Mission 3 - Whirlybird Engineer

Science Buddies help gather necessary materials, help to read instructions, and help make sure that the junior scientist is conducting the experiments safely. They may be a scribe or a photographer to help keep a record of the experiments.  

The Science Buddy is responsible for safe experimentation. Please experiment safely.
REMEMBER - Never leave a child  unsupervised while experimenting.


A rotocopter is a simple flying toy that can be made in several different ways and in several different sizes.


Remember that you are responsible for helping your young scientist to experiment safely. Sometimes you will need to help them to heat up solutions and use equipment in a safe manner. Please practice science safely!!

Mission 3.1: Whirlybird Engineering

Follow through the directions on the link from the Exploratorium.  You can also do to the other information as listed on the  site.

Additional Adventures

Here are additional background and more information on designs: