May 8, 2017                                                                      


Dear Parents,


We are looking forward to our field trip this Thursday, May 11.  See Thursday below:


This week in 1A:

Monday – Library

Early Dismiss at 3:00


Tuesday – Tune-Up Tuesday – Pajama Day!

PE Day - Wear Tennis Shoes


Wednesday – Art

$1 Library Grab Bags


Thursday: Field Trip to Salem

Tentative Schedule:

8:15 Leave School to go to Salem

8:30-9:00 Police Station

9:00-9:45 Fire Station

10:00-12:15 Lunch and activities at Bonebrake Center - (If it rains, activities will most likely be moved to the Armory building.)

12:20 Bowling (extra money needed if your child would like to play arcade games or get extra snacks. *Students will be in charge of their own money.*


**Any chaperoning help at bowling time would be appreciated!!


Friday – Computers

$1 Hat Day



**Please send in any Campbell’s Labels, Box Tops for Education, etc. you have saved!



Spelling words and sentences for testing on Friday are:

 1. check   2. chatting        3. that    4. chilled  5. whiz    

6. chick   7. when    8. them    9. then   10. shall

1.  We had fun chatting with them.

2. Please check on the chicks.


Phonics: Diphthong ow/ou words and syllable work.

Reading:  We will read 2 new stories from our text this week.  Focus is on theme. High frequency and vocabulary words are:

almost, knew, picture, thought, took, closer, eyes, listen, shouldn’t, snow glory, whispered, stood


English: Personal pronouns and dictionary work.


Math: Subtraction within 20.


Social Studies: Focus on Community


Science: Review


Have a great week,


Mrs. Burns