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Scout Info Questions and Scripts
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Heritage Select Scout Training Doc

Phone Numbers for Help

Main Office Phone : 678-515-4773

Jon Vickers 404-432-9922

Joe Ashkouti 404-310-8351

Scout Group Email :

Main Office # to be used during Deep Scouts.   Deep Scout require call in from the property during the scout.

Main Job Role

Drive and scout properties scheduled for foreclosure. Take photos of the properties and upload detailed notes about each property to our online database.

Deep Scouts

Deep scouts are normally rescouts of a property we already did a regular scout.  Deep scouts are paid a higher fee because they take a little longer.   We require the scout to call into the office on the way to the property to make sure an analyst is around to take the call.    When the scout arrives to the property they call in and talk to the analyst or manager on the phone while at the property to get specific information about the house.

Payment Terms

Once you are approved to start scouting you will be set up for ACH electronic payment. Generally you will receive the payment the following week Wed-Friday after scouting.

On each property you scout you will use the scout comp plan below and input the amount you earned for each scout.   This is the honor system but is reviewed by a manager and all analyst see the scout amount claimed.

Vendor Registration - To Get Paid!

Click on New Vendor and complete the registration form. All Scouts are paid electronically so we will need your bank routing and account number.   If this freaks you out, the only other option is to go to Kroger or CVS and get one of those GREEN money cards and give us the accounts numbers on that card and we will put your money on that card.

Required Equipment

You must have an Iphone 4S + Android. I can’t remember if the software works on Windows Phone or not.  The photo upload piece is the tricky part.     You must have a decent data plan for uploading the photos or a WIFI HotSpot.   An Ipad Mini works very well and you can tether the Ipad to your mobile phone for data. Most mobile data plans support tethering now.

I highly recommend you have 4G data speeds, else uploading the photos will slow you down a few minutes per house.

Everything you need to scout and upload the data and get paid is built into the software.

Software Login

Scout Training Videos

Full Playlist

Software Training

Typical Example of Photos


  1. Pictures through window Glass and beside the door
  2. Air Conditioner Picture and Condition
  3. Agent For Sale Sign in Front Yard
  4. Address Verification Pics of Mailboxes

Required Pictures During A Scout

  1. Picture of MailBox showing Street Number
  1. or door or sidewalk street numbers
  1. Air Conditioning Systems
  2. Corner close ups
  3. Kitchen Pictures
  1. If no access try through the window
  1. Finished basement?
  2. Roof condition
  3. Landscaping shots
  4. Neighbors house
  5. Update and Down Street & Across Street
  6. Any significant damage

Comp Plan

Homes & Town Homes

$4.00 Front and Sides

+$4.00 Rear Sides + HVAC + Back Roof + Deck/Patio

+$3.00 Interior Kitchen + Master Bath

+$2.00 bonus for to homeowners, renters,  or neighbors to gather history & issues of the house

Max = $13.00 per house


        $3.00 for HOA Manager Contact Name and Number and Email

        $5.00 for all questions below answered

        $3.00 for interior photos

        Max = $11.00 for Condo

Deep Scouts

        A separate list in the software.

Require calling into the office or a manager on arrival to the home, we will talk to you while you are on site at the property

These are usually done on Saturday, Sunday, Monday before the Tuesday (1st Tue of the Month) auction.

Flat Fee = $15.00

Initial Scout Training and Onboarding

  1. Review this document 2x
  2. Watch all example videos and software training
  3. Sign Contract and Get Software Login
  4. First Scout.    
  1. Call in for phone training session
  2. Manager will select 2-3 properties to scout in your area
  3. On arrival call to manager or analyst and talk about the scout before completing scout
  4. Complete scout
  5. Call back to manager or analyst to review completed scout and get pointers for upcoming scouts
  6. complete 3 test scouts
  7. Good to go solo!

Scout Questions and Scripts

If someone is home

1. Announce yourself.  My name is John Smith, I get paid to collect information about a list of properties...  

2. Are you the owner of this property?  How long have you lived here?

3. If the house is purchased by an investment group would you have interest in renting the property?

4. Can you tell me any details about the condition of the property?

5. Would you mind if I take photos of the interior of your property?

If a Renter / Tenant:

1. Are there any pending repairs that need to be made to the house?

2. How much rent are you paying now.

Condos Use these Questions

You will most likely not be able to get into the unit. You can substitute these answers for talking to the occupant.  Input these answers into the notes, if you get all this info you can claim as talking to occupant or neighbors

  1. Community Name, Manager Name, Phone, Email.
  2. Verify sq footage and Bed/Bath
  3. HOA Fees?
  4. Do they have a no rental clause or at rental capacity?
  5. Occupied? why? **”Unit is set to go to foreclosure and my boss is potentially interested in moving in/purchasing”
  6. Fire? water damage?
  7. Stripped, Kitchen okay?
  8. 80’s gold shit everywhere or updated?
  9. what’s it worth value?

Scout Software Form

Commercial Property

we do scout some commercial properties

Scouting Tips

  1. Never take any items no matter how small from a property.
  2. Never enter an occupied home.
  3. Do not  carry any tools that could be seen as tools to break into a property
  4. Only enter vacant properties if there is an unlocked door, window, or garage door.  You must be confident the property is Vacant and Unoccupied
  5. Yell “HELLO!, Is Anyone Home?” very loud if you start to enter a vacant property.
  6. Check the Electrical Meter to see if there is power to property, if no power, this is indicator the property is vacant.
  7. Never vandalize any item on the property.
  8. Never EVER cause more than $500 in damage to the property when entering even if vacant.

From David

this is David.  Im trying to analyze these properties remotely.  It helps to have as many details as possible. Condition of roof, exterior walls, driveway, etc...   Do you see any areas of rotten wood, where is the roof in its life span approximately, are there any drainage problems with the lot, could it be in a flood plain iyo, cracks in driveway, single pane vs double pane windows,does the lawn have a sprinkler system, does the power seem to be turned on,is the sq ftg of the house skewed by a closed in garage or half-ass finished basement,is the front door a cheap hollow core door or is it something high dollar, is the door knob cheap or expensive looking,  etc etc.


This is very important........What's your personal opinion of the neighborhood.  How desirable does it seem.  Where does this particular house rank in desirability compared to the other houses on the street. How does the style,size stack up to the other houses.  How many for sale signs do you see. Do you see "for rent" signs in the hood.  Are you seeing a lot of older neighbors or is it geared younger.   Do the neighbors keep up their lawns and seem to take pride in their homes.  Etc.....


If you talk to the occupant , extract as much info as you can. If its the owner, were they friendly or hostile.  Were they dressed well or did they look like a hobo. If they say its not going to foreclosure , do you believe them.    If its a renter see if you can get them to tell you how much they pay in rent,would they mind if you look inside,how long have they been there, do they intent to stay, do they like the neighborhood, are there any issues with the house.


If you talk to neighbors try to get as much as you can out of them too.  What kind of people are the owners.  How long have they been in the house. How old are they.  How many kids do they have.  Do they have pets. Do they smoke.  Ask them if they’ve ever been in the house. If so , how did it look.   Have they seen an signs of vacating the premises. Have they seen other investors coming by.  Etc....   Whatever you can get may have meaning to us even if it seems trivial


Also, dont blow off a house because it seems to be in bad shape.  Go ahead and do a full report.  Sometimes the numbers are still viable

From Chris

Here's a quick list of things to dbl check and to put in your notes when scouting these houses.


- If it's the 1st house in the neighborhood, make sure you put that in your notes, esp if it's off of a busy street.  We obviously can't tell from the pictures where in the neighborhood the house is located.


- Railroads can be killers.  If you see a railroad or know of one behind a house, ask the neighbors how much activity there is and how awful the noise level is.  


- No front/backyards.  Make sure you take good pics and notes on the size's of the yards.


- If houses are on top of each and there's little privacy, mention that in your notes and take pics.  


- The neighbors are always helpful and nosy. Don't be afraid to knock on the neighbors door and drill them with questions.  


- If the driveway is steep or the house sits in a hole, take good notes and pics!!


- HVAC units - take good pics


- Figuring out if there is a basement and if it is finished or unfinished is important


- If someone comes to the door, peek behind them and try and get a look at the inside


- Lastly, if you start getting lazy out there, pop a quaalude and get your ass back in gear..

Typical Metro Scout Map

Fulton, Cobb, Dekalb.   More Metro Counties will be added in the future

Scouts on a Map

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