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Judging Rubric - Final Round
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Score/Sound Effects













Things to consider when determining your scores





Is the camera steady and are the shots framed and focused?


Are close-ups and camera angles used to add meaning to the story?


Is the lighting and camera positioning visually effective?



Does the editing help to clarify the story and enhance the pacing and flow of the story?


Are transitions smooth and well-paced or distracting?


Are the opening titles and closing credits appealing and easy to read?


If special effects were used, were they necessary and well-produced.






Does the audio and soundtrack complement the story?


Is the dialogue and/or narration clear and easy to understand?


If there are sound effects, are they appropriate to the story or do they detract from it?





Does the writing and direction use imaginative and creative ways to communicate subject/story?


Does the film exhibit originality?


Does the film display innovative ideas or story telling techniques?



For Narratives, does the story have a clear structure, plot, and characters?


Does the story reach a logical and interesting conclusion

(even if it is ambiguous)?


For Documentaries,

is the subject and story developed throughout and concluded appropriately?


For Experimental,

are the images used effectively to communicate an effect to the viewer?




Score 1-10
















NotesNotes for Scoring:


9-10   9-10 Achievement is Exemplary and Compelling (professional level throughout)


7-8         7-8    Achievement is Good or Very Good but has a few shortcomings related to category


5-6         5-6    Achievement is Satisfactory but is inconsistent or falls short of professional level