Activity form for STEM Certificate: Level I                 Name: ___________________

Level I activities involve some extracurricular participation in an activity that can be thought of as:

Science                 Technology                Engineering                 Art                Math

Your job is to document how your activity relates to one of these topics, complete some extra research on the topic and reflect on how this activity had an influence on your education.

Please include pictures, if possible actual ones from the event or any visual evidence (website link, etc)

*You may copy/download and create this form online- then print for your STEM portfolio.

I) Briefly summarize the activity-Include pictures with captions in this part.

II) Focus on what you learned from a STEM point of view and list the (10) major learning concepts from this activity using academic vocabulary ( it’s ok to do some research to make this an awesome section)

III) List 5 thoughtful questions that came to you as a result of this experience, something that made you wonder ? motivated you to question and will provide some desire to do further research.

IV)  Find 2 authentic/academic resources ( Cite them appropriately) and show evidence of your research to answer these questions or provide facts learned as you did some background reading that relate to this topic. Each list should include at least 5 newly learned facts.

V) Reflection- How did this experience impact you- think with regards to your way of thinking, your career choices, becoming more educated...