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Cohort 21 - Blogging Badges

Log into your Cohort 21 Blog and change your password. Make is something you will remember.

Writing and publishing your first post; Click HERE. A post first face to face reflection is a great place to start.

Embed a video into your post

Upload a profile picture and update your profile with your school and other relevant professional contact info

Commenting on another cohort member blog. Use the “@” symbol to bring another member into the conversation.

Writing and publishing 3 posts

Bookmark your blog dashboard for easy access.

Tag a post: Click HERE

Commenting on 3 or more posts

Install this RSS Reader Chrome extension and add the Cohort 21 feed to RSS reader: CLICK HERE

Apply a category to a post

Embedded linking to past blogs of  your own, or to those of others

Adding a featured image and in-line image to a post: Click HERE

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Sending your first tweet into the universe

Mention another Cohort 21 member in a tweet using @ symbol

Create a Twitter list of your own, and add it to your Tweetdeck column

Tweeting an educational, inspirational image

Taking part in a Cohort 21 scheduled Twitter Chat

Take part in a twitter chat that is not #Cohort21, archive this chat, and share it with Cohort 21 participants

Subscribe to Cohort 21 2016-2017 list, and Follow every member of this year’s Cohort - Click here for list

Retweeting a Cohort 21 member’s tweet

Experiment with using Twitter in the classroom and blog about the experience

Open and use Tweetdeck as a way to filter Twitter. Add the #cohort21 column, plus 1 other educational column (eg: #educhat)

Contribute to the #Cohort21 conversation

Follow all the Cohort 21 facilitators and coaches. Click here for list.

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  • Join the Cohort 21 Google+ Community
  • Share something to the C21 Google+ Community
  • Comment on a post in the C21 Google+ Community
  • Take part in a Google Hangout

Join another Google + Community that is related to your subject area or edu-interests

Sharing your action plan in a Project Tuning Protocol hangout.

Take an active role in a Hangout by being on screen and speaking

Creating a Google+ community for your school or PLN in an area you are an expert / specialist in

Share thought provoking content with the Cohort 21 gang through a post in the Google+ community that generates a discussion with 3 or more members

Hosting a Google Hangout on Air

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Join the Cohort 21 Diigo Community

Create an Outliner associated with your action plan

Launch a Diigo group at your own school

Add an annotated resource

Add 3 annotated resources directly linked to your action plan, and share with the Cohort 21 community

Have at least 3 other teachers join your group and contribute annotated articles

Use tags effectively

Comment on 2 other resources recently posted on your action plan topic or something of interest

Have all members comment on 1 (only one) resource as an asynchronous conversation

Share an annotated article with the Cohort 21 community

Join 1 or more Diigo groups

Add resources; from one of your groups to your library, and then to your school group.

Like & comment on one other resource posted

Add sticky notes to pose questions to readers

Share your Outliner list on Twitter & Google+