Sangeet Ankur

Sangeet Ankur (Sprout of Music) focuses on inspiring the youth and kids to music and art forms. Sangeet Ankur is part of Sangeet Dhwani program. Sangeet Dhwani has organized over 200 events and featured over 600+ artists.  


Both the teacher and parents of the student must register and become annual member of Sangeet Dhwani. Please us the “Sangeet Dhwani Annual Membership Dues Form” below.

Mode of Payment

Guide to Calculating Payment

Let’s say a parent would like to have their two children perform in a Sangeet Ankur event one as artist and another as accompanist. Then first they become annual member (unless they are already members), and this is $15. Then they add the $15 for one child who is artist performer, and $10 for other child who is accompanist performer. The total fee then is $40. A check of $40 can then be mailed. Please write the names of the students on the check.

Benefits of Sangeet Dhwani Membership to Teachers & Parents  

Hindustani, Carnatic, Instrumental, Dance, Ghajals & Gurbani