by administrators at the LAN event will be final.
  2. Any issues that are not covered above in the rules above are left to the discretion of moderators/administrators.
  1. Disputing Administrator Decisions
  1. Chat logs and e-mail correspondence with administrators will be strictly private
  1. Exceptions are for AllMid staff in the event that an investigation into administrator or player behavior or decision making needs to be investigated and reviewed.
  1. Grievous Error by an Administrator
  1. If an individual believes that an Administrator made an error, either by mistake or malice, they are asked to first attempt to resolve it privately with that administrator.
  2. If the issue cannot be resolved then they should message AllMid by e-mail at to request an internal investigation or a personal meeting to discuss the issue.
  3. If the individual is still unsatisfied with the resolution of the issue they are welcome to make the conversation public on the facebook event page.
  1. At this point the Administrators will be obliged to provide all contact made with the individual, and anything else deemed appropriate by the administrators to provide the community with a full understanding of the issue, without infringing on the privacy of any other party involved.
  2. AllMid will strongly consider the community’s opinion on the appropriate resolution of the issue and make a final statement on the subject.

VIII.        Definitions

  1. Game - 1 play through till the first victory or defeat screen.
  2. Match - the set or group of games that determines the outcome of 1 team against another. These are typically in the form of “Best of _____”
  3. TO - tournament organizer or staff member in-charge of making sure the tournament runs smoothly

IIX.        Terms and Conditions

  1. Prizing
  1. All advertised prizing as of the start of the AllMid tournament is final.
  2. Players acknowledge that by playing in the AllMid tournament they are entering a game of skill and agree to the prizing payouts as advertised at the start time of an AllMid tournament.
  1. Payout Policy
  1. All tournament payouts will be sent to the winning teams via Paypal within 1 week following the end of an AllMid tournament.
  2. The funds will be sent to the same registrant's e-mail address used to register for the AllMid tournament.
  3. If a player on a winning team would like the funds to be sent to a different e-mail address, that player must provide AllMid written notification before the end of the AllMid tournament.
  1. Refund Policy
  1. Any and all refunds paid to a paid player of any AllMid tournament will be made through Paypal unless chosen otherwise by AllMid.
  2. The Paypal e-mail address used to pay the refund will be the same e-mail address that was used when the player registered for that particular AllMid tournament.
  3. If there are cash refunds made, the player acknowledges that they have received the cash as of the time the AllMid event is over.