NHCTA Meeting                16 February 2018                                Phone Conference

Teleconference 603.392.7121


Praxis Alternative



Quick share:


NHCTA Meeting                19 January 2018                                All Day

Pinkerton Academy

Powerpoint will emailed to Chris to put in the minutes look for that

Department of Labor Presentation on Work Based Learning

CO-OP form given in handout about the partnership between the students program and an employer when the related instruction is the same as work performed at the employers; employment mirrors the vocational program. 16 or 17 has to have a parental permission. Co-op doesn’t mean a paid internship. Under 16 is limited in the number of hours. 16/17 30 hours in a school week. There is a comment that the employee’s don’t seem to have an understanding of what they are available. Hazards that are waived are on a limited and supervised nature. In a Co-Op situation they are carried under the employers insurance. The only time this is needed is when they are using hazards equipment.

Youthrules.gov defines hazards in work environment. Has to be paid $7.25

Who chooses the students on the co-op is important as to the quality of the student that we are sending out on the CO-OP.

Volunteer have to be not for profit, you can not volunteer for for profit the no wage form needs to be filled out.



Letter of Recommendation ( Employer, Coach, Religious Leader)




200 by 2020


Powerpoint #2

NH’s own Careers CLiC (formerly the Upper Valley Business and Education Partnership) will provide an overview of Work-based Learning in Vermont CTE centers and high schools and offer resources available in New Hampshire. Presenters: Kathi Terami and Amy Tietjen Smith

NHCTA Meeting                20 October 2017                        9:30 to 10:30 am









NHCTA Meeting        Friday, 15 September 2017         Huot Technical Center, Laconia

8:30 am to 2 pm





     August 2, 2017 Meeting Minutes

8:00 am Welcome and Good Morning

Sharing best practices:

CTE Director being a part of the administrative team (Michelle)

Recognition that career ready is as valuable as college ready (Don)

STEM nights (4-6) (Don)

Two new instructors that have been great. (Kaitlyn, Virginia, Diane, Louise)

Momentum in Manufacturing and Machining applied algebra. Maryann will share the presentation that was shown to the large meeting.  (Maryann)

SAU/Building Admin career planning we are developing a career center. Bringing in 9th graders to be in a CTE program during the SAT day.

Celebrating success and changing the mindset.

Tiny House Project was a great success in recruitment (Karen Alvirne / Margaret )

Building Construction house building (Tim )

Talking about education and what a good program looks like (Bruce)

Challenge is how to move away from stand and deliver (Bruce)

Work based learning opportunities

Career counselors (Diane, Karen Alvirne)

Brought in 4th graders (Louise)

Union and CTE requirements (Louise)

Survey in regards to the Conference

Review of the year

Discussion to the slate of officers.

Motion by Diane Canada to vote on the slate of officers as stated above.  2nd by Margaret Callahan Vote:  Unanimous  

August 1, 2017 Meeting Minutes

DOE reviewed the conference

Most likely to succeed movie 6pm Red River theater

CTE PACE update

        Integrate into the full PACE project and CTE will be a subject within the high school. These teachers will be with HIgh School Science teachers. There will be 7 meetings. 3 teachers from three different centers within the same program will be considered a group.

        There will be a North country cohort and then there will be another cohort that will meet in concord.  We are hoping to see both a cross cutting curriculum from assessments or within each program. 4 meetings with the science teachers have to be 8am to 3pm.

STEM Dual Enrollment funding - Beth clarified - Spring 2018 roll out for Juniors  and Seniors. However they are trying to authorize the enrollment of sophomores.  $850, $950. Beth will send out an update.

Retaining and finding strong CTE teachers,



July 31, 2017 Meeting Minutes

New York Times article


Christine Carr - ccarr@nhcta.org contact email office located in Milford

Career Pathways Panel Discussion:

Question #1: How is NH doing with career pathways and how do we get to the next level?

Judy - We have awareness of the need for career pathways, however we don’t have a strategic plan in place yet. The strategic plan being in place that incorporates all stakeholders will allow us to have a shared goal.

Eric - There are many Career Pathways programs across the state that are pathway oriented. The next step is how do we link the programs to move students in the direction they want to go.

Dan - We have an amazing structure in place and we need to do a better job telling the story of how these students are having the ability to have personalized learning. ELO policy work for students getting credits for internship. More transparent around what it looks like tobe college and career ready.

Beth - Career pathways mean different things but the CCS is working on  how we can get students to focus on academic focus areas.  

Lauren - Apprenticeships are available in all registered occupations. These off classroom work and the ability to get out into the workforce. (competency model clearinghouse)

Sara - Business are very excited and they want to be involved. The most historic is internships, apprenticeships are growing, Business are opening their doors for tours and going to visit schools.  

Karen - Bring to the table what is in it for business and what is in it for the schools. What is important to take away the we vs them and we should be asking them to help develop learning experiences and curriculum. Make sure that you have a team that includes Teachers, business, guidance.

Ann- Getting everyone to understand that it is not about getting them to graduate but it is about the years beyond high school.

We had two breakout discussion on what is the next step to go to the next level? What do we do to change the mindset?

May 19, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Reminders: Self Evaluation rubrics are due by 8/15

Budget: NHCT balance was removed from Claremont to NCES

CTE Conference: Discussion about the August PD 8/16 & 8/17 at Rundlett Middle School: It will be a BYOD and a flash drive. The strands will follow best practices. The Keynote will be invision learning. In the evening there will be a showing of the movie Most Likely to succeed at the Red River theater.

Boot Camp 8/14- 8/18 will be in concord at Abbot Downing

April 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Somersworth Career Center, Somersworth, NH

8:30am to 1:45pm



Renovation discussion

Started the conversation early 4 or 5 years ahead of time. Focus was on creating an identity among the center.  HB 25 or the capital budget - Historically we have tried to fund 2 CTE Centers however sometimes the type of local government prevents the centers getting their time in line.  Reflection on where we are a center and reflecting on renovation and thoughts.  

Pelham High School Career Pathways program of studies. 

Perkins PD for all directors by the department of education -

 Powerpoint presented from the DOE

Executive Summary is being asked by the DOE to add to your application. This should be the major areas that your grant is going to focus on for improvement within the center, what are the overarching goals you are planning to achieve with the activities and spending within the grant.  (This will be on the website under document #9 and should be attached to the grant in GMS). This can reflect on the activities and mention them if that works for you

Entering into GSM

Activity ID:  Auto Assigned

Category: This has to be filled out making sure that you have all required areas addressed in the grant.


Activities: what are you going to buy? What is the rationale for doing or buying it? How does the activity connect to the performance measure (theory of action) If buying then provide cost details here or in an attached budget document.

Performance Measurements - What indicators will you watch to know the impact of the activity? The federal government would like to know how these are going to be changing you Performance indicators

Outcomes - What is expected change in those named performance measures?

The powerpoint showed how some activities would be prefered to be seen within the GSM system layout.

There was discussion about putting the checklist into the the executive summary.

Reminder that Perkins are driven by the uniform grant guidance. Please use this resource as needed. Budget Narrative this needs to be clear and defined. This can be attached to the grant in the excel spreadsheet, word document or within the description. Please expect that there will be follow up questions if your perkins doesn’t have the detail needed.

Performance Indicators -

Powerpoint presented

Graduation vs High school completion

High School completion is did they graduate

Graduation is did they graduate with the same cohort they entered high school with

Performance plus - is going away as of July 1 unless your school district has chosen to purchase it. It would be suggested to export data from Performance Plus.

PD for summer


Upcoming meetings

May 19th Telephonic meeting

July 31 - Aug 2 Retreat

Legislative Update/Review - We need to voice our support (or non-support for each).  In addition, HB339 - has not been shared with our group to the best of my knowledge and learning about it is on today’s agenda.



Boot Camp 3/21/17 Proposal:

Run Boot Camp from Aug 14-18

Teacher leader: Val Koch

Part-time leader: Kirsten Soroko

Guests: Carl Ladd, Scott Mayotte, Cluster Teachers, Barney, DOE, Dave Warrender, Grube, Beth D

Abstract:  Boot Camp has three major elements:

  1. General Knowledge for all levels - TWO DAYS
  1. SPED with Alan Pardy, Steve Rothenberg
  2. CTE Basics with DOE, Lisa Danley, Chris Dodge
  3. Intro to Teach Like a Champion, Val
  4. UbD Intro, Dave Warrender
  5. CCSNH, Beth Doiron
  1. Leveled Groups - TWO DAYS
  1. Advanced - Kirsten
  1. Advanced DoK
  2. Video from Karin Hess
  3. Jack Grube?
  1. Newbies - Val
  1. Formative Assessment, Scott Mayotte
  2. School Law, Carl Ladd
  3. UbD Intro II, Dave Warrender
  4. Basics of ALT IV, Barney
  5. Focus on Teach Like a Champion
  1. Mentor Day - ONE DAY - NEED MENTORS!
  1. Find one master teacher mentor from same cluster for each attendee:
  1. Develop protocol to:
  1. Review curriculum
  2. Review resources
  3. Develop ideas
  4. Make connections
  1. Develop lesson plan.. First day ideas..
  1. Share ideas about opening of school


From Barney:  This is a “raw” response to a query about a master PD vision.. It continues to “let’s think about developing a template for CTE to add to district master PD plans.. “

Some Thoughts on Professional Development Discussion

Part I Orientation

Summer Institute (Boot Camp)

Maintain format.  Week long intensive sometime in early-mid Aug. needs someone to manage the program. The format needs to include ability (and resources) to differentiate program based on the participant’s experience and prior teaching

Design Elements for Summer Institute

Continued with instructional focus on  DOK;  examine their role as a teacher; some developmental theory/ learning styles (nature of the CTE student); reviewing & understanding state competences/curriculum overview; and beginning lesson planning templates/processes

Focus the outside presenters to address the following CTE Teacher Standards.  This could be DOE staff, CTE Directors, CTE Teachers, or Business Representatives, Advisory Committee members etc.

1. Relationships with business & industry and postsecondary education;

2. Relevance and rigor for career and technical education programs, including Program advisory committees; Statutes and rules governing career and technical education; Third party technical skill assessments; Academic and career and technical education content standards Career and technical education program competency knowledge Career and technical student organizations (CTSOs); Performance indicators; and Safety regulations and laws;

3. Career pathways into postsecondary education, including nationally recognized technical skills assessments with certifications; Academic and technical expectations for postsecondary programs; Employability and workplace skills; Evaluation techniques; Dual enrollment agreements; and Articulation agreement

Additional content may include Introduction to the technology required for the online CLUSTER PD

March 24, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Fidelity, Two Contra Way at Fidelity, Merrimack NH

8:30 am to 1:45 pm



Joe Murray, Head of NH Public Affairs talked about the fact that they are the 2nd largest employer in Merrimack. They are large in technology and this is what makes us distinct from our competitors. They also have two call centers within their company. Merrimack Chamber, Volunteer New Hampshire, Fidelity cares are awards that they received this year. will talk about Fidelity and our campus in Merrimack. Working with area non profit and school to do what they call NH Jumpstart where teachers will be able to learn more about their finance and how to teach it to students and give them the tools to become more comfortable with teaching investments.  How do teacher get identified? They are teachers that teach finance or economics Fidelity and the school work together to get these teachers identified. We also do a stock organization where we work with the Union Leader and students will invest an imaginary 100,000 over a couple week. Technology has been integrated into this. This is available at Elementary, Middle and High School. Students are able to learn more about investing. The Union Leader will recognize these students. Phone Call center employees that go into the schools.

Student involvement to show what Business look like. The ability to have employees go into the schools is a great way to get the students connected. We have the Women in technology special interest group. They are focused in Auburn and are working with students to increase their interest and awareness. Sarah Colson?? Is the business and industry committee chair.  

How do schools know about the programs that are offered? If you go to the website and scroll to the bottom and look for About Fidelity and look for Fidelity in the community and that will show what they are currently involved in. There is also a retirement planning tool that is free for users.

Heather Orlando - Talent aquisition group of about 120 people across the regions.

Types of rolls that they have

5500 employees here in Merrimack

2015 they had 700 positions however 40% of jobs are filled internally.

2016 they filled 1300 positions this was due to a ramp up of the call centers.

40% of the jobs are the client and customer services roll. They are taking inbound retirement plans and industry.  These require licensed employees and they are in the process of looking to balance the profiles. We are looking for finance and retail side but we are also looking at Hospitality and client in.  Also looking at the teacher profile and health care.  

20% are operations type of rolls these are backoffice, problem resolution. Students that are looking and have the ongoing curiosity to look at an issue until they have solved the problem and rectified it. 20% positions are in the IT space.

20% are marketing, investment and multiple types.

Students need to have project management abilities that will happen in all areas. How would you know this from a resume. Competency in regards to roles management. Should certainly be a bullet in the job that you have had as a skill or role within that job.  Being open to feedback is critical in all positions.

Post Secondary Education - 4 year degree is prefered however in some groups a two year degree is also adequate for some rolls.

It entry positions - We have an entry program called leap. We have target schools across the country. There are various tracks that students can come into. There are 500 to 600 to fill across the country. The will have about 75 interns that are paid there are small pockets of high school interns, but mostly it is at the college level that will be referred to the leap program.  Programming would be a great skill to have in regards to the IT job perspective.

Computer skills Powerpoint, Word, Excel and business writing.

Call center jobs are looking at about mid 40’s in the call center.

What is the license that you talk about.  The first 6 weeks they are working on getting the license. This is intense. One of the license is a 6 hour test.  The other exam is about 1.15 hours in length. These are security licenses.  The first 6 weeks is dedicated to studying for the exam tests.  The attrition rate is about 72% This is throughout the entire business.

General feeling about community visits and tours

Intro of Sarah Colson  BIA lead by Val has established a development position to connect to education.

Came to the position in January. Executive director at the Lake Sunapee commerce, previous math teacher. 65 by 25 initiative. She catalogue what is going on and highlighting ti to share with others to look at what is going on in career pathways.


Competitions were more organized

Communication was much better especially in Cosmetology

Lack of a machine tools competition this stemmed around a location and the ability to have a location and facilitation. The other question is how many are teaching to those skills

Send the national guideline to Lisa Danley

Competition for Fire Science within SkillsUSA?

Dover didn’t feel that we were involved in the communication.

Friday Flash not going out to everyone

Teaches felt like there was no support for the students and the teachers on how to facilitate the students that were in the competitions.

The staff that was running the competitions and that those seemed a little bias. It should not be those teachers from those centers. Students placed and that there was an error in judging from culinary.

Ceremony was way too short and the lime light needs to be longer for these students

There is a positive shift and we are optimistic that there are some positive.

Josh called the director of the center and wanted to talk to the Culinary teacher.

The logistics of traveling to all the locations that the competitions are located. If we could work it out to get it into one facility and a capstone ceremony at one location.  

When it was located at Pease it was great, however logistically this was a feet.

Booklet for the awards ceremony seemed to be weak

Strengths/ improvements from last  year from Josh and President of the board

  1. Ran 32 competitions
  2. Scoring was much more organized and efficient with  change to national score sheets.
  3. Large turn-out for awards ceremony and many  positive comments about ceremony, Standing Room Only, Has gotten better recently  comments about ceremony, ex: very professional, best in 20 years,
  4. Acquired more business and industry supporters and sponsors [Methuen construction wants to sponsor and connect to BoD/ NHLRA considering support and coordination of culinary related contests]
  5. 368 - Student Competitors total / 400 total involved in SLSC.
  6. 5 - State Officer Candidates
  7. Contests ran close to National Standards
  8. Opening Welcoming Session was well welcomed at SST.
  9. Welding Contest was more organized, ArcSource, MCC to work together next year.
  10. Carpentry Contest fully sponsored by Methuen Construction this year.

Issues /problems

  1. Final culinary scores error caught after awards- Switched all contests over to National scoring system. Random scores appeared on page 2 of culinary scores and skewed real final scores and places. First place stayed the same, original second place moved to fourth and original third stayed the same.
  1. Outcome- all advisers contacted by contest coordinator and state director. State director will personally award silver medal to new second place winner and will work on scholarships. Advisers seemed fine with plan.
  2. Working with Debbi Cox to adjust score  sheets to eliminate problems in the future.
  1. Minor logistical problems with culinary contest, that were expected with having to move to a new site.
  1. Worst was delay of stage 2 of contest because of gas problem at the new site. Overall comments from advisers were very good.
  2. Fixed quickly
  1. Commercial baking contest date changed from Wednesday to Friday.
  1. All advisers happy that all students were able to compete and not deal with possible school delays/transportation issues.
  2. Contest ran with a few less judges than normal

Minor Problems:

  1. Advisors and students not signing up by the deadline, their numbers for lunch not correct and lunches paid for by SkillsUSA NH and not school.
  2. Need more seating for Awards Ceremony

Teacher PD

BootCamp Abstract

Jack/Shannon: Review of online PD





Online Feedback

Jack: New and Potential Director PD (summarize 3 sessions)


Barney Proposal

PACE update

        This is going well the next meeting is in Littleton. They have came up with some great performance task as well as the PACE academics teachers that they were able to work with. There seemed to be an understanding of what CTE was.

Girls in Technology Day

207 UNH 250 MCC and NHTI was canceled. Road show Jen and Courtney

Career Pathways


Motion made by Lisa Danley that given the NH law the spirit of the bill and the intent of the bill, I don’t think that we can support it. Chris Dodge 2nd


        This is a bad bill the way it is written and the fact that this has gone this far without and knowledge or discussion. The conversation has to take place somewhere but it can’t take place with this money.  The biggest thing is that we are changing the definition. There also is no words that state this is doesn’t included tuition. (15 - 0 - 1)

Senator Shaw recommendation that it goes into interim study.

ESSA with DOE’s Heather Gage: 2015 congress reauthorized elementary and secondary act now called Every Student Succeeds Act. This is very similar to what we have had in the past. Title 1 money Special Education and Title II funds for professional development, Title III for English Language Learners funds are still available, after school funds for afterschool programs. Accountability system has topics but the percentages are up to the local district. They want multiple pathways not just the traditional information. Heather will send the draft to Steve to share with us in the future. Comprehensive school support will be less dictatorial from federal government. Priority and focus schools will continue however the names will changes and the purpose will maintain the same with the state having the ability to implement the evidence based practices that can be implemented. Title IVA is a catch all of the smaller grants that were out there. This will be put into a formula grant that will be funded using the same formula as Title 1. If the funding is received one of our priorities at the state level is around the variety of pathways.  This is about 2.4 million dollars or less.  The skinny budget doesn’t talk about Perkins, the money that is under attack and is slated to go away 100% that is about a 10 million dollars hit to the Professional Development. After School also was cut to 100% within the skinny budget. Once we start hearing more and when the budget is started to create a budget for education Heather will let us know. Heather asked us to look at the ESSA and funding please share them with her.  Please share information with Heather directly as well.  Steve shared that career pathways are a huge strategic move in regards to certificates, college credit, industry skills within our programs.  Definitions that are coming out of CCSSO 2014 report and would be migrating into ESSA and is valued about. How other states are funding high school graduates that are industry standard. ESSACOMMENTS@doe.nh.gov .

Comments from ACTE

ACTE Letter



   See Barney comments about the Praxis. We need to make a better case that we can assess that the teachers. If you have teachers that are in that predicament please send them to Bruce Farr so that he can keep a tally of this to see the effects. Dates of expiration was changed without notification. One license with a one year, then the next 3 years. 1:00 pm        

Letter Barney sent…..


Next Meeting will be 4/14 meeting in Somersworth

Hello, all,

I would like to start the conversation to set the agenda for the Senators’ visit to Somersworth  CT Center (12 Memorial Dr., Somersworth, NH) on April 14.  There happens to be a CTE Directors’ meeting happening at the same place that day, but it may serve us well to treat the Senators’ visit as a separate event.

Here’s a first proposal for agenda.  Please discuss and change as necessary.

8:30-9:00              Senators arrive, coffee, mingle
9:00-10:00           Tour of CTE Center
10:00-11:00         Guided discussion with CTE Directors
11:00                     Senators depart

As soon as we pin down the start and end time, we need to signal to Jess Bourque who will put the event on the Senate Calendar.

January 20, 2017 Meeting Minutes

DOE - Eric



Monday 1/23/17                 8:00 am                   Mt. Washington Valley Career Center         409 Eagles Way   North Conway                          -     meeting will be canceled if school is N. Conway delays or cancels classes


Monday 1/23/17                noon                     NH Charitable Foundation                               37 Pleasant Street    Concord                                 -     meeting will be canceled if the Concord School district cancels school


Friday 1/27/17                      8:00 am Portsmouth Career Technical Center   50 Andrew Jarvis Dr.   Portsmouth        -          meeting will be canceled if Portsmouth delays or cancels classes

drive around to the back of the building following the numbers painted on the doors to door number 29 which is the CTE entrance. If you come to the front of the building they will need to check in with the main office and will be directed from there.

I know folks are also anxious about an increase to TEC-NH from 3 to 4% contribution for example.  We will cover this more extensively in the summer; but our target is an increase for 18/19 not 17/18.  We want to allow a window of time to show value.  

Calendar: The March 17th in person meeting will be at Fidelity in Merrimack.


December 16, 2016 Meeting Minutes Teleconference

January 20th NHCTA meeting: Calendar - At Pinkerton Please Park at the Astro Cafe see attached map.  Jan 20: In Person, 8 am, PINKERTON - (Focus: SPED, Guide, Non-Trad, OCR - Dave, Eric)



Finalist Executive Director Christine Carr:  The Board is in complete agreement that we have found a gem in Chris. She comes with a background in business as well as local manufacturing that gives her a CTE perspective on day one.   The Board is going through a hiring process, but we seek membership involvement in two ways:

  1. We would like to book a whirlwind day where she travels the state and meets Directors/Principals in possibly three distributed geographic locations.  We seek 100% participation in this process.   It is vital.  We seek one member admin from each area to lead their region to organize:
  1. South-West Region (Nashua, Milford, Conval, Alvirne, Keene) ** Alvirne will host the South west region on the 13th Karen will take a little bit of leadership role in that Region
  2. Seacoast Region (Somersworth, Rochester, Portsmouth, SST, Dover) **Margaret Friday January 13th any time of the day as long as you need me to do it and willing to organize. 9am at SST which would.
  3. Center-North (Berlin, Plymouth Laconia, N Conway) ** Bev would like to try to do something with the colleges ** Roland would like to jump in on this however we are concerned about the time. Steve suggested that North Country and Community College be day 2. ** Judy would like to meet and be involved in some way as we see fit. Looking at January 23rd for the date.
  4. Jack Grube will be the tour guide.  Deb will coordinate.
  1. The other major area to begin to discuss is budget and TEC-NH.  This is not something necessary to do now, but will be on radar for the future especially at our retreat this summer. This came up during the discussion about the sustainability of all the project we have up in the air. The thought is that we will be  moving from 3 to 4% for Perkins year 2018-2019. This will raise about $35-$40K in funds that will allow us to continue with the projects. We as an organization need to look at the addition of an executive director will provide far more dividends than the increase amount in dues.  We will be discussing this in July at the retreat.

  1. Reporting if Applicable: Membership (not Board) NEW and ONGOING Initiatives:
  1. Monitoring - Advising Team to DOE Subgroup  - Marianne Dustin Nashua, Tracy Untiet Derry, Al Smith Littleton, Roland Pinette Berlin, Diane Canada Portsmouth, Lisa Danley  Keene. Jennifer Kiley would like to have the feedback from the risk assessment to the her by January 3rd. Some mentioned not receiving the document and Jennifer kiley said that she would be sending it out again.
  2. Credentialing Work Advising DOE Subgroup - Dave Warrender Laconia, Michelle Papanicolau Nashua, Barney Keenan NHCTA  running summary notes
  3. Construction Trades (new CIP code 46.000?) - Meeting of industry in December - Bruce D. Bruce mentioned that the Jury is out at what is going on and what the instructors are being asked to complete in regards to it. Eric mentioned that he would like to put that meeting in a larger cycle. He wanted to have industry in the room to hear what they are in need of. He would like to now pull that information into look at what we are going to do with that information in regards to our competencies and the next steps in the process are here to come.
  4. HST (LNA changes) - Lisa Danley was not in attendance however I think that we are all up to speed and things seem to stable now.  Background checks
  5. SB190 BRUCE, LOUISE, Eric mentioned that the last meeting was snowed out and the next meeting is January 9th and we will focus on school counseling. There are some guest that are coming in to talk about how to ..(3rd year of CTE, OK for Sophomores..)


  1. Shannon and Jack spoke about the online PD and that there are some pockets of great things happening and other clusters are not participating much due to lack of membership. There was talk about allowing more time to review the assessments and allow feedback before moving on. There is also some discussion about breaking out into CIP coded sub groups once the entire course has been taken.
  1. The have the core and they are being added to the groups for the review of the last assessment. .  
  1. Heather would like time with the directors and I have asked her to come to the January meeting. Steve and Heather will work out her attending the meeting. Steve
  2. Beth Dorion mentioned the Computer Science running start course in Portsmouth next year. She is looking to have a combined advisory committee with faculty and business.
  3. Beth Dorion  spoke about the new apprenticeship program that is funded by a grant and we are looking to build a program that includes secondary and how we can run a pre apprenticeship that is stackable.
  4. Beth Dorion  suggested getting out the information that was presented in the presentation.
  5. Beth Dorion  mentioned Global advisory meeting regional based and one more locally based our partners are getting burnt out and we need to take some time this summer to focus on this.  
  6. Eric Felberg: DOE SUMMER SUMMIT PREVIEW (PACE, Assessment, CTE participation 1st time) The commissioner would like to have a CTE strand in the summer summit dates are August, 2,3,4. We are looking to have a conference within the conference. Keynote and four workshops that are aligned to a theme about what we are doing. Eric would like a few key players to help plan we are looking for DOE people, directors and other key individuals. I don;t seem them running or designing them mor helping to define what they should be and helping find people to deliver the breakouts. This smaller team will interface with the larger team. Because of the larger organization we are going to have an easier time implementing because we have that set. Eric would like to get emails from people that are interested. This is something that we are looking for delivering this to teachers, planning or strategic focus. I think that the teacher focus is the direction to go. This will allow teachers to interface within the other breakouts during the summit. Pace is also going to run a conference within the conference.




The State Board of Education plans to one teacher vacancy on the Professional Standards Board as follows:




Teachers and Education Specialists

3 yrs.; September 2016 – June 2019


The Professional Standards Board is authorized by statute (RSA 186:60) to advise the State Board of Education regarding professional growth, certification, and governance of the education profession in the State.

The voting membership of the Professional Standards Board consists of twenty-one (21) persons appointed as follows:  nine (9) classroom teachers and/or educational specialists; nine (9) representatives of administration and higher education; two (2) qualified laypersons; and the Director of the Division of Program Support or designee.

The Professional Standards Board conducts a minimum of five (5) regularly scheduled meetings annually which occur from September to June. Members are asked to serve on subcommittees to work with stakeholders in reviewing and revising administrative rules.    Related documents



November 18, 2016 Meeting Minutes Teleconference

‘At the Table’ DISCUSSION  Post-Election - where does CTE fit in?

In regards to Gov Sununu - Came to see Margaret at her school and came to visit the center. After the visit gave a handwritten note. Also had the governor's council here at our center. Margaret feels pretty optimistic and feel like we are headed in the right direction. Karen mentions that when we go to washington we need to have key  talking points. Margaret also mentioned that she talked to the new senator Hassen about meeting with us when we are in washington.

Steve posed the question about where we fit into the landscape of ESA and how CTE fits into it. There is language in it and we should get someone to come in and talk to us prior to washington and how we need to address it. There is a conversation about talking to someone about how to make it stronger.

Eric mentioned that he believes that there are some points of flexibility and the Title money that is allocated. Eric will look into this more to get more information.

Eric mentioned the that we need to keep our direct connection to workforce development.

Steve mentioned that he agrees we are in a good spot. He is connected with Bill Duncan from the state school board and he is very passionate about the state education and feels that CTE is the only political common denominator right now and initiatives like PACE are going to make the most sense aligned to CTE. He would like to see a career ready diploma for schools to adopt.

Chris wondered if we should be tapping into ACTE for clarification on ASE and perkins for some insight into this.

SB190: Allowing students after one year of high school vs. two. Budgetary is still being worked out. They are also pushing for the transportation funding this as well as students that may be doing a third year.

Representative Ladd has a proposal not sure how far it will go but he is looking to have the state pay for 4 college credits for STEM related careers. Upto for courses at $250 per course.  Nh Charitable was there and there may be some traction with them in regards to the funding. The funding is going to be the battle. Bill Duncan - Reaching Higher NH SB190: Concept of third year.. Example from Lakes Region

Chris mentioned that we need to watch the budget in general as we may see that things are being chipped away at. Eric mentioned that there are people at the DOE that re watching that and we can certainly coordinate the joint watching Eric will reach out to talk to us.

Jennie and Paul both expire in 2017 and their placement within the state is not clear do to the new administration and their terms.

Pre engineering program offers dual enrollment through NHTI that is available at the freshman year for students with in our programs. Margaret mentions that she also has an agreement she believed that she has one with MCC. However she mentioned that she is not a PLTW formalized program which is why it is not all within NHTI system.

There are still some concerns about competencies grading and courses are going to hopefully allow us to push for the college credit for all no matter what the grade the students is in high school.

Online PD

30% of the teachers are currently on we are still in need of encouragement from directors and peers. Please continue to be all in and advocate this within your staff and within the center. If you are not sure where to find the materials you can go to the NH-CTE home page and then on the teacher tab/link you will see Shannon's online videos on how to get on that you can watch on how to log in and information for both Directors and Teachers.  We understand that not all centers have set time aside for this however we are hoping that at the minimum you are going to promote the online PD.

Al mentioned that the Auto and Health teachers are feeling very overwhelmed and we need to appear as one in regards to the PD online and the PACE initiative. NH-CTE is one with NHCTA and DOE. We need to make sure that people are not feeling over whelmed with this. The Health Science with PACE and the online PD.  Al is mentioning that is there a way to have the two separate initiative become one. Eric feels that they can become one and the the end game is very much the same. Eric needs to find out if the online environment is able to be able to be used to develop the task that meet the PACE goals. Combining the online PD with the PACe work would allow us to try to meet both. Steve feels that the big picture of PACE is beneficial. Rochester and Concord are PACE districts and that is why they were chosen. When the assessments are created and vetted and defined as quality assessments. Which means that different people can implement and vet the assessment. The only schools that will be taking the assessment and the other districts are not going to be taking them, The big picture is that we are going to be able to create these assessments and they then can replace Precision. Once they are created however they are going to be going into a bank to be used in the future but will only be implemented within the Rochester and Concord centers. The interesting part is that Automotive already has some specific assessments and how do those fit into the PACE format. Eric feels that PACE will still be playing a large role within these types of programs and they will not replace those industry assessments and certifications.

If my teachers are participating what are they going to get out of it? How best do they participate? Eric feels that they will get excellent professional development by participating in this.

Jack mentioned should we back off the health science and auto teachers in order to participate in the online PD? Al felt that was a good idea and we have to be realistic about time and the we need offer they however the reality might be either or. Bruce agreed with the comments from Al and Jack. The only concern is that one requires that you go somewhere and is that a deterrent. Eric said that the design is to have 4 sessions Dec 6, 1pm to 5pm  and then three other ones. We are working to set them up to be not full days. George Dykstra is willing to offer up one of the days that the teachers get together to include the PACE work instead of alternative days.

Career Pathways - New Skills For Youth - Career Pathways $2m over 3 years - we will know in January. Steve talked about the positive participation in this grant. He also talked about the exciting opportunity. Eric mentioned that Steve did a great job! We are talking about things that we all value but we need to raise that bar on them.

In many ways CTE could be renamed to Career Pathways.

Defining our college and career readiness definition

Joel is looking for someone to go to Washington to travel to talk about the trip

We have a new fiscal agent and  taxes are complete and we are hoping to be recommending a Executive Director.

Great job teacher fest, this was an amazing event. They are moving forward at an amazing rate 350 students attended.

Cosmetology in Action is going to be on Monday 11/21 300 students will be attending.

October 21, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Hitchiner Manufacturing

594 Elm St.

Milford, NH

Attendance: Steve Rothenberg, Joel Schneid, Chris Dodge, Bruce Farr, Margaret Callahan, Barney Keenan, Alan Smith, Dave Warrender, Louise Paradis, Kaitlyn Carrington, Diane Canada

Hitchiner Manufacturing Plant Tour, Presentation, Q&A

Kudos: To Educators rising and the 300 students that were going to be attending. As well as the New interests director's meeting which had 7 people at the latest meeting in Keene.

PACE in CTE Department of Education -

 Performance Assessments Competency Exam and Competencies (plus any other data) Teachers are going to be creating performance tasks that are created and shared with the teachers in a bank. The CTE pilot is the development of four,  5 hour tasks that will allow teachers to learn how to apply deeper DOK to performance task assessments. As well as reviewing the competencies to determine which will be assessed The first will be held in concord and the second will be rochester. This is going to be started within the Automotive programs as well as Health Science. Concord and Rochester will be the two centers that are starting the pilot however the opportunity will be available to all within those two programs. The task administration is only open to the two centers concord and rochester. The task scoring calibration instructors will be able to collaborate with other same program instructors to review students work discuss results. Rubrics will be created for the common grading standards and calibration of the exam or performance assessment. Is there any thought to going to a practical assessment. I understand the importance of a paper test and the calibration, however these are decisions that need to be made at the local level.  Question do we make sure that our competencies are great to start or do we start the pace thing and see how the competencies fall out. The CRB is going to be giving the directive that we are going to be moving forward with PACE and the competencies will fall out if there are solid or not.  The theory behind this is that instructors working collaboratively will cause our instructors to build on what we are doing and expand it. The directors are asking that we look at the way that competency are being created. The DOE explained that business and Industry are offering the Content, Knowledge and Skills needed to provide students the opportunity to be successful. Then in the first column is the competency that we are going to use to combine the skills needed. We don’t report out on the competencies unfortunately we are only assessing on the skills and we need to work on how we are going to fix this. If you have any questions please talk to Jeff Beard.

UbD Course -

Dave Warrender will also share work from UbD Course. I have seen a huge cross section of educators. This is UbD but is also a curriculum and assessment class. There was some overlap to the course and bootcamp. I am also doing a large focus on instruction and less of the UbD. Peer observation is an assignment and their are given 4 observation within the course. He is using the inhouse observation to stop and look at the instruction throughout the teaching. I would like to give the students an assignment of having them teaching a lesson and observe them and give them feedback.  Would love to take what everyone is doing and create a one to two year plan for us to roll out.

Boot Camp Update -

Kirsten Soroko will also share updates from Boot Camp - Scheduled the first week of August in Val’s classroom in concord. We were able to be in spaces that we were able to see some of the ways of collaboration that we have been talking about. The location was a great idea. DOK was done on the first day of boot camp, this included the Project checklist, a matrix and some other discussion on personal philosophy on what teaching should look like. The survey that went out showed that DOK was something they would like to further understand. In the survey we noticed that we had a mixed bag of teachers some that were hired after Bootcamp last year and were attending the boot camp. Talked about having a staggered boot camp for teachers that have been teaching vs those that have not taught.

Online PD Ready to Go 

Here is the power point that we reviewed at the training site. NHCTA UPDATE.

The powerpoint gives an update and we are working with the DOE to see what the system that they are using as the network. There are two courses that have been created the first one is called Introduction to DOK. This is directed towards the New Teachers, or those who have missed the face to face. It is a 4 to 5 hour course that is ready to go and would be due or completion date by November 20th.  What is needed is who needs to take this course?

The second course is cluster based and the programs are broken up into 12 groups and the course will be broken up into 4 units where they will share, deconstruct and revise an assessment and the last unit is to add the Math, science and language art component. We will be bringing in math, science and Language arts content specialist.  the We are thinking that this is going to take about 8 to 10 hours of PD. The goal is that we are going to have at least one assessment that we can use within the assessment. The assessment will be revised and saved in a data base. We are looking into having active participants. Shannon will send out what an active participant looks like.

The 12 Clusters are..

  1. Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  2. Architecture & Construction
  3. Arts, A/V and Communications
  4. Business Management & Administration, Finance and Marketing
  5. Education & Training
  6. Human Services, Government & Public Administration and Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
  7. Health Science
  8. Hospitality & Tourism
  9. Information Technology
  10. Manufacturing
  11. STEM
  12. Transportation, Distribution & Logistics


Could we have them start using this platform in boot camp and then grow upon this and use it for the course that we teach and that this goes on for ever.

Introduction to DoK Course – October 24th (until Nov. 27th), Email names to Shannon for Registration

Getting Started email to CTE instructors – October 26th , , List to Debbi, Written Instructions/link

12 Cluster Courses (5 unit, 2 weeks for each unit = 10 weeks)

By Oct. 24th, directors will receive emails - Summary from this meeting, log in info., guides, links to courses to preview/monitoring, confirmed dates.


 update the survey was given at the end and teacher were asked to survey with results of Helpful, average, not particularly     80% Helpful. There was a comment about teachers not feeling like their directors know about DoK. One follow up that they asked to have was how do you assess students that are working in groups.

11:45 am to 12:30 - Other reports

Precision Exams -

Monitoring Model review -

Construction Trades (new CIP code 46.000?) - Bruce

Work Based Learning -

Please take the time to answer the DOE phone calls to aid in gathering the data please share your answer and be honest if you don’t know you don’t know.

Treasurer -

Joel NHCTA dues will be coming out. We have left Claremont is not going to be the fiscal agent. We are going to North Country Educational Services has agreed to do 8% as our fiscal agent. There was an update to the treasurer report.


Just received the internship grant in the community college system we are looking at getting 1.2 million.


Funding sophomores (still in 2 year mode), Funding 3rd year?  FULLY FUNDING the State’s full 75%..

School Counselors at MCC

 on 10/7/16..  Interesting stuff:

Not talked about at the meeting:

12:30 to 12:40 pm - Board Report

Misc Of interest

September 16, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Mountain View Grand Hotel (MVG) - Dodge Room

Whitefield, NH

Attendance: Lisa Danley, Steve Rothenberg, Joel Schneid, Chris Dodge, Bruce Farr, Margaret Callahan, Barney Keenan, Al Lawrence, Dave Warren, (White Mountain, Nashu, Berlin)

Homework feedback:

Keene - Shared about manufacturing and a company that came in and redid our machining floor with epoxy flooring and was donated by the company tidlin.

Berlin - Mentioned that the floor for them was done the same way and it is looking almost as good today as it is today and is very easy to keep clean and maintain.

Littleton - Flyers on their programs. Also thank you for the all call of the auto customer form that was shared. We are asking the deb put these online.

Laconia - Share about how there are using their relationship with Central Maine and the articulation with their building trades program. The biggest thing is that they are not dictating textbook. Introduction to powertools is the course that we are working on right now.  Content lined up to what we were doing and the students are utilizing the online curriculum. They look at instructor's resume for the credentialing. The other thing that students will be receiving is a progress report card on Hout students and they will report out on competency based, grade and attendance as well as comments. We are working on the template we will share that with everyone. Soft Skills Rubric. MWV CTTC Rubric

Tiny house project is going well and is generating a lot of interest and marketing. They are paying for everything you pick out the plans and they will deliver the trailer and the supplies. The homes will go to the home show and they will be raffled off and the auction will divide into thirds. The professional development might be needed. There is a business that builds tiny houses that they are going to be going to. This will allow them to learn more about how to build the tiny houses.

Fall Mountain/Berlin - Database on work based learning. The webinar this week was interesting, they have made a database of business that are willing to offer job shadow and internships for students. Students are going on and looking at business and choosing business. The state is piloting this. Berlin has been asked to participate in this. Laconia mentioned that they already have a lakes region internship. We are having an issue placing kids because of students that are not ready for this and turing business off to partner. Contact Donna K!!! She is out of Winnacunnet she is the co chair of the work ELO task force. Concord shared that the cost is high on grooming a business for the internship. There is a lot of care to place all kids and we worry about the investment put into this.

Salem - Construction renovations the decision was made to not build the preschool but use the space as a fabrication lab. This is very exciting.

Concord - Working on a new mission and vision statement. There is a line within it that has gained traction. It has become part of how we talk and we are constantly trying to weave marketing and mission and vision. Your story to tell…. Why should we accept you to our 4 or 2 year program? Why should we hire you? Why should we promote you? Why should we elect to contribute our time? The emphasis of our marketing is that you will have content to talk about yourself and promote. The student like the questions as they feel like it represents why they are here. In the spring I go to the classes and talk to students without the teach and ask if we are meeting our vision. The student perspective is interesting. Directory advisory council. Laconia added the ambassador program. Prep questions that we are going to talk about and teachers to nominate students halfway through your Junior year to halfway through your senior year. 25 students. Once a month they will meet during their CTE class. Steve will share agendas and minutes. Marketing freshman year we reached out to them but not enough. How do you market within your district. Also shared was the soft skills rubric and the document was shared as well as some questions answered and suggestions. (will get two attachments from concord and laconia)

Mount Washington Center - shared their soft skills rubric. Will get attached here. Every class is using it as 25% of the final grade. Every two weeks they get a grade on each of the competencies. We are also going completely standards based grading. Rubrics on performance indicators will be attached also.

Attendance policy separate from the school policy. Students are required to leave a voicemail or email just like work. Connection to the college and make the attendance policy more strict.

Competency - How are centers and schools taking this. It is across the board on how serious everyone is taking it. There is progression on the non cte world that is going to slowly overtake us. How do we develop less competencies. They are opening the doors into bigger and broader competencies that are attached to performance task. There is a possibility of us falling behind. Some of the centers have repackaged the competencies in order to reduce the number of competencies.

Retreat Summer 2017

HOLD: July 31-Aug 2 for our Retreat.  We are finalizing a possible venue change to the Mountain View Grand.    Extra day compared to recent past; otherwise same per day pricing structure.  

Discussion about moving the retreat to MVG - There were no real comments about people speaking strongly about either case. Concerned about amenities. We are trying to get back the retreat mentality and doing things together.

Mountain View Grand presentation

Chris Diego the GM for the Mountain View Grand, attended UNH and has been in the hotel industry his entire career. There has been about 10 years of continual improvement. In the height of the summer we have 250 employees, we have found recruitment to be tough and the vast majority of the staff are home grown. Our single greatest challenge has been maintaining quality employees.  This year we have hired 56 employees on visa’s and 14 J-1 training students that are here for a year either on hospitality or culinary program.  Every year we have seen a growth of quest however maintain the staff is important and that is why we have chosen this employment strategy. However we understand this is not the best economical way to do this and we would like to form relationships with possible employees out of high school. There are many positions that we can’t fill. We need people who have basic life skills. Showing up on time, shaking hands say hello are things that we are struggling to maintain. How do you help student look beyond high school and work ethics, soft skills. What we need is the work force to have the skills as a first priority. It is important to not only reach out to the student but also to reach out to the parents to support the soft skills. We worked with a community college and unless the students were paid to be there they weren't. This industry is one that you have to pay your dues to work up and that is just the way it is. It is important to understand that getting your way in and working your way up is the way you get to what your end goal is. Supporting students to understand this is important.  We need to be careful not to mislead students in the perception of what hospitality is. We are trying in culinary and we have hired create people and we are trying to remarket our culinary department and use their experience to market new staff. Promoting that they are coming to work with these unique individuals. My opinion of a guidance councilor is that they should be opening doors not closing them. Hospitality is a very portable skill! Their view of the world is very small and showing them on the map and research other hotels among the world. Impact on the Balsam development, 140 million dollars to spend on a property that will never support themselves. Housing was arranged using three homes that are rented and the one dormitory that is on site. 54% occupancy last year, the Mount Washington is on average of 61%. Nation wide there is too much variation however  on Smith Travel research breaks it down into more detail.

Director Comment: The hospitality workforce needs to promote the self similar to how healthcare has to interest. Some of our students are asking how is this going to help us right now and the delayed gratification may be part of the low enrollment.

Director Comment: There are many industries that are struggling to get students to understand the way to get into the positions they want. Many are looking for an infrastructure on where they are going. Also the industry certification are not bringing the student into maintain enrollment.  Career ready diploma was talked about being delivered in the state and right now we are looking at alternatives to the 4 year school and it is time for the other side to emerg, not at the fault of the other side but awareness amongst students, staff and parents.

Director Comment: We talk about students that can think on their feet and have those soft skills are leaving the area and that is  major concern. This bigger than the centers how do we work with them to understand they can leave and then come back.

Membership Initiatives:

Statewide Kudos:

Program and Professional Development:

Board Business Update:

Other Notes:

Not Covered but on agenda

Membership PD for meeting:

Department of Education:

August 19, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The TENTATIVE agenda is short and the meeting should take no more than 60 minutes.

Professional Development

Professional Development Plan Feedback - online focus (Jack and Shannon will be on the call).  

Phase 1: Less than 50% of teachers were present with the current makeup of the professional development. Formalized the two PD that we did into two mini course to uniformly roll out the DOK part of the training to create with Kirsten, Valerie and Shannon.  (2-4 hours)

Phase 2: would 11 to 13 course teachers that we could work together. NHCTA driven questions that would drive the conversation on that platform.  (5-8 hours)

March to may would be a more formal roll out of cluster based PD. We would like to have the directors use their pull and purpose that we use some of our PD time within our schools to have the teachers participate in this.

The groups that are already meeting can we collaborate those meetings. (5-8 hours)

How many teacher are going to be going to the one day training. The trainers need to know how many training they need to do. Manufacturing and Construction and others are going to be factors. October  7th. Deerfield fair

Quick review:

Calendar for the year 

(be sure everyone knows, change to June retreat possible - add day on).  There will NOT be a NNE conference next summer. June doesn’t work for some people do we want to keep in in June or move to end of July.  Joel will check the last week in July Monday through Wednesday. 7/31 to 8/2 historically

Updated NH-CTE website 

(nice improvement since July - thanks to Deb).  Reminder to send article ideas to Rob Levey media@nhcta.org

This is a great website that is working on the big picture of CTE thank you to Deb for all of your hard work. On the parents page maybe adding some statistics.

Construction Tech

Proposal to DOE - to bring together a group of stakeholders to analyse Construction Tech competencies and see how trades like plumbing, electrical, welding, masonry can be added (Construction Trades vs. Construction Tech).  Proposal must respect centers who want to remain "as is": so either current competencies are wide enough so they can be extended to this model or new model is sought.  Please forward questions/concerns to Bruce.  This is being looked at by Bruce and Steve and will continue to work on it so please send comments to Steve and Bruce


Early proposal to SB190 Committee to formally allow 3 years of CTE for trades like Culinary, Construction, Auto, Adv Manufacturing. Reflects need for more skilled and competitive tradespeople especially relative to Massachusetts' graduates.  Active committee of industry leaders support this move.  It will "tax" the T&T pool to some degree.  Model promotes a possible deep internship in senior year. This is coming and we should be digesting it and please send your thoughts to Bruce and Steve about your thoughts.


Who is moving or considering moving to Enrolltrack?

Other notes

July 27 -28

NHCTA Agenda Hilton, Burlington VT

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday and Thursday 10-12

Present: Steve Rothenberg, Chris Dodge, Diane Canada, Alan Smith, Joel Schnied, Bruce Farr, Tracy Untiet, Jennifer Haskins, Sean Peschel, Karen, David Warrender, Louise Paradis, Katelyn Carrington, Karen Hannigan Machado, Karen Worthen, Michelle Papanicolau, Donald Jalbert, Marianne Dustin, Deb Stevens, Margaret Callahan, Rob Scott, Tom Burke ( I know there were others but didn’t get all the names)

Steve Reviewed agenda



Demo/Review/Reflect on implementation from NH Directors  - EnrollTrack

Tri-City  Dover, Somersworth and Rochester are currently all using EnrollTrack in their centers.

Four Portals to the system.  This is all web based and fee is spit.

        Student Portal - Students can log in and they can create an account enter their demographic information, sending school, up to two programs, guidance counselor. Once they have submitted the application you can not go back to change. At this point they are moved from started to incomplete.

         Counselor Portal - Incomplete means that the counselor has not done their part in the system. They review the information and have them upload the transcripts, IEP, 504, Attendance and Discipline. However they are using a rubric to complete this. Sending school guidance counselor has access to this system.

Interview Process was concerning about the time frame however they believe that it was a great benefit. They saw an increase in enrollment and some of the centers are full and have waiting list.

Application window was open in January and closed in March and the guidance councilor was given to them saying that they were accepted into the program.

Recruitment - Somersworth went to all of the 10th graders in lunches and had the portal open for students to sign up. Dover went out during CTE Month and when to the cafeteria and talked with students and had the enrollment open.

Rubric that Tri-State is using


The system will Automatic generated message as the progression. Email once a week.

Taking out giving students the option to attend both programs

Big Picture it has given us more teeth and involvement within the schools and are more none within the district.

If you want more information on looking at this please contact Dover Director.

Website: NH-CTE.ORG

Homepage has a video, Feature Stories and map that links to the school and center websites. Filters on the maps to show programs, contact information that can also come up. More information on the core of CTE and what it is. Map Header Links on old site might be nice to get back. The question on the logo that ties to the national logo structure.

About page has normal information

Student Organization Page - Talks about the organizations that the students have and they have the links to the CTSO webpages (SkillsUSA, and educators Rising)

Resources Page - With links and information, Precision exams video link

Calendar Page - What things are we looking to have on the calendar?

Contact page - Contact form Who does it contact?


DOE Risk Report 

We reviewed the Risk Assessment document that is due by August 15 and some centers submitted today.

Teacher PD:

Not Covered Topics on agenda

Teacher Conference - next June?! One day or late afternoon - overnight - one day - ARE WE UP FOR IT (caveat: with ED in place)?

Directors - Quick review of PD themes for the year (mostly ironed out) and business visitation sites.  All working off new calendar.