Digital Library Pedagogy Subgroup: Resource Sharing & Professional Skills Development


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Phone: 202-750-4186 . No PIN needed.

Attendees: Elizabeth Kelly, Lisa Hinchliffe, Nancy Maron, Bruce Herbert, Bethany Nowviskie, Darcy Pumphrey, Liz Rodrigues, Holly Rick, Jess Newman, Tom Clareson, Melanie Schlosser, Jennifer Nichols

  1. Introductions

  1. Collaborative note taking

  1. Updates from last year
  1. Environmental Scan (  
  1. Is this done? If so, how do we want to publish/share it?
  1. DLF blog post
  1. Elizabeth,
  1. Dh+lib blog series
  2. Wiki: 
  1. Broad call for additional resources
  2. Staged approach: share in draft form, get more resources, more input on publication
  3. Find out what the community needs from this type of resource to inform what it does and looks like
  4. Find out if/how/how often people are using these resources
  5. Rough topic areas/add more fields

  1. DLF Forum 2016
  1. Community notes:
  2. Coalition to Advance Learning Mapping the Landscapes project
  1. Supply Analysis
  1. Compendium of resources
  2. Wide variety of skills needed
  3. Program sustainability
  1. Nexus Leadership Development 
  2. From the notes: “What do you need: community, low stakes opportunities to practice new pedagogy, frequency of conversation. Way to maintain learning throughout the year.  Example: ability to try out an assignment/approach and then alternate months for development.”
  1. Ask the discussion list or use SLACK channel
  2. Virtual office hours for working group members to test this idea?
  1. volunteering if tested: Liz Rodrigues,
  1. Have a starter convo topic (like vi below)
  1. Difference between leadership development and what “front-line” staff need or feel they need
  2. Mapping “librarian teaching” to undergraduate curriculum

  1. What’s next?

  1. Meetings

  1. Announcements


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