Waterbear Mountain Organic Farm. Join our 2016 CSA! Print and mail in with check to sign up Name: ____________________________________________New member? ___  Returning? ____

Address: ____________________________________State:____ City: ___________Zip ________

Email: _________________________________________________________________            

Phone Number(s): ___________________________________________     Date: ______________

Pick-Up Town:(Check one) 

 ___ Roanoke - Thursday 4:15 to 6:15pm at Roanoke Natural Foods Coop. ___ Copper Hill -Thursday 3:30pm to 6pm at Smiths Store.                                                                                                

 ___Blacksburg - Tuesday 4:15 to 6 :15pm at Annie Kays 1531 S. Main St.

___Christiansburg - Tuesday 4pm to 7pm at 206 Park Street.  ___Radford -Tuesday  3:30 to 7pm at 1028 Grove Avenue.     ___ Floyd - Tuesday 3:15 to 7pm pm at Harvest Moon Store.    

Buffet style pick up - choose your own veggies - only available in Roanoke and Blacksburg. Other locations are prepacked.

 New this year! You can call in your preferences on delivery day. In 2016 we will deliver for a total of 27 weeks. We start on May 17th and end on November 17th.      

Price of Full Share - $705.00 ($25.00 per week x 27 weeks + $30 Help day deposit)  ………....................... . __________                                                                        

Price of Half Share - $516.00 ($18.00 per week x 27 weeks + $30 help day deposit)  .………………………….. __________

Add Beef Share- 20 lbs, mixed cuts at $8.50 per lb (one share = $170.00) ……………………………………….  __________                

*If you would like to increase your size you may order more than one share of either size.

 Help day Deposit    

Help days are Monday thru Friday 9am- 6pm, Saturday must pre-schedule 9-2. Note: The Help deposit is required. If you

 are unable to complete your Help day the farm will keep your deposit as a donation towards our expenses.

                                      Add all your choices and enter your Pre paid total for 2016 season     Total:  _________

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    If you cannot pay in full, divide total by 3. 2nd - due July 1st, 3rd - Sept 1st   First Payment Amount:________

Please make your checks out to Waterbear Farm. Payments can be sent to exactly this address:

Richard Ursomarso, Waterbear Farm 477 Rain Dance Rd NE, Floyd, Virginia, 24091.

Questions? Please ask via email at waterbearfarm@gmail.com or call / text Richie at 540 577 9178.

Favorite Veggies._________________________________________________________________________

As a member of Waterbear Farm CSA I understand that the amount of produce and variety I receive may vary depending on circumstances beyond the farmer’s control. I understand that as a member I am sharing the inherent risks of farming. I understand that if I purchase a meat Share and sign below, I become an owner of the live cow that is pastured at Waterbear Farm. I am therefore hiring Waterbear Farm to House and Harvest my animals. I understand that my share of the herd will be returned to me as harvested meat.  Waterbear Farm reserves the right to discontinue distribution and refund the remaining weeks for any member at any time.   Signature: ________________________________Date:___________. Thank You. We look forward to being your farmers and growing your certified organic, bio-dynamic food in 2015. Sincerely, Richie and the crew at Waterbearfarm.com.