Grooming young Guardians of the Planet

Approximately 200 students from two local schools, Magdalena Cueva, and Ramon Corona, gathered on the Chapala Malecon on Saturday July 3rd, 2015 for a fun filled event organised by the Alianza por una Educacion Humanitaria-Humane Education Alliance (APEH). The students had participated in the "Guardians of the Planet", a study course introduced to third, fourth and fifth grade students of lakeside elementary schools.

Chapala Mayor, Joaquim Huerta, was represented at the event by Prof. Armando Raygoza.  The Protecion Civil, and the Red Cross were at hand throughout the event to make sure that everything would go smooth.  The program was coordinated by Martha Mena and divided into four parts: Story telling by Fatima, Music in the form of learning and singing together a song "Guardianes del Planeta" composed  by Chunny Medeles and accompanied by him, Origami, and Recycling artwork using simple materials, recycled paper and water bottles.

The children said that they were impressed with  what they had learned during the study course and that they were very interested in taking care of the lake and the water. Teachers commented that the children are very concerned about the environment and want to be kind to it. They had taken the message to their parents also for them to participate and help create awareness. APEH  is also organiszing fun events in the summer vacation. There are going to be workshops held on the plazas in the communities of Mezcala, Santa Cruz, San Pedro, and Tlachichilco.

Alianza por una Educacion Humanitaria-Humane Education Alliance (APEH) is an outreach project operating under the umbrella of the non-profit organizations Lakeside Friends of the Animals, La Tienda de la Ciencia (The Science Tent), and the Butterflies en Mexico A.C.

The project aims to promote awareness among children of all ages about how to live and behave responsibly towards the environment, and all living beings with whom we share the planet. By instilling fundamental human values such as respect, non-violence, justice and personal responsibility, they gain empathy building skills, sense of self esteem, and learn how to think critically. Children will grow into more caring, compassionate people who will make their community and ultimately the world a better and safer place.

To learn more about the activities of APEH see the Alianza por una Educacion Humanitaria postings on Facebook.